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  • Learn how to setup a website from scratch using wordpress
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English [Auto] This session two of the traffic and a CEO training in this video we're going to talk about professional search engine optimization training so you can do as CEO like a true pro. So basically I'm going to jump right in here. What is search engine optimization for those that aren't aware is basically the act of publishing and marketing information in a way to improve search engine understanding of web site content. It's arguably the best marketing strategy ever because it enables you to reach unlimited people with even the smallest budget. Now I say that it's the best out government has not just because I teach on it that I know I'm in this niche basically because because that's you know you can compete with some of the most competitive Web sites on you know. You know less in shopping or NBC I mean you can compete with some of the biggest Web sites out there. Petko get smart and you know just with search and optimization you can compete with companies that have you know multimillion dollar advertising budget just 30 organic listings in Google. And when I talk about the organic listings and talking about the main listings that you see in Google so when you do a google search you see at the top the top side there is sponsored search results and on the right hand side you get sponsored results and those are results. The paper collects spot where people are paying per click and then you've got the results in the middle where we're about 85 percent of the real estate on my screen is taken up by the fruit side which is called the organic side and that's where most people are actually going to click on your links and find your information. And what's great about it is that it doesn't cost you anything to get in there. And so as I talk about you know just keep in mind the entire search engine optimization and basically it's just the act of publishing marketing your information in a way to improve the search engine understanding of your web site contents by the easiest explanation. Basically what we're going to talk about is you can do at your site to make them make the search make them search engine friendly so that people find your content and you get that free traffic. Here's a few little quick search engine statistics. The only three main search is the Word of God or Google Yahoo. And in this in basically you know there's there's literally thousands of other little mini search engines but Google Yahoo and invest in actually make up for about 95 plus percent of all searches. Google alone gets 75 percent of all searches and then some of the smaller search engines like Lycos and hop bought and some of these other ones there. Their results are actually come as a result of Google Google or Yahoo or have seen one of those search engine drives. Those companies result in a lot of the smaller search engines. So in all actuality it's really pretty much like Google Yahoo and invest on the search market. And there are little search and in print you don't need to worry about them. Google gets 75 percent of all searches. So that's where you should focus your attention when you're doing search engine optimization and S11 looking for traffic generation Google is really where it's at. Now here's another interesting that the blogger not YouTube even received more searches in Yahoo and innocent as recent statistics that come out of YouTube. When I say recent searches they have a search area on YouTube and that shows you right there how powerful video marketing is been working over the marketing in some upcoming lessons. We touched on it briefly last week and we're going to cover even more in depth in the upcoming lessons here. That shows you powerful video is for driving traffic. I mean like I said YouTube alone receives more searches in Yahoo and in the setting that means people are going to YouTube just to find random information. And what's powerful to these YouTube rankings will come up in the Google search results in the Yahoo search results and the massive search results. So you know kind of give you know leverage when you do in the market and I just wanted to point that stat statistic out though and it shows you just how big the Google search engine actually is Google is powerful. You need to focus your efforts around them. You know every search engine basically looks the same aspects very similar components. The one I really only worry about is Google and not the other ones just fall into place where they may it we're talking next year about relevancy and search engine optimization. The search engines make money just you know with advertising and they get people to perform searches by providing relevant results to the users. And so basically what that means is that you know Google they get they get their money from advertising revenues. You know so so all the paper click ads and a lot of that stuff you see that's how Google makes their income. And so you know they want people to perform searches on their site and so they want people to come to their site often because they're finding the information that they want online. So basically you know they if you're typing in you know like you know Titlist golf club interest search engine. The expected result is to find those golf club. The user is not trying to look for you know that they don't want to find information on a Callaway Golf Club that's fully a different brand or a golf club. They even worse yet the person doesn't want to find information on golf bag golf balls. They're there to find information about a golf club. In this example that's a brand of golf the same thing might be a Panasonic HDTV. They didn't particularly look for a Sony HDTV. They were looking for Panasonic HDTV. So what would happen if the search engines were providing relevant results to their users that people would even go to another search engine to find what they wanted find a search engine that gave them better results. And so that's why Google and other search engines they want you know relevant results of the top. They want your site to make at the top believe it or not contrary to popular belief you know they want you to have good content. I'm going to show you how to provide that content to Google in a way that is relevant in a nonstandard way so that the search engine will love your site and display it because it's going to look at it kind of like a partnership you want to partner up with Google to help them achieve their business objective and in return they're going to help you drive a lot of traffic. You want them. Their business objective is to get users coming to their site looking for relevant results and that is really their sole purpose online is to get people to use their search engines. So they do everything they can to make sure relevant results are coming up. And so that's something very important to keep in mind here and that's why this slide up here. Search engines have a very vested interest in providing the best results possible Are they covered. I just want to make that point one more time. They have a very vested interest in making the possible because that's