ES6 vs. ES5

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What does ES5 and ES6 mean? This lecture answers this question.

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English One this is five that you're. Well if you're watching this course you probably do that. But just to give you a quick refresher. E s stands for ECMAScript. Which kind of is the language in the end though of course we say javascript all the time but few radically . ECMAScript is the language and Charles script is more like a dialect which follows ECMAScript. But of course javascript is the most popular language using ECMAScript and therefore you can kind of think of your six just being the next javascript question but what are those five and six to begin with . What is five is the word and of which currently runs in the browser and iOS 6 is the next generation cell with new features and so on. Has five has just mentioned to support all browsers but for iOS 6 you will need some POLLI falls over trends Pilar's which basically takes your iOS 6 code and rewrites it. He has five styled way which kind of sounds strange but it allows you to use six Futurists today and kind of does what you have to do in the past to do the same and iOS 5. It does that for you and so you were able to run your six code today even though browsers don't fully support it yet. This course of course will focus on iOS 6