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English [Auto] So. Welcome back to this my second class of uniques. I took a previous year I regarded it it to some issues. Had some issues in order to we would Carnegie be guarding them. And actually warned this just because of regarding the night. So we just had this a quick review on this list class wanted and actually had this so we could just have just pretty quickly view here. What we talked about yesterday was an installation of two free trading in stone. But before there were a school in production. So what we thought would be Unix like Unix and introduction do we know what is unique to them the market. The differences between the Unix operating system and Windows operating system. The most inviting the way do we acquired Unix. Where do we require Unix in early. First thing is that no one is standing on Linus and Unix. Second thing is it's more robust idea if you want to hack something. If you are you know mainframe mainframe is more secure. It's also based on the Unix standard Unix flavor. You cannot hack something just make that note even those that are in those days that Windows is like a joke could destroy done where it is intended to deny it. So you cannot do that with the Unix and Unix is very powerful and the most important is it's not user friendly and that's not a problem. We just look into it. This is destination shows up on Unix I'm not going to go into shell scripting and all those things but we can be large a lot more than windows. Trust me we can do a lot more than windows. But this week these classes of mind uniques are just for introductory of the introduction of Unix in how to use directory store in windows the card for this community called entries in Windows a kind notepad in Munich to call the editor. Right. So that's where we'll talk about that move just go this Sunday. Thing we've completed everything today but you know we have some of the interaction part here. So we really actually very discreet about this cardinals today. Come on. On that we have this you know with Shell and this show come because we have very shows bond shareholder. Marshall Collins showed C shown on those things and you know we knew we'd discuss on this I mean we discussed about this it rule the world something is super administrative we don't have access to this. I mean you know in this particular radius I'm not talking about this administration. OK just leave that thing alone. Because Dec you guys you hear robust access and we don't have any at this point of time. I mean I don't have this kind of time a good administrative access so that I can give you an and if UNIX administration is completely different wholly awash in activities for different Ocean Pacific Ocean. Now in so relaxed more then more activities we are discussing just essentials. OK. So here this route is a major directory which would be it was to have sex and these slash it being slash lib slash there. All of these are actually Dziedzic trees from their roots. Guess what. No we just look into it. Well we just don't talk about it. Oh sorry. And we just don't talk about it. We just you don't we want to see that see article isn't working the way it's not working. I have my other access just figured it out for this knowledge base this is where you've been a roommate problem here. Back to yeah. So it's previous no good. Let's see if it works either way. You know I have another access not to worry about it. OK. So we continue to ask to me so that I keep reading disembarking. I this is really good actually but unfortunately this is a free thing right. You know it's sometimes don't get used to somebody gets really hairy and doesn't respond great. So ok great. So here I try if it doesn't work. Don't worry about it. We have one more access so. OK. So look at this actually. Guess what. This is a bigger extreme uterine OK. So I'm trying to connect to witness the piece of the Windy City we always have been ACP used right Venus it feels like a heat interface between the windows and as well as the Unix. OK. So that's the reason we use this on witness. The reason right. One of the reason is you have this directory. I'm sorry you have this file which is you you're creating windows and you want to explore but not the exact export work you just put up in to you know view Mexican do that. We Venus. Momentum passing. Because if you want to create a five. You to do it in the editor the emacs that can use not a unless you want to pull it know we should approach your market you really don't want my medium is actually you curate for maybe Linus derives you know the guy you created some thousands of lines singlehandedly saying OK so let's see this is. We were talking about this rule Craig. These are action it is directory it's been me let's live like limited library gets here and library functions and it Bolton works and stays with us. So these that actually get in the user which contains a user information them temporary file CDC which is administration configurations who's in all these are actually the All right. So we. This isn't working for free. So guess what. A BW B we've tried