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Customize your Microsoft Excel Pivot Table - Show Report Filter items on multiple sheets

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English [Auto] Their sales results from 2012 to 2014 showing for each month and in our report filters we have our products and sales person and all we can do is show each sales persons values in three separate tabs. If you do this you go on to the options tab and then under options dropdown box choose show report filter pages in here. Get a dialog box to choose which of the to report filters you want to show. Just choose the salesperson and press. Okay. And then when we press that you'll say at the bottom of the tab here that we get the different sales people's names in there. See that where Homer Simpson Ian right atomic rivers and Michael Jackson they show their values for each of the years we're in Michael Jackson here hold down the shift key and go all the way to Homer Simpson and we grouped our sheets there we know that because on top of the page he shows the group in there what we can do now while they're grouped we can actually make a change into one and then every one of them will get amended as well so you can see there that is there. So in format each one of them. Okay. Now they're still grouped. We got a file and print and in here because they're grouped we have the four different sales people in there and we can print to PBF so this choose your PDA and then press print you can call it the individual sales person reports press save and it brings it up in here. We go to the second page third page type fourth page. Okay let's get out of here and then make sure when you're back in your pivot table you're right click add on group the sheets. So that's a quick way where you can see a report filters items on separate sheets with their filter the results.