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Preparing for Success- Learn the basics of Internet Marketing, choosing a Niche domain, finding a web Hosting and using an Autoresponder

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  • Learn how to setup a website from scratch using wordpress
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English [Auto] We could say I am tech basics and this is what you've got right here. So step number one you need to get a domain name for those that are just brand new start. Now. It's also referred to as a Euro or web address and it's basically the starting point of creating your web presence whether that's going to be a squeeze page a blog or web site. You need to start off with the domain name. Now these may seem like very basic steps but it always you know it never hurts to go back to the basics and there's many people out there that are brand new online. And so you know if if you can get going and invest in the right domain right from the start you're going to be much further ahead than a lot of people were. It started off with the wrong domain when they first started out. So in case you're wondering you know just a little technical background each and every domain name has a corresponding numeric address known as an IP address. And this allows house to connect to each other through the Internet. So it's you know your domain is almost like the address of your house the address of your place of business. You know your favorite place to go is basically an address that you know exactly where it is. It's unique to that location initially domain names could be 15 characters long but now you can have up to 67 characters in a domain name so you can have some pretty long domains. Basically all that means obviously the shorter the better. It's basically said and like