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Facebook ads 2020 : The Ultimate Guide

Facebook ads ultimate masterclass for coaches, consultants and local business owners

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English [Auto] Hello guys in this lecture we will see why Facebook adds mystery is extremely important to our business. And I will show you what you will exactly learn in this master class I know a lot of you might feel the urge to skip this introduction lecture but I invite you to stay till the end because this lecture is loaded with information and you might learn a lot if you are a coach or a consultant or an instructor nerd or a local business owner. You might have tried to reach your customers using Google AdWords. Well this method is very good and it works. But the problem is that you only reach people who are aware of what they want and they are searching for it on Google but a lot of people nowadays are not aware of their problems or their needs and they are not searching for a solution. So you need to go to these people show them that they have a problem or they need and the proposal to sell them the solution. And this is what we will do using Facebook ads. We will go to people instead of waiting for people to come to us. Let me give you some examples. If you're a local business owner who says that gadgets you can target dog owners on Facebook and try to sell them at the color the color is a piece of material you put around the neck of a dog a color might be used for restraint identification fashion or protection in your ad you explained to dog owners that their dog might be endangered without this color because he might be exposed to car accidents at night. So you are making your audience aware of the problem and you are showing them what could be the solution and you are selling it to them. Imagine that you only did Google ads to sell this color. Then you will have to wait till someone search on google and find you. This means that you would miss a lot of sales especially from people that are not aware of the importance of having a the color let's take another example. If you are a consultant who has small businesses to develop their business and take it to the next level you can use Facebook ads to target business owners. Show them what might be the problem and show them how you help other business owners to boost their sales and then you ask them to book a free call with you to provide them with a quick audit for their business. This is much better than waiting for the client to search for you on Google another example let's suppose you own a pizza restaurant. You can target people in your region and tell them that there are 15 percent discount if they order and the next three days. Of course in excess of that e-mail. So you could market to them later. You could be a chef who selling his e-book on how to make sushi at home you will make a small introduction video and show it on Facebook or Instagram to sushi lovers. If done well I am sure you will get tons of sales. Well I'm not telling you that Facebook ads are always better than Google ads in some industries. Google Ads performs way better but in the majority of cases if you are a consultant trying to sell his services or a coach who is selling his online courses or their local business owner you have to master Facebook ads in order to scale your business and reach your maximum potential. To really succeed in your Facebook ad campaigns you have to put the right product or service in front of that person. Let's say for example I want to sell this duck color. This content is meant to increase the safety of dogs because it lights at night and it makes vehicles. Spot dogs and avoid them so your potential customers are in simpler words that people who might be actually interested in buying this product are their dog owners. If I don't have a dog you the product means nothing to me. So in order to make sense you should be able to put your product in front of people who might actually buy it. And in our case that dog owners. So how are you going to do that. So we want to sell this product for dog owners and we want to target them. What most people will do is they go to Facebook and they target people who has an interest in dogs. Well yeah obviously you have thought about doing the same but sadly this is not a good targeting because there are a lot of people who like dogs pages on Facebook but do not own dogs and it's a complete waste of money to target people who just love dogs because they are not going to buy you a product they don't have dogs. What you should be doing is to exactly target people who own dogs. How to do that well instead of targeting people who love dogs you target people who are interested in dog food and the dog training at the same time. So let's go to Google and type dog food. Let's see here we have for example this spread. We go to Facebook and we tell Facebook to target people who are listed in this thread and in dog training at the same time. So if someone like this with a bread page on Facebook and if he's interested in dog training he's most likely a dog owner. The probability of having someone interested in dog food in a dog training without owning a dog is very small. Now let's say for example that you want to sell iPhone covers you can market you report that using Facebook ads to iPhone owners. All you have to do is to write iPhone owners and you target them. Let's suppose you are a consultant and you help businesses double their sales using Instagram you could run a Facebook ad campaign at Target the business owners you either sell you are done for you services or that online course that you prepared on this topic. You can use Facebook ads to target business owners. You do that by using the following targeting first towards business owners then you add an important condition that the people you are targeting must be page Edmonds. And this is very important and a lot of people forget this because if someone owns the business and wants to boost it on Instagram he most likely has a Facebook page for it. If he doesn't have already a Facebook page then most likely he's not a potential customer for you. Many people say that Facebook ads are complicated and it's hard to deal with them. Well this happens to people who didn't put any effort on learning and trying and testing when you finish this course and after watching all the lectures you will master how to use Facebook ads to enhance your business using Facebook as we can target people based on their sex their age their job their revenue the fund they use the county they live in the language they speak whether they are single or married what type of connection they use. And many many other options and not only this Facebook allows you to target people based on how they interacted on your Web site. You can't target people who both from you and market to them and your product or you can't target people who added to the products to their path and then buy and you can offer them a discount to buy your products. You can target people who just visit the dude website or people who watched more than 30 seconds of doing video ads and many many other options so audio fascinated with what Facebook ads can do. Well great to hear what's coming. Facebook algorithm is very powerful. You can even use it to target people who are similar to people who both from you. The algorithm will analyze you buyers and seek common characteristics they have and then search for people that they have the same characteristics as target them. This will most likely increase your sales and decrease the as cost. This kind of this is called The Lookalike audience. And also coming lectures you will discover how to work with it. So let's say some heat for example has both food product when you ask Facebook to target people who look out like some Facebook will analyze stamps characteristics his age his sex the features he likes the force he shares the ads. He usually clicks on and then Facebook will search for people who has the most common things with Sam and Facebook. We'll show you ad in front of them. So if Sam both from you people who have so much in common with him are the more likely to buy from you. If you're a mess that Facebook ads you will be definitely able to boost your sales whether you are a complete bigoted or an expert. This course will teach you all powerful strategies you need to know to master the Facebook ads in this course you'll learn how Facebook ads works what's Facebook pixel and how to add it to your website. How to create highly converting Facebook ads how to create an ad photos and videos and how to write good ethics to make it attractive. Help starts with Facebook ads campaign. How to pick your objective your daily budget how to find your target audience and many other details how to analyze your Facebook results and how to know if you report that the winner a product. So you can figure out whether to scan it ads or you kill them. How to minimize your budget by marketing how to do efficient retargeting campaigns and how to create lookalike ideas. The exact marketing strategy we use to make our ads convert and increase our profits. This is not just another Facebook ads scores. This is a master class in here. You will find everything you need to know in order to run successful Facebook ads. That's why I recommend you to watch all this course starting from the beginning up until the end don't miss any lecture. Don't miss any minute. Don't say this lecture is not important. I'm going to miss it. No. Every lecture. It is very important watching all that actors is very critical for your business future because in each lecture you will be learning something in you. So sit down with me and let's meet in the next lecture.