their main business. I apologize for the background noise if you hear anything here in the middle of a huge storm here in Oklahoma. So I do apologize to anybody who hears that we've got piles of rain and thunder and stuff. OK. But you need to make your pages and your web site as relevant as possible and that's what we're talking about here upcoming lives. There are several different. On page optimisation factors that you can do to make your pages on your Web site search engine friendly and more relevant for the search engines and some of to talk about relevancy because it's so important if your site is relevant for the search engines it will rank higher in the search results. So not in to make your site relevant you need to focus on keyword phrases and so after this slide talking about keywords and actually touch on relevance. I want to talk to you guys real quick about keyword phrases because that has to do with relevancy because the key word and what make makes your site relevant for the search engine results. You know like I was using that title of example for you if you are selling golf clubs if you happen to be an affiliate for them or let's say even let's say you're a golf store in them and say you are a golf golf pro shop in you know let's say you know Jacksonville Mississippi or something or Jackson Mississippi or Jacksonville or up there we go 7 You are a golf pro shop. Jacksonville Florida. And you want people to come to your pro shop. You know that's the kind of relevancy that's the kind of key word you would want to use on your side. And so I want to narrow down here though. First understand. How do you find the most profitable keywords for your campaign because that's where all of this relevancy that's where all these huge factors are going to stem from and I want to start here with the key word. Now some of you are probably seeing a slide in some other presentations that I want to touch on this one more time. It really hits home because it's very important part of this process. So the first phrase here you know a generic word or phrase those are of low value keywords with high competition and that for conversions and those are the key words like paths or real estate or even just football. Those are just generic keyword phrases they're not. And it gets you the results you want. Be like golf you know as another example that you've got a category of key words there a little higher value and there they are a little easier to read for. And the other key word that pet supply is a form of real estate in college football and they're still not easy to read fortunately are still highly competitive but there are a lot higher about the reason a higher value keyword is because people are a little closer to finding what they want. Like I'm going to just throw this out there so you understand where I'm going with this. Then if somebody types in digital cameras that's kind of you know her camera such a generic phrase category he will be like you know digital cameras subcategory would be like 10 megapixel digital cameras and that the specific topic would be Kodak 10 megapixel digital camera that is considered topics the specific brand and you're going to find that that specific topic keyword phrases they may not get you the most traffic that they're going to get you the highest value visitor. You know it's kind of like if somebody types in you know a subcategory word phrase they type in like Sacramento or real estate and or pet supplies online you know they want to buy pacifies online they're be an automatic feeders. There is no doubt in your mind what they're looking for. You type in Oklahoma City Oklahoma apartment complex and there's no doubt in your mind what they want if you type in Walla Walla Washington. You know in Washington you know winery. You know what they want. They want to look for a winery in all Washington. They want to find a lawyer in Sacramento California lawyer. You know they're not just going to type in a lawyer's California because California lawyers can meet every single city in California that can be you know a little hairy. And so you want to find and target the specific topic keyword phrases because a lot of people you know will sit there and say well you know it's great to see Rinker real estate you get millions of visitors Well the phrase real estate that could be everything from commercial real estate regular real estate apartment somebody wanting to learn about real estate you really don't know what their goal is when they're typing in a specific key words like maybe you're typing diet information weight loss information weight loss tips. Those are key word phrases people know they want they want weight loss tips. You know if they are high carry weight loss tips or very weight loss that's a little more targeted. And so I want you to keep that in your mind when you're doing your keyword research. So we're talking about how to find your keywords you want to put yourself in your customers shoes. One problem with my product or service so for my typical customer. Ask yourself that question see what people are looking for to find your Web site. You can use Google Analytics. It's free to set up. You could use web of lies. Or you could use a never use that if you were using a control panel account with the panel I posted or blue house. They come equipped with web lies of in your stats and those are located inside your control panel and then Google Analytics is something you can find by just going to search engines and looking up google analytics or just typing Google Analytics and then be the first result you see and they'll show you how to install it on your website. And so that's something you want to use because it will tell you what kind of keywords people are looking for to find your Web site already and it will kind of amaze you even though you may not be doing much as you are now. You're amazed that people are accidentally still finding your site. So once you start doing this you know a huge impact for you. You also going to consider keywords if you're in the package it might be like you know pet supplies might also might consider keywords like dog supplies or cat supplies or bird supplies as an example. So I'm going to show you on the screen here next how to actually do keyword research so the average keyword tool is an absolutely free keyword tool that I love to use. And so I'm going to just click on that and we're going to pull up the window here. So we got here on our screen the ad word key word tool is up on the screen I'm going to just bring it over here to the recording. So right here in the admin key word tool you're going to notice that it's going to ask you to enter one key word or phrase per line. And so what I'm going to do here is I'm going to type in a main key word phrase and what I'm going to type in here is your main key word. So your main key word phrase let's just say it is golf golf balls or golf clubs golf clubs is your main key word phrase Betsy that's not of your highest value keyword phrases. We discussed that it might be you know the key word it's a fair amount of searches and that little random letter sequence that I typed in there that's actually just you know the standard uniform prevents. And you just felt that