Choosing your Brand Name + Setting up your Business and Tax ID

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Choose an ETSY shop name that is fitting to your products, but also allows for expansion to different products in the future!

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English [Auto] So before we start our Etsy shop I want you to start thinking about what you want your etsy shop name to be. For most of my clients I tell them to think very broad think Target. This is a generic company name that can sell a variety of items one note to remember you can only change your etsy shop name once and you have to make a special request. So really get this right the first time because this Etsy shop name could be used for your domain eventually it will be used for all your social media handles. So this is a very important element because your etsy shop name is the first thing that will be crawled by Google and other search engines. So unless you're doing an abstract brand name I highly suggest inserting a highly searched keyword into that brand name. So for example if you're selling custom baby outfits and you're only planning to expand in the baby category I would include the key word baby into your etsy shop name. Go into further detail on how to use Google spree keyword tool planner. In the next video and you can use this to find high quality keywords that are searched often on Google and you can start to create ideas for possible Etsy shop names. One note to remember while you're in keyword planner also start thinking about your product titles and product descriptions within those you're going to require more keywords later on. So keep that in mind as you watch the keyword tool planner video. So a lot of my clients get caught up on the possible big expense of a business entity or setting up a company. Now if you have the money and you're really concerned with the legal entity for tax purposes great start an LLC. But if you're just testing the waters with see there's a lot easier ways and much cheaper ways to get started. So first register that business name or your etsy shop name as a DBA doing business as company with the DVA. You can go to the IRS dot gov site and register for an airline or an employer identification number. Now again this isn't required by ETSI. Etsy allows you to just upload your name and your social security number. This is for tax purposes. If you make over $600. But if you want to be tax separate which is easier for records and banking. And in case of an audit I like to set up a BBA and link it with an E line. So therefore I'm going to have two separate tax entities at the end of the year. So personally I use for all of my DBAs. It's really cheap straightforward and they take care of all the publishing required. So once you have that DB set up then you can sign up for your free number via that IRS dot gov site. So to going a little more detail on the line the line is requested by some shipping companies. If you're going to be purchasing items from abroad or even within the United States they want to know they're selling to a legitimate business not just an individual with a Social Security number. If you have that DVA and line you instantly have clout and are recognized as a business. So like I mentioned Etsy doesn't require an end. But again it's very simple for tax purposes. If you do this. But if you're just getting started and want to test the waters with Etsy great. Just enter your name and your social security number.