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  • Learn how to setup a website from scratch using wordpress
  • What Search Engine Optimization is and how it can benefit your website
  • How to generate traffic for your sites using various methods
  • How to monetize your website
  • Brainstorm niche market and do keyword research
  • Customize the appearance and install themes
  • Maintain, backup, and secure your website
English [Auto] What's called a paying to a site such as Pingo which will actually go out there to about 20 or 30 other sites for you automatically and update them with the new listings and go out to blog search engines maybe other search engine. It basically hopes your content get indexed like nearly within minutes instead of having to wait days and so it's very cool because as you can see WordPress once it's set up correctly can really generate some nice autopilot traffic and overall income for you. And that's why it's so popular for affiliate marketing for list building for building your business building your brand. Things like that because of tools like paying less and will be in there showing you where that is and what it can do for you. Adding a new post is very simple really a lot of this is if you can point and click your mouse you can run a very high powered efficient web site using WordPress. In fact most marketers out there they don't build anything that's not on WordPress just because it gives you it's got so much power behind it and in fact a lot of the major Web sites out there the news websites some that you might read even some major ones in fact at one point if I recall correctly a CNN dot.com that actually was powered by WordPress partially not all their site but part of it wasn't you know a lot of major Web sites are actually you know powered by Wordpress and it's very powerful and it's free. So also be talking about how to add a link to your post. That part is very simple but also something that's extremely important especially if you're doing any kind of affiliate marketing or any kind of list building with it. That can also definitely benefit you. You can add things like a subscriber box to your wordpress site. And again I'll be showing you that step by step. You could also do things like if you wanted to use a free tool you could do like an exit pop up within Wordpress and I'll just briefly touch on that and what it can do for you in that regard. And then we'll be showing you how to add pictures to your blog pictures can. Can you really do paint a thousand words they can really help you generate more excitement for your blogs. We'll be talking about that and also how to add videos to your blog as well so lots of good content to come. You know videos are so important they give you that personal interaction between business and its audience you know videos. It's cost effective to produce. It really can't have a viral effect. It really is great for you know increase your brand recognition. And it really can drive more traffic to your Web site overall So video is going to be very beneficial for you and Google Apps and many of you probably know what Google is. That's basically you know little links and stuff that pertain to your niche market. So if your niche is on dog training then for example there might be little leaks that look like what you're seeing on the screen that have something to do with dog training if somebody were to click on that you might make five to 10 cents per click and that's a great way to make money and to monetize a blog as well. Very very powerful way to do that. So now we've kind of given you an overview kind of showing you some things to get your feet wet. I'm actually going to get started now creating your very first WordPress blogs we're actually going to jump off the screen here and get started with creating our very first Wordpress blog. All right so now we're going to do is go over to our control panel area so we need to go over to our See panel. So in order to do that we just need to come up here to our address bar. So you'll go to the address bar here. And what you're going to put in if you're especially for using host gator which is what we highly recommend host gator or blue host you're going to somehow be able to need to log into your panel. So for this example we're going to log in here to our WordPress here so we're just going to go to go to our panel. So it's just your domain dot com forward slash see panel such is your domain dot com forward slash see panel which is where you're going to go. OK. So once you go to your seat belt it's going to ask you to log in here see you put in your username and password which is actually provided by your hosting account so I'm going to put that information here and it's going to take me in to log into my control panel. And again this for this example here we are using host gator. So what we're going to do now I'm going to log in here to host gator. And again a Fury's and blue host you would just log in to your Blue House control panel in what you want to do here now is go right on down to where it says Fantastico just like I showed you on the screen. So we're going to come right on in here to Fantastico once we click on Fantastico. It's going to say blogs and we're going to choose WordPress So again you choose Fantastico select Wordpress and this is literally a 30 second installation method as you can see here. As long as your internet computer stays strong you have no problem going through these steps. Now as I mentioned previously when you want to install it on your main domain names that means your domain dot com forward slash you know whenever it suits your domain dot com you know and you want that to be your main