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English [Auto] Higher conversions and product recommendations when people know who you are and trusting you build that list. All right. Blog reviews. Sometimes e-mails just aren't enough to pre-sell the content. This is a great way. I mentioned just a little while ago maybe in that e-mail that you're doing a product recommendation don't go through this and do this long drawn out email where they're scrolling forever reading this stuff because they might not be ready to do that when they're opening their email at that point. Make it interesting enough and just piqued their interest enough so that they want more. With a blog review you can provide product pictures you can embed a video review into it. You know you can have your video there. You can generally offer more content to pre-sell the offer. You know you can also put videos and stuff through your emails and stuff nowadays. But you know but go through there say hey I did a great product review on this. I really recommend this but I would really like to show you the benefits of this product set up to your blog to really look to see in-depth review. They're going to expect a little bit more content in a blog Brok blog reviews allows you to pick up traffic from the search engine. Also if you use the title of the product in the title post. So if you're doing a blog review always use the product in the title the name of that title you put it in there because you're going to be able to start picking up traffic from them. And if you've got your blog ready to build you know you're getting traffic from there. So especially when let's say somebody is doing a promotion for a product they're promoting that product at that time. Here you've got your blog post your review all done. People go searching for that product. During the launch whatever that run across your blog you're pre-selling them on it. Over top of anybody else that is just setting out to aim e-mail saying Hey go check out this product you're actually doing a review of the product and showing them the highlights the benefits maybe the things that are wrong with it. You know do you recommend it do you not recommend it in there. You pre-sell them. There's your affiliate link and a great way to sell products and you can connect with your list from a blog review it's a great place to start connecting with your list. It helps you build your credibility because while they're there if they just were not interested. You've got other things where they can go check on that you're going to have your basically affiliate links to maybe other products and stuff that they might be interested in. Don't be afraid to state the obvious when you're doing a blog review. Don't underestimate how little your reader may actually know about the subject you've just pretend that that person does not have a clue of what you're about to talk about. I don't think that they are coming in here. They might know a little bit. You pretend they don't know anything because a lot of times we think that there's something simple they got to know about this. Don't you ever underestimate what your app your reader actually knows. There's no need to give a full life story about that thing but a bit of background info is always good. So maybe you want to talk about the product don't or don't be. Don't assume that they know who this product owner is. Give them a little bit about the product owner how you know how he's got great products. He's an expert in this field you know. Talk about his expertise a little bit. So this is going to show you've got to know about the product and the product owners when you're going to be doing this. Be specific. Let's use an example let's say you're doing a product review for a live event. You what you. You went to a live event and you're going to be doing a product review say they're having another one and you want to do a product review. You've got an affiliate link trying to put people into this event. You explain what you went through at that event. Say you were there and you liked the atmosphere was amazing. Explain the atmosphere of a live event. Explain what the attendees reaction to certain speakers is like wow this speaker got up. Man the crowd the crowd was just on the edge of their seats. I mean the speakers that these that this guy has at his live event are amazing you know the crowd just was amazed by the content and what they had there how the host performed so you talk about the you know how the host performed throughout the event. You know how you know Howie how he handled that even the content that was taught about them. You know certain points that really stood out in the contest so let's say maybe one of the one of the speakers that was up gave some something that really stood out in your mind maybe you highlight the highlight that so you give a very specific review of that live event and that's you're going to do the same thing with any other product when you go through that. Your reaction to that product. Maybe you've heard of so what other people are saying about that so you research to find out what other people are or are saying about that in the internet marketing field go to the Warrior Forum you'll find out what all sorts of people are saying about things. But be careful there because you get one bad person that's just not happy about something and that just explodes. And that's not usually the case of what's going on with that product overall. That's somebody saying something negative and all the negative sayers jump in on that thing and taken on a life of itself. So be careful about that kind of stuff because you might be biting yourself in your foot saying hey say this is no good. And if that's the case don't even promote it but the products find out do the research. What other people are saying about it what your feelings are about it a little bit about the product owner his reputation his expertise. Make sure that you're very specific. Ask yourself what makes my review unique. Because there are several people out there doing product reviews. Think about it what makes yours unique What is your unique selling point. Something that your review can offer that that people won't be able to find elsewhere. Maybe you manage to bring a humorous slant to it. You know so maybe you know that's your unique selling point. Maybe you know you have a specific or a rare expertise you know is you know and that in that field that you're talking about maybe you're you know you have a rare expertise in it. You know so you know maybe you've had maybe you've had some background in that or something that you say hey I am an expert in this myself. Is your opinion vastly different to that of everyone else so maybe your opinion is completely