it. And then you get keyword ideas and then you wait just a moment. And what this is going to do with this tool is going out there into the Google database and pulling out the search results from Google. So it's pulling up a variety of different search results. You know from the Google results and you're going to see here right inside you're going to see it says you know like advertiser competition it says local search volume and says global search warrants like global search going is more like you know like it says right here in this town. This is the impacts like the approximate number of the search and the number of search queries matching each keyword face. This is kind of on a monthly basis. And so that's a lot of keywords. You know people looking up these different topics and you know some Basically it's kind of a monthly number. And it kind of gives you some idea of how they're finding this data. Now the local data and Google data will sometimes be kind of skewed at this point. But the main thing you're looking for is you're just looking for Vaun if you're looking for keyword phrases that have you know searches over over a thousand or a couple thousand that are that are using keyword phrases to go after. And so one thing you want to do then is go right over here and you want to do a search by by clicking right there here actually sort them out by how many people are looking up these various keyword phrases. Now you notice your golf clubs and golf club are two different searches and that's something that we'll talk about here in a moment. But these are not they actually are different. So that's something if you mind Google will look at results actually different. And how you just prove that to you here in a quick Google search on Google. So if you go to Google here and we were to type in let's say golf clubs. You notice the. And then if you type in golf club it changed the result changed by just taking off the by basically just taking off the as a result total or yet totally changed in 70 AD. Yes it was plural. You see the results here it's totally different. So that's something important and something that's you know really something you want to keep an eye out for because Google lecithin is completely different quite different keyword phrases that some of the similar results. They're all not the same. You know some of the same work areas. So that's very important. So you see here you've got a variety of key words here that it is sourced here. Now what I look for is I'm trying to just find a keyword phrase that has a fair amount of searching you know something north of 25000 is getting you on a monthly basis. You know it doesn't even have even the lowest things like equipment golf clubs hybrid golf clubs you know words like that. You know it doesn't have to be a keyword that has tons and tons search is either smaller keyword phrase that has maybe a thousand searches you know because it's going to do a lot of times people will not target keyword phrases if they don't see you know if they feel like we've only got a thousand searches or it's only got 700 searches. I'm not going to look for that. Like if you look at this we're right here Callaway prio golf clubs. That keyword is only searched for. Seven hundred twenty times a month so a lot of people are going to say well that's no good. That's not a good keyword phrase. Well if you can rank at the top of the search engine and you can get you know even half those people or even a tenth of those people on a monthly basis that's about 100 visitors specific page in your site. That's like having a store that has 100 potential customers walk in and I'll guarantee you some site and Calway pre-owned golf clubs and maybe are to fill in for e-bay or something of that nature and you're optimizing for Callaway used golf clubs and golf clubs. You're getting a targeted buyer. They know what they want. They want to use golf clubs from Callaway. You know what it's like if you use golf looking for Callaway use golf clubs. And so that's something to keep in mind you know. You know you've got league golf club set. That's a pretty decent keyword phrase. And so you know it's just a matter of you just want to look for keywords or have have numbers in this column. So there's just not enough data. And so I tend to kind of steer away from those keyword phrases. So when you found when you found the key word or phrase you know it's just a matter of browsing through your typing in your name the key word phrase that you have your name next you might type in light weight loss into this category here. Weight loss and then just typing get keyword ideas. And you'll notice here you know you've got you know weight loss diet program weight loss program. It's got you know it's a little easier to write for because it's called more of a longtail key word that has three or four different words to it like here's one free weight loss programs quick weight loss center vegetarian weight loss weight loss eating all these surgeries having a fair amount of volume. And this number here that you're seeing it's not going to be 100 percent accurate all the time. I just want you to keep that in mind the number you see is not what you get. There are times when this number you know it could be way off or it could be you know way off the high end and way off from the low end it kind of can fluctuate very. So don't look at this number like the gospel truth but look at it as an indicator as to the volume of your various keyword phrases. So that's very important to keep in mind. And you want to find keyword phrases that you're really targeting your main site for. You know what like on your main page you want to go out for those key words that get you a lot of different searches. You know like like if your finance website you might be doing something like you know small business loans you know might be your keyword phrase. If you're doing like business financing or something you know you're trying to get ranked for you know small business loans because I have quite a few searches about 200000 that you notice here when you type that and you find a lot of different keyword phrases that you could create content around you know so you might have a keyword like like let's say you know weight loss to say let's say birdwatching for example you type in birdwatching as well here's you know the main keyword you're trying to go after maybe you have a site about you know bird watching binoculars and it's all about bird watching binoculars is your main key word phrase. But then you've also got on top of that additional content pages you could write it out on different pages you can add to your site that optimize these additional keyword phrases and so you can use this tool when you're trying to come up with article ideas when you're trying to identify article results. You know when you're trying to sit down identify what kind of content can I write on my next topic you know so. So let's say it is a life coach you know as an example if you're a life coach tell people with personal development. So we do a google search on life coach you'll see 200 1000 you see like coaching 110000 like coach training become a life coach personal life coach Life Coaching horses life coach jobs Christian life.