this here. Yeah this is slow today. No ignore it but we're going to continue on that. Just so what we do here is that we do this. You know I had some great. I haven't had the access which is better. I guess this sting is good. You work gains as some see some caution. I was song Full Moon. Okay great. I just know this is better because the Greeks is going to give you some problem here. We don't want to into our classes because of that. OK. So now we hear you certainly be a bit tricky to see here. I want to see the WB that is present working directly and that is the prison where 219 is classes and the class. Now you have this a warped axis of a slash in the first classes that should be the rule. So you are not able to see this all these dying trees actually went to Vegas and are actually. OK so this is where we actually discussed just. Not completely but some of an installation of party we discussed about the installation of putty in our home when we install it and I'm giving you are the native access for it for free and native access for Unix. Try this. This is very good. You know if it doesn't work. Course you want this. You know because my son having a hard time do you know because somebody is down or something so guarded is a good position. Before that unfortunately the very slow access. So yeah and installation of business CB. Go ahead and you get fired as witness if you do too good time. Once you install this Venus CB okay. You get this time to do this. I do. NAACP is good for us on day five from Windows to UNIX environment. Right. That is good. So we go opened the lecture to here. Actually no that goes beyond preproduction where we aren't. Oh and I'm here to. And guess what. No let's say I want to work. Their abilities shown slight reductions can show there is no work in the industry. Senior year his career was great. Great. Good. We have this kind show bash and the Sea Show and all those shows kind of thing. So let's see if I want to come back. Sure. See though this doesn't work. Here is the problem. You know this is actually reacting to someone acting there's a problem here. See here. So we really can't use this used to could have used you know can we not get into another This works really good. Here actually it is here. So OK so all right let's not worry about this one. This is just we have to see. The problem is here we don't have this admin access yet. This is not working out so we don't have as admin access. So you OK. If you want to load this so these comments are actually not working. Here we go getting dynamically. We want to go to this source. These are the different users for their brand new leader on different users. We were on new you gotta catch me. So these are actually beautifully dried trees which we are working on right. You see here. This as you can see here right DMP user these these are you know you will have that access for this you cannot access the Trident excellence. You cannot actually you know allow weaken but really it's actually for our admin point of view for him to see me as an excuse for walking wounded bash so we can change our you know Russia show here. And this ties this point of time we cannot change the ship yet. So really this not more your pocket one right here for you. Yes I think so. I know we really just go here little commands here a little bit of commands before that. You know what this place is good for Merkel and Cameron is not using euro. This is good. OK. This is good. So these are actually the users. OK. These are the users. But let's let's use this on a less CarMax so illnesses free trade. You know let's say you want to use let list of on this one. If you put into this thing and if you don't know something you can use. Man in Las Vegas is good visibility me are most in the operating system irrespective of the uniques mining someone you're supposed to work. So as I told you right Unix has all the help it's hell. Your service okay most of value is help yourself. So you want to know you can use this and see what all the commands you need on this. Okay. So our base camp we're going to hold this position protested too good. You know this is I think. Good. Good good. So that's what I talk about. And let's let's see here a little bit. List commands here since we're in this new territory. You actually are the users. OK. No actually I wanted to create all these parties and we can do that. I can have to have some firemen to just get some some data and be DMC. Try to see how it works but yeah. So we have this endless minuses of the state of cities and this might have settled you stole a list of the long list we so clearly didn't know. Okay great. So. So now this is a really long list. So what I want to do is a list minus the yellow pipe. I will use this pipe in my baby's life growing up you know integrating this and more in the work they have this year is. Oh wow. This is not being working. That's interesting. To supposed to work. You know just like we learned that strangers breaks once I mean it is work. We use our scripts to very good work. Unfortunately this hardware is really low and we just try to shift the architecture. There you