web site. You're just going to keep it in stolen domain if for some reason you have like let's say you have like a squeeze page a landing page some other page that you want your home page to be maybe it's got information about you and your company or anything like that and you want to set up a blog separately. You could just do a forward slash blog for example. It just keep it like that and you could actually don't injure the forwards That's just put in the name right here as they instruct you. So then that would come out as your course name forward slash blog for example. So we're just going to keep that. We want it on the main domain where it says administrator username Let's go ahead and select admin and that's then the most the time generic for password will just go with the generic password here. Admin nickname. We're just going to typically just go with admin. You could put your name if you want to however you want to do that for e-mail. You can just put in your e-mail here at just have a generic e-mail right now. And first site name this is where you can put in your business name or you could put in your keyword phrases here. So I'm going to put in my main keyword phrases for this example. And then I'm going to choose install Word Press. I'm just using dog training just as a rough example here. Just so you can see how this would apply to any niche market. You know we could call this dog training or if we wanted to for example. So we're just going to install Wordpress and then it's going to say OK if it creates a database and that's correct. So we're just going to choose finish installation and literally in just a few seconds it actually created a WordPress website for us. So if you want to you can come on in here. And what it will do is actually if you put in your e-mail here you would actually e-mail the installation details to you which is kind of a cool feature being put in your email. And then that way you have access to the link to log in along with your username and password that you set up just in case you forget. So in most cases your administration euro is going to be your blog dot com so it can be your domain dot com forward slash WP dash admin if you decided to insult the blog Burts going to be your domain dot com forward slash blog forward slash WP dash admin. OK so I'm just going to copy that one and we're going to come over here and open up a new tab. And jump on over into WordPress now. So you can see here if you were to go just to look at generic WordPress that was set up you're going to have a very basic WordPress theme right here. You can see that all set up here in working. It says Hello world. That's just the first generic post that WordPress gives you. This is the new generic WordPress theme. So we're just going to come in here put in WP dash admins so we can log in here with our user name and password that we set up. And what what you just saw pop up there was something called a robo form that's just asking if we want to save the information you don't have to get robo Formanek it can speed up you know remembering passwords and all that kind of stuff. But for now we're just going to stick with you know just logging in like usual. So we've gone through the 30-Second WordPress install. You can see Wordpress is now installed the basic WordPress engine has itself is all set up ready for you to start profiting and putting in your own details and information. So now we're going to go over all the plug ins that you really need to make this work for you. So basically as we talked about there's several plug ins and that's one of the first things you want to set up after you get into WordPress. So what I recommend you do is come on over here to the left side bar and that's where you're going to do most of your work within WordPress anyway. Sure to come in here on the left side and you want to choose plugins and what you see is there's a couple of plug ins one is called Kismat one is called Hello Dolly. Both of these are plug ins that are just you know generic and hello Dolly is just a basic one. And so these two are just always here. They're typically set as inactive for the moment. So we're going to just use search installed plug ins. Now there's those four main plug ins that we want to add in here. So we're going to choose excuse me want to go over here to where it says add new plug in and where it says term we're just going to put in the terms for the plug and we want to find I'm going to put it all in one go. And this will take just a moment and you're going to come with this is all within your search and your Wordpress back in it's going to say install now. So are you sure you want to install this plug in. Go ahead and click on OK. And then it's actually going to ask you after unpacks the plug in and installs a plug in for you if you want to activate it and you do so all in one as CEO is the first one now will worry about this in a moment we're going to set that up in just a moment. Next thing we want to do is come back to where it says at the top so plug in select Add new and will type in another one. We want to go with sociable especially once you know plug ins you want it makes it very simple for you just to go and find them. So you're just going to look for it. It'll ask you if you want to install it and then click on OK. It's going to download it. Unpack it and install the plug in and then just choose activate plug in next thing you want to do is go right back to where it says add new again. So again all from the left hand side plug ins and then click on Add new type in your term. And this time I'll find the word pro plug in and we'll go here to where it says Search analytics. That's the plug in we want and we're going to go out and click on. OK. Notice it also brings up some additional plug in so if there's other plug ins that you want to play around with there's really you know tons of plug ins out there there's thousands of them to choose from. But these are the core you know really good plug ins. You can go in and we're going to add one more plug in here so we're going to type in here. Google SML site map because that's what that is. Google SML site map. And there it is we're just going to choose install now and we should be good to go. So it'll take just a moment. Again and activate the plug in. So it was as simple as coming over here to the dashboard to your main administration section left inside using plug ins. And if you want a manager plug ins just select manage if you want to just manage the active ones just use active good for some reason you have an inactive one you want to make active you can just highlight it and to activate. But we're just going to manage these active ones that we created. And if for whatever reason you want to add a new one you can either click on Add new when the left side or add new up here and type in whatever you want to type like if you want to find a plug in that will help you with Twitter. Just type in plug in. Type in the name Twitter and you'll find some different plug ins related to Twitter along with their reviews. Very very easy. You can see how simple setting this up really is for you. So we're going to go back to plug ins and the next thing we need to do is set up these plug ins so after we've gone through the process of you know installing these plug ins finding them and installing them again you did not even have to leave your back in it was all point and click with the mouse. Very very simple left hand side. Big plug ins. And go from there. Very very simple. We need to set these up so we're going to first start with the all in one plug in. So in order to work with the plug ins after they're installed you're going to go to the left hand side and you'll click on settings and not all the plug ins but some of the plug ins that you install will show up under settings because there's further set up that you need to do to make them final. So what you're going to do here is come in here and you're going to choose enable for the all in one as CEO. You need to choose enabled. So you see here there's a little radio button makes you choose enabled and then it's going to ask you for a home title that is for search engine purposes so it's going to ask you for a title tag which as you know is extremely important for your overall rankings within the search engines. The title tag is basically you know the blue font that shows up when you do google searches is that bold blue font that's clickable and the title tag with your keywords in there can help your site rank in the search engines. So with all in one CEO you need to put in your main keyword phrases for your blog whether it's related to weight loss fitness. You know those kinds of things you'll want to do some keyword research to come up with the best title to use. OK. So for this example we're going over dog training just just for you know just as an example here. So let's just say dog training and then you could do a koala puppy training and see if you can do dog training puppy training in training if you want to. And then for the home description this is going to be a keyword rich sentence one or two sentences that would encourage people to want to visit your website so you can put the number one resource online for dog training puppy training and pet training your home description it helps if you have your keyword in there helps you rank in the search engine. It also is extremely important because the search engines will actually use this home description right below the big bold blue listing which is your title tag the Laxey list that and if that is your key word in there it can also help your relevancy your overall rankings and also encourage people to click on your site. If you wrote something creative now I'm just showing these as examples here but this is what basically you want to do with on one ASIO's you want to put in your title and your keyword want to put in your description. And this is technical related plus search engine related as well as CEO is very technical. That's why we're covering it now because it is so important and vital to your overall ranking. I'm going to put in my keywords now let's just type in you know dog training puppy training. And this just has to be are the core key words you're trying to go for not all of them and you can just just keep these ones as if you have questions on them. You can click to help but pretty much you're just going to want to keep all these things as they are. This one will basically. It will what it'll do is it'll take your post title whenever you do a new blog post and it will automatically make your post-Idol show up at the top so it's actually gonna automatically make sure that your post-Idol for every single post that you do is keyword rich you know related to the post that you just created. And another thing all I want to see does is it will allow you to create your very own titles as well as search engine friendly. You know so that you don't have to have very technical search engine friendly titles. I'll show you in just a moment when we go to that title feature or excuse me when we go to the blogging part. You can choose to take off the blog title. Sometimes it's best just to keep your post title so it's just only solely focused on you know the keywords related to that post. You can choose to remove that one. Typically that's what I would do is just remove the blog title from there and remove.