Facebook Ads: Advertising & Marketing Paid Promotions and Marketing Intelligence

Laurel Papworth
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Lecture description

Exploring the Facebook Ads area

  • Understanding Facebook's evaluation of an M.A.U (monthly active user),
  • Using the Ad platform for marketing intelligence about your customer (how many live in major cities, are 24 yr old and like Lady Gag and volleyball whilst pregnant!?) Using Facebook as a Focus Group.
  • How to Create an Ad on Facebook - different types of Ads
  • Understanding Payment, images and text desktop vs sidebar vs mobile ads

Discussion: Even if you don't Buy attention on Facebook how can you use the Ad platform to Earn attention? if you did buy ads, how did they work out for you? Good, bad, waste of money, like winning the lottery?


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Facebook SEO: Understanding Facebook Algorithms & Newsfeed

SEO for Facebook, Facebook Ads, Facebook Pixel Ads and Boosting Posts, Facebook Analytics & Insights, Facebook Content

02:03:17 of on-demand video • Updated May 2017

  • CREATE: a Facebook Page and Understand the Importance of Correct Creation
  • ENGAGE: Develop a Conversation Diary and Programming Schedule
  • ADS: Create and Manage Ads on Facebook
  • PIXEL: Master Facebook Pixels with Facebook Ads for your website(s) 2017
  • INSIGHTS: Write Measurement Reports on Facebook Measurement & Analytics
  • SEO: Understand and Leverage FBO (Facebook Optimization) for more Newsfeed engagement
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