go. OK so here we have this option. It's in a list right. We have this little list here. Now if you work here a list minus you know there's a lot of common sense of humor in this minus the yellow pipe more. See here it was a part. There's some reason here it doesn't work. So don't mind because I'm using two units skip to try to understand for you but stay busy. These are different flavors this year. This is BSD Creek's uses BSD and this uses something else some flavor of Unix that a lot of who wouldn't do that is fedoras and that goes you know something other than slack where I've slammed down so does plenty of Unix. So this building is very good. I like really really easy. I mean the command structure came. Oh good good. All right. So this is how in this minus work so list are like trees. But I want to list and we use that. Right. Come on great. Quite print more on this one thing and then one will come on with less minus yellow PR but means so list. All right time stamp. Let's see you. I know that this went really fast right. It goes through fast. OK. So we NTR from one despite all this is good in the screen. I can show those gets in the reverse order I guess so that's January February March April. You know that day that's what it means. OK. That's what it means by a half a PR. I mean this is the enemy statements list Dean's time of industry words or something. So it's like list with time. This is I. And this has a meaning here. More I suppose discuss about this will we cover this thing up to go on but we can change this. This is actually revoke Grant and walk access. This is what you've done with me since you're not a media not really. But do we will we'll talk about that. And you know we will not go unnoticed. OK. So that is and this one is still here quick escape column a tweet so that I go back to my comment. I don't like it. So it is clear right. Very good. Now we will discuss one more come on. That is unless minus eight. So now this and this minus a argues that he didn't fight and as much as he gives. But he didn't fight. You see this dark dark dark dark side. This you know you see this dark dark and dark. These are they. He didn't quite actually stop it is okay. I mean go to the hated party to go see it. This one I guess dock and da da that he didn't buy similar I mean they do have the same windows the same thing you have in here. All right. So since you know what age some impact you any Christians would have. This is because since it is regarding maybe you can post questions to my imams of the density. OK so let's go to the next comment. When it isn't OK. There's one more. I get it. Plus Minus six. So this kills it. I read it twice. Where do you have this column today. One column two columns column he had no timestamp no nothing. You know it's kind of weird. Nothing so. I mean this endless it so has so many options that you can view it by yourself right. Help yourself. Are you on track toward the AIDS has a b c minus a uppercase B case. What you see. Now let's. You know it's kind of endless so if I find the solution it's a lot of things. One group writer who works on a mount on this but is a lot more things just as a party move when you are doing something. I know it's a support for in your job really but it is really useful but I said in a tutorial as a point of view. I'll take you. You need all this but of course you have this option for her. If you don't know you can go ahead and buy man and put the command so that you can you know be useless like this self explanatory. So that's what it is. So that's a beliefs correct. No let's go through we have completed a list. If you're any questions in a less yeah. If you have any questions on a list please be my guest. Good man. Unless and find out. Yes I think that's more than simple. Oh OK. And of course you can e-mail me anytime you have my email I.D. So. Ok so next we go to BW before we discuss about BW DioGuardi TWD Brink present working directory. OK. Automatically. That's also fine if you want to know more about it. WB so you want to do this man. So a man is not man. Man is actually a manual manual of GWB come out of this doesn't have many magical physical hands touching it. So this is good. And this is pretty smart. This is good. Good. So that's a. PETER MOODY Clark. Let's go to see Hatch. Might this be interesting here in New York under the C Hatch ma'am the command is used to change the mortars and rockets and we just exit from using this okay. And so the C Hatch mod is actually the you know revoking grant access you don't work like that. That's true to find out who gets to the top and how do you use C hitch. Ma ask just doing most good now. In the summer when he's busy in that time so I may have I mean you the conga recording session so for me it's not a pushover. Okay. Ouch. So here I am having some problem. So what I do here is so working group here. So. I don't want to root I want this C great. Now what you want to know C here to mark my night. Let's find out what is it to you. Okay great. See this is our mission. See you tomorrow is actually the permission. That's it 0 7 5 5 is the permission. That means you