different from what everybody else is saying about that. So you know it's like hey you know everybody seems to say this really isn't that great but that's not my take on this. You know I found this to be very helpful and maybe it's to a certain group of people where everybody else is looking at it it's like an overall that's not a great thing. But you look at it but you can say but my opinion is if you're in this group a beginner this would be a great product for you. You know maybe you've managed to be the first one to review something so maybe a lot of you can you can. Your claim to fame is like I am. I get the cutting edge reviews I'm on top of things. You know people send these products to me first to review. I'm the first one you know there's going to be more but I'm usually the first you know make sure you can capitalize on your unique selling point. Don't write about yourself they're not interested really of what's going on about you. They're interested in having a good review on what's going on. They want to know about the product and that should be what you concentrate on. You know that product owner the product don't sit there and write about your life history what you want to do. You know if you have some expertise you know go ahead and throw that in but don't sit there and just concentrate on you throughout that whole review. They're interested in knowing about that product that they're interested in purchasing purchasing right now. Ask yourself what does a reader want to know. This is the most important thing to remember when writing a review. You can craft the wittiest review with the cleverest metaphors but unless the reader finds out what they want to know you've not done your job as a reviewer. Think of the sort of questions are likely to be asking themselves so you put your. Try to put yourself in their place and say if I was them what kind of questions would I be asking about this product. Would I be wanting to know if it was for beginners. What I want to know if it had advanced techniques. So this comes from knowing your market. We've talked about this several times. Knowing who you're marketing to so especially if you get a list you've got to know where those people are. Maybe you've got a list of pretty much all beginners. So you get to say hey you know you're probably wondering if this is for beginners. Yes it is or no it's not. You know is this product going to have some major technical difficulties with it and stuff. If you're not a technical person you're probably going to want to stay away from this product because it's really not that simple if you're not technically inclined. If you are great products put your mind in that in the shoes of that customer in say it. Or that prospect right now. What are they likely to ask themselves at this point. Blog reviews are becoming more transparent all the time. It used to be it was just like write a blog review. Anybody did it and it didn't matter anything was go if you write a blog review you have to disclose if you're being compensated by a manufacturer advertiser or service provider. When you review an item. So in other words what we're doing what we're talking about here is if you're doing a blog review let's say somebody contacts you. They know you do a review and they say hey here's my product I'd like give you my product too and go through this or if they're paying you to do this or whatever if they're compensating you somehow. Yes. Let's say you know for example if a blogger gets a laptop from a manufacturer to review gets to keep it you know that's a pretty good incentive to write a good review about that. You need to disclose those kinds of things. You know you've got to make those things thanks to the FTC the new rules that are coming out. You've got to disclose those kind of things. And I'm not going to go into all of the FTC rules. You need to go check out the FTC guidelines and check them out for yourself so you know exactly what's going on with this. But if you're being compensated or if you've been you know given a product review you need to disclose this kind of stuff. This information to let them know as far as my and understanding and don't hold me to this one 100 percent. But to my understanding if you just go buy a product and you're just right and you're a good honest review that's not anything that you're. You got to sit there and disclose or whatever. I would go ahead and do it anyways. But if you're being compensated give it for anyway you've been given the product whatever to keep or something like that. You've got to disclose those kind of things. One more good way before we end this is free web in our training give away free web in our training. I want you to think about the process that you're going through right now. You're giving good content you've got you've been through the whole process. It's like you know you're sending out e-mails to you saying hey we're going to be doing free web in our training tonight you know show up for the content We'd love to have you there. You know you don't get to buy enough nothing or whatever. Here's the content. I just want to give you something. What you're doing is you pre-selling people on that product and what you also can do is you can get other product owners you can get an affiliate link to that product. They hold the thing you basically are you know that you can send your list to them to drive traffic to them or you can hold the Blagg the Web in your self have that list owner send them where you send you this bill through it. You hold the web in our get totally free information just give it to him for free say here it is it's free. You don't get a bite either. At the end of it give them an offer of something that goes along with exactly what they're getting. So it's a great way to give free web in our training because like I said after that you got your PowerPoint you can change into a PDA. So maybe you give out the PowerPoint maybe you say hey I'm going to give you a recording to this afterwards. Here's the PTF or whatever. You know maybe you're not giving out recordings maybe you are doing this for a product. So you give out the PDA or whatever so that people can at least have the PowerPoint and in there. I showed you places where you can have your affiliate links out there and places where it's going to peaks where somebody's interest might be webinars are a great way to give away free content and then to monetize or to backend stuff especially if you get them on a list that might be your whole purpose is to do a webinar and get people at least build with it and then you can then you concentrate on the follow up afterwards. But a lot of times you go to a web and are you an item all the time where it's like here it is. And here's the offer.