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Threading discussions at live events using Twitter hashtags and incorporating hashtags in event marketing materials, booth design, signage, and step and repeat backgrounds to inspire photo opps and shareable moments. Includes discussions of event hashtags at the 140 Characters Conference and the Women in Computing Conference.

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Social Media for Special Events

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English [Auto] So on Facebook if you want to have a discussion about someone's status update it's really easy to do it because the comments are right under that status update. So conversations are threaded against a status update but Twitter which is so popular at events doesn't have a way to thread discussions. Why is Twitter so popular at events. Well on Facebook people tend to enforce some sort of privacy protections over who can and can't see their status updates. So there's no way to just meet people at events who are talking about those events on Facebook unless you're friends with them. But on Twitter you're either open or closed and most people are open. And so if you want to sort of find people who are at an event using Twitter it's very easy to do that by use of what's called the hash tag. The way that works is if you have a conference or an event you can actually publish in the conference materials a hashtag in this case it's pounde 140 Canth. And this is an event called the 140 conference about Twitter. And so now if I'm going to that event and I want to network in a back channel on Twitter about what the keynote speaker is saying or I want to hear what other people at other breakout sessions are saying about what's going on on stage. All I have to do is search pound sign 140 com on Twitter and that will thread the discussions for me. So the way that you thread discussions on Twitter is with the use of a conference hash tag Now if you're smart right you're going to want to use the conference hash tag and all your tweets If you're at an event. If you don't do that people aren't going to be able to find you if you're producing events right. It would be very smart to make sure that everybody knows what the conference hashtag is. When you go to special events it's not uncommon to see what's called the step and repeat background. Usually it's around the entrance area and they'll either be logos of the brand that's producing the event. There might be sponsors logos there and they're repeated. And the idea is that no matter where I move against the background of someone takes a picture it'll be branded with the brand that's producing the event. And so the brand that's producing the event will get some value out of those photos. If you were smart right now I'm yet to see anybody really do this. You would actually put the conference hash tag in the step and repeat background. Because the more places you can get that conference hash tag shared via people who are communicating at your event the easier it is going to be to produce to promote your conference and get more people talking. If you're producing a web page or a Web site to promote the event make sure you've got a hashtag on there. Now you can decide any hash tag you want to use. But before you grab a hashtag search the hash tag and make sure it's a clean hash tag. Don't compete with someone who's already using the hash tag for something else. You can't own a hash tag anyone can use any hash tag. So make sure you've got a virgin hash tag before you include it on your website or in your collateral materials on your step in the background. Here's an organization that runs an event called Women in Computing and they've actually got Conference hashtags for different events and different conference sessions. South by Southwest will do this too. So you know in the old days when you went to a conference they would have the name of each of the speakers in front of them at the table so you'd know who's talking at South by Southwest. They have the Twitter ID of the speakers in front. So if you want to tweet to them or talk about them on Twitter you can. And then they'll go ahead and they'll put up a unique hash tag for that session so that you can have a threaded conversation not conference wide but just pertaining to the breakout session or keynote that you're listening to. So these are smart ways to use hashtags at special events. I'm still waiting for a brand at the Rose Parade to do a float. That's a hashtag. I mean the amount of discussion they would generate on Twitter would be off the hook. So what are you guys waiting for. If you want to create a shareable moment if you're creating a photo op or something that you want people to take a picture of at your event get a hashtag in there. Maybe it's a golf course maybe it's a golf event. Why wouldn't you do a topiary sculpture that was a hash tag right. Think about how you can encourage people to share and tweet. You're trying to encourage them and it's for them to share moments online. So make sure that when they do that you get credit for it by including a hashtag in there. Be clever about it.