have read access the right access access but execute the access section you have shared script you want a video did not open I change it on the number automatically changed in 0 6 5 5. Let's find our key okay. I have this Barclaycard model right. See. Lord great. No. No not talk about this fine. Come on we go there. I just used for myself to go worry about that. Correct. Right. So I have this I know what I want to be see tomorrow. Seattle Mar 0 6 overstepped the mark. 0 6 5 5 6 5 0 6. Bye bye. And in a new graded work. So what actually did was so that it changed due to the age removed my axis of exhibit so I cannot execute any shell script in that directory in that model. The model that if we can Irving's view the show is good because of Jean that access level review just reverts back to the axis we were losing with them and finally we all work on this so that's out you know. That's how it works. OK. That's the October number and you want to use it. I don't remember anybody trying to use a c h mom again. You want to know more of our data. Be my guest. See a smart man. He is smart and you have this not more options here. You can go to it. If you have patience you know. Yes sir. This is pretty complex. I don't think you might do where your friend is. But this is for a mystery. People not from a distance for us. The developers put the word to use it but it is used to guarantee new permissions for that particular panicky backing. Of course most of the so. All right. Now we go to the. OK before we get into that come on I wanted to show you one thing. Let's let's see here now. I'm working on some shell. I don't know that show right. I mean back shows and shooting and bash. Guess what. I will continue it sea shells. OK. See shot if you notice it is g to Greg super center. You notice that. You know the chamber. Here it is June 2 percent. Venus All right. So no this is that doesn't count. So I changed here to conch shell. I am sorry sea show and I want to know which I am right which I am I don't know. I change to show. I know it because I change it but I want be more here by using commands. Let's try this. It called down a dollar in this. OK great. Now you think this has given some number for me. This team 0 6 7 5. This is a process Heidi for that show. Now what I do is B.S. minus B uses process sightings 3 0 6 7 5. Now this show that I am on C ship and this is how you found out how C there is no single command could really give you more to come in. Please do let me know. All right. Because there is no single command to do this you have to all work out on what is then the reason like Dennis Ritchie. He was a co-founder of Phoenix and he told that Unix is simple it just requires genius mind to understand its simplicity. So that's what it means because you can cannot does digi typing in a code and get that which share you're working on. Although if you put yes you get that which show you're working on but you know what you don't know exactly which should you know is it. So this is do you want to use this. This is one thing I wanted to explain to you. How do you get this show. Means processing. OK. Which process you are working this process right. The a process for example if you put that down. Yes you know how many process ideas I like in three process I'm working in my show. See Sure. And if I if I were to want control and see this many I'm working I really like the process I'm working on right. So this is no. This was similar you the Europeans a similar to task manager in windows. Now let's see here. Well you see here the three things are working here. That's how that's what it means by here or similar to windows kind of thing. So we want to kill not to exist here. You're not to get married. OK OK if I'm being one more exit here including this window. So we don't want to close this window. All right. So we go to the next command. This is a little bit complex we want to recreate once more enduring to renew take practice and work on a plate because it's really complex I understand it. No you want to create a directory. See here it is my name. OK. I want more scope here and I want to create a directory. So what I do is empty are these command to create I ordered immediate desire and put us on a two. So now what have created is a bad dream site exactly so badly I have mono and I have created one more bad tweak on my model. Let's find out. There's nothing. Oh there's two things here. So people going to see means change directly CBD. Jim Dampier I'm sorry. I use my degree to these chain eugenic to do nothing. So are you want to change. I want to get lower. So you know the way it is. So for example if I want to say here this is this work we are doing here is this is a thing see slash user slash you know Windows the similar way what we're actually doing here navigating this data at least that's how we're being profiled. We have not been some here is stripping out we're not doing something you know big thing here we are just trying to navigate the diagnosis here. So if you want to go to the work is just the Baghdad and we just went do we can we just know this prison working I figure you go. All