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English [Auto] Hi there and welcome to this lecture. As I told you before drop shipping is the art of putting the right product in front of the right person. And this rule does not only apply to drug shipping but to any e-commerce business. Let's say for example you want to sell the stock Gardner. This color is meant to increase the safety of dogs because it lights at night and it helps vehicles spot your dog and avoid it. So huge potential customers or in simpler words that people who might be actually interested on your product are the dog owners. If I don't have a dog you the product will mean nothing to me. So in order to make sales you should be able to put your product in front of people who might actually buy it. And in our case that dog owners. So how are you going to do that if your store was not an e-commerce store. The solution would be easier. You would rent a store in a crowded area where you know people who own dogs cross my daily and you will wait for them to spot your store and start buying. However things are not that easy when it comes to selling online. Some people try to rely on organic visits to their store maybe by putting some videos on youtube maybe by adding some articles on several blogs. If you go with this method this means that you have to sit there waiting until someone goes to search engine searched for the product finds your store then hits the buy button. Well yeah this might work but this method is super slow and you might need to wait for a long time before making any sale. And there is a great probability that you are going to give up before making any sale. So how are you going to fix this and what's the best way to drive traffic to the store and not any traffic but a well targeted traffic that's really interested in your products. The answer is here in this master class the best method to sell your product is to use Facebook ads Facebook ads allows you to put your product in front of potential customers. And in this case in front of dog owners Facebook ads allows you to target exactly the right people. Many people say that Facebook ads are complicated and it's hard to deal with them. Well this happens to people who didn't put any effort on learning and trying and testing when you finish this course. And after watching all the lectures you will master how to use Facebook ads to enhance your business. I will not go into details now because later on and through this master class we are going to tackle targeting in details. But for now I will show you a small example on how to target your potential customers. And in our case now that dog owners. So we want to sell this product for dog owners and we want to target them. What most people will do is they go to Facebook and they target people who has an interest in dogs. Well yeah obviously you have thought about doing the same. But sadly this is not a good targeting because there are a lot of people who like dogs stages on Facebook but do not own dogs and it's a complete waste of money to target people who just love dogs because they are not going to buy your product. They don't have dogs. What you should be doing is to exactly target people who own dogs how to do that well instead of targeting people who love dogs you target people who are interested in dog food and the dog training at the same time. So let's go to Google and type dog food. Let's see here we have for example this spread. We go to Facebook and we tell Facebook to target people who are interested in this food bread and dog training at the same time. So if someone like this food Brad Page on Facebook and if he's interested in dog training he's most likely a dog owner. The probability of having someone interested in dog food and dog training without owning a dog is very small. Now let's say for example that you want to sell iPhone covers you can market to a product using Facebook ads to iPhone owners. All you have to do is to write iPhone owners and you target them using Facebook ads you can target people based on their sex their age their job the revenue the fund they use their country they live in the language they speak whether they are married or single whether they use Wi-Fi or not and many many other options that we are going to discuss through this method of class. And not only that Facebook allows you to target people based on how they interacted on your Web site. You can target people who both from you to market to them a new product or you can target people who edit your products to their card and then buy and you can offer them a discount to buy your products. You can also target people who just visit the juice store or people who watch it more than 30 seconds of fuel video and many many other options. Facebook algorithm is very powerful. You can't even use it to target people who are similar to people who both from you. The algorithm will analyze your buyers and seek common characteristics they have and then search for people that they have the same characteristics and target them. This will most likely increase your sales and decrease the ad's cost. This kind of audience is called The Lookalike audience and also in the coming lectures you will discover how to work with it. So let's say some heat for example has both food product. When you ask Facebook to target people who look like them Facebook will analyze stamps characteristics his age his sex the pages he likes the posts he shares the ads usually clicks on and then Facebook will search for people who has the most common things with Sam. And Facebook will show you the ad in front of them. So if Sam both from you people who have so much in common with him are the more likely to buy from you. Facebook ads is one of the most powerful tools you can use to scale your business and take it to the next level. If you must have Facebook ads you will definitely be able to boost your sales. Whether you are a complete beginner or an expert this master class will teach you all powerful strategies. You need to know to master the Facebook ads for e-commerce. In this course you will learn how Facebook ads works. What's Facebook pixel. And how to add it to store. How to create highly converting Facebook ads. How to create good ads photos and videos and how to write you'd add text to make it attractive. How to start your Facebook ad campaign. How to pick your objective your daily budget. How to find your target audience and many other details how to analyze your Facebook results and how to know if your product is a winner a product. So you can figure out whether to scale it ads or you kill them. How to minimize your budget by mastering how to do efficient retargeting campaigns and how to create Look I like audience the exact marketing strategy we use to make our ads convert and increase our profit. So why am I telling you all these advanced stuffs. At the beginning of this course and why I'm not starting with the basics. Well because I want you to be aware of the great and valuable information you are going to acquired through this course. This is not a basic Facebook. Course. This is a master class that will teach you everything you need to know in order to run successful Facebook ad campaigns. So I really recommend you to watch this quote from the beginning till the end because we are going to teach you everything from the basics to the most advanced Facebook ads techniques. So stay tuned and not miss any lectures.