right. This should be good. OK. So that is about to make that if you can remove the directory and we've only just to talk about this MBI out of bacon are you gonna get items the item because you want to remove the data which I agree on. We cannot do that right now because you want to be in that directory to remove that a lower directory we will not do that right. You see this here you see here Monaco I want to remove this right. So what I want to do is out in the area and name you to good and remove hardware. Know it does take a less see it's gone. OK. So that is how we know this may disappear and remove that actually works it's just kind of you know adding it forward and deleting it for that I'm sorry. Creating a folder or for learning Unix in windows look out for those in Unix in Carnatic trees are you called floating windows. Okay. So that's how it is. OK. Aren't Exactly sure how much time I'm doing but I'm sure years. Sure. But you know I don't want to get too much of your time because you know we continue this class tomorrow too but we just have a few of them more so that girl come on. Someone would be for me now. Copy. You can copy a file here. Not a pocket fi you want to be in that particular barricade and copy to that particular location. So how does it work. So we discussed this issue. But I guess right. We try to be two again we don't create. No so here we don't have anything for what I do is normally a nightly show that I have this fight so I know. So how does access to these fights. Well what I'm doing here is I will copy this so the command for copy CPE simply means copy. We what copy work this their slash. I want to use this. I copy and pasted notes. This is where I want to copy it. That's what I'm doing here. So CPD finally MCP copy this fine to this location but I'm getting this uniques us to copy this file to that particular location and see what it does. Oh indeed. OK. Let's find out very clearly. Do you see the menu in this. All right. Did find one party exiting. We just copy on file and I can do that fried item means remove this thing. I think there should be a simple item in the file in I guess we should work. Yes. Take this route. OK. So this is how you do this removing files and you know this is about navigation of the dying trees files. This is all about moving fine. This one would come I think moving it fine. So we are not doing that right now. It works similarly the command row similarly has C.P.. So interrupt CPR you're using me. That's OK. Don't do that. You know I'm not really quiet for now because delete that the orders don't find what actually get it. So you don't want to do that because I'm afraid something is going to be doing. So. OK now no know you know you got the concept and if you want to know more about it again no I I just chooses to do you use this option as much as possible for yourself or do your job for your research for you whatever you are using for care for of course a good bootleggers for research. Most probably either do and you know or you can go ahead and take care of things here. OK. So what I did was just he does Gabe go along and you know it gives you and it squeaks that do Gosh I'm on my ship. OK. No Matt. So we talk about this item five or so item minus item we can use this for confirmation if you want good information we can use the dotted line. Yeah we know about this clear to clear the screen. OK. One thing that reads part of that actually those cuts come out. So we can use cut before we can you know have this information if you will Cain's a little bit too different. You can't remove the sections from each line of fire. OK. Now here we are at Reno we read about this later this can't come out and because this is you want blue. The lines are fine. So we have not yet done with the yet. So we just hang on with it. All right. Now let's switch to a few of the commands we were told would go we would wrap it up pretty quick by four I guess. Well fire started remembered on the right. OK we'll wrap it up with a few commands more so did come out. So you have this date or day place it's haunted since day is not just dates you don't you have so many functions in date given your the right back but we really want to see right right away. And this thing follows with this. OK. What I like to see is we did something. OK great. So let's do one thing. What I want to see here is the date minus the Oh it worked pretty good so it actually knows why is actually that you're supposed to be it does deep down. We need to put those in mind so it's actually giving that the years that I know your name. This is kind of cosmetic kind of thing if you are here. First thing we can do here I voted you know the year I was last. So that's the mission the US. We are a lot more functions not more things to do with the date on. So we asked you know even if you could this date you just didn't see the part that is used for some reason. You know when you want to use this for the year and this year and this campaign of particulars. And you know. So there's one more command. You see I see Evan's calendar so it is only showing the calendar for January to get before a calendar year. I said to Dawn 50. There are no parties in disarray. Shoes were calendar privileges. Now. It is a leap year. So that's not going to be a streaking night January 29. So it's good. So you have this calendar do you can use any sign. You know what I would consider something you know a lot of those things I can use it into. And if you want more information or that you can still use this a lot or you have Julian dates and all of those things besides you can always use this section. So this is really good. OK. How. And then you have let's say you want to know where am I who am I. Right. Who were mine. So I idea America great. Actually business credit the same as allowed me to log name. It's still the same thing right. You're supposed to do. Who am I supposed to be your name. No I didn't. I don't think this does. Guard I'm better than this. It's supposed to be that your name Lord means should be the user name actually gets and that's how it is. And that's seafood to come out. Oh how interesting. And we knew this. So this actually shows how many people are actually not building is the system who and shows how many people are. You know this is a really big group. Come on because you may not have access to this and it may Toyota saying that you don't have access. OK. So walk around is really hard for me because if you see a lot of people have this crew working on it I just find out that so. Right. And you know exemplify it exist in you know decisions to decide. So your views are distinct. And this one time I cried hitting a few. That doesn't work because you're not a our operation not permitted. That's what it is hard. Means we are working on something that means it switches off the server and you are not a route. You have to be a super administrator to switch up the summer so you will this doesn't work or do what I wanted to do doesn't work. And one more you have to read books. It doesn't work to get on a route. So these commands only work for you the admin guy. She did come into it for good to fill me in with the units. You know the reason this crisis was there. OK not this one complex command which I wondered explain but I guess we are running out of time. But I'll explain this Dutch command and maybe tomorrow something Polk and Williams were actually more competent or something. Let's try this lead this work. Very well. But you know what. Sleep works for if you want to. You're telling this system to sleep. Let's leave. I think it's in the sentence for sleep seconds you want to put second or do you fighting and let's see how it is we would see after 5 seconds only this time. I'm sure the big fight against Vega you see that. Let's try it once again. Want to do this. Keep your things to sleep for five seconds. Sleepy face against it wakes up. Very good. So that's one command that you can use that certain some small commands just to make you selves. Next to we get to your heart to let search sir have this thing cat commands. This cat was not like cat mouse. My second. Cat is a catalogue. That means you have to read the part that see you now. Oh here we are not a fight. Let's see there's some information in this fight. Okay. No start the extreme. Okay. Now this is what we ate. We know you can see here so what is Cat. Come on dude. Can I come in sees work. What's inside the fight. We are done with the dying trees right now. Pay me when we can we go to his doctors again. But when we are done with the diapers moving a dietary deputy in every way. We abandon that. We're trying to see the fight now. You want to view this fight. No stop the extreme you want to view it in Windows you just double click it to your fight but Unix Mac says no double click here. You can use cat Kathleen's catalog and want to use this number. Okay so I just copy and paste Ah here you go. This two hundred thousand may 10 find your party by all right. So this is what this fire contains. Now there is another way to view this fire. OK this to the editor. So here you go. He's kind of you know more blueprint for Unix. Now we are going to have a long day here if you will be used. Yeah. OK. So we'll use this V.A. manager no one to view this fight. Click the eye realignments you're using here. No they're not. This is media. You can edit this fight. No I'm not going to it. Because this this thing is called a caution when I speak Russian not Indian Ocean or Atlantic oceans. So Vietnam going into this at this point of time we just want to show you. That's it. This is great. Now we're out to get rid of this V.A. because I'm inside the V.A. It's like you know you're inside the inside of No. Not getting inside the V.A. is actually is like getting inside a more proactive like this. But to clothing no predators put it into mindless quotas but then more into market right. It's not that easy. So what do you want to do here for now what I am doing here is escape okay. Colon hue and exclamation a lot of things here just rudeness. There you go. Now for what you have about this what does this all mean. Okay where does this 6k bean Q or an explanation meet. Okay we will talk in detail on that but no that's why I love the V.A. So you just had some plans and that we you go to this. Once we finish this command list actually meeting I have a look and see and we'll also have navigate to a navigation of the eye is not as simple as navigating the wording to Microsoft Windows. No it doesn't work that way. So how can you make it so that so pretty much. Maybe we'll take some more time maybe a guess. If you're not bold you know we have this problem we can finished this one one come on here. Can one more come in and we wrap up this. Let me guess it's only one hour but OK. So David Cameron card at Cameron you see each table you see inside the wall you see it. No okay. If you want more information on that go ahead and see what he does great. It does so many things here. All right. Are we not worry about this. So what we want to do here is we want to create a five Richie's. I don't know I mean two buttons. Big five. Right. I want to create a five which is in the year 2010. How does this compare to five inches in Dubai then getting to the 19 not into the den. Now we can do that. Ouch. Come out right in the so-called weekender. I'm not sure how you can do that in the most but here you can do this. No let's see how we can do it. Knowledge doing our four legs so that you know nobody gets surprises out there. OK so let's see how we pay for that we are in so schools we can try to see this are we wrap up this we had enough on good move. That's good. I was speaking wrap up. I'm going to use Okay so here. No really. WB I want to see which payment I want will be right for you. Okay now it's my directory. Now I'm not I want to create a file which is older than mystery. That is 2010. But how do I do that. It's just fading chances are you just come out to me will you see hedged touch in minus D. Okay. No I'll be using here is a lot of numbers here. 10 2 0 0 8 0 4 5. And use some file name as a sample dark that file and doing sample done done fine and then see what happens. Oh indeed. OK. Now let me tell you what these numbers mean. This this is not just random numbers what I use. This is some specific information here. OK this first two digit shows the year that is 2010. All right this second two digits denotes a month. That is December right. This time to be did denote date. OK. And these two digits denotes ours. OK. And these two the digits denotes minutes. All right. So that's what the number means is this not the random number I just to use some sample here. OK. Let's find out. Use it dead or not. Oh it's. So how do you know that is created by their date. So this minus 80 are some killer. Yeah. Here you go. Let's go. Did you see that. That's coming. That is so powerful that you can fool people that you created a five ladies. Oh we can share all that was created 2010. Wow. This is 10 years facts. Really. I can tell you right now. You know beauty is fine again dude so you can just fool people as by creating your find which is we should like 10 years from. So OK. So I'm going to sue wrap it up here for now. And I also have to let you go to more commands to try to not get into this one and maybe probably in two days maybe we go to this V.A. and guess what. Very nice. She is supposed to explain this 34 months. All right. I didn't do this Mark but of with. We did some of the make Yeah. We finished little that some things on Yeah I suppose she explain a big mess of things maybe sometimes you can go into it forget you We know this unions are your hierarchy. You know guess what. You know you can find and go to prison working dietary and just to get. And slash. Now we are in the group. OK. And you want unless here you find all these things. See here upside down. Now you go. You are the MP. All this the roach and that this is karma. You find this in all this. OK but luckily we have read access to those studies and we can and we can view this otherwise. We could not do that but if this specifically is a dietary switch or chain so it's not a big deal since small thing is we can be tough tricky because you need a limiting mean access subject. OK so we are okay. We need this deal right. Oh do you diet increase over time. Excuses. OK let's see here. I want to go back here. Or me Miss Walker myself. So what Myanmar can I help. OK. Now the EU the EU is just useless in its swing as 8 you want more information. Go ahead and use this and we can understand what's in Sonoma. Yeah estimates filing suit cases. How much filing a gymnasium. That's very interesting. OK. So you know this at the news desk and we have only a hundred and we are maybe less than that. So you go and be you lot of M B here. We just want to use you for our practice. OK so that's pretty much. I hope this you find this tutorial useful because you will not go. Do you have access to this but I'm sure you've done your time and you know you can also use this and try in your free time. Okay. And thank you for watching this. We continue tomorrow to get to more commands and more. You know there's been a bit more information here on the Unix so that were actually just three to four classes to try to do this. FTB was we would look we'll go to that and see if it's useful. OK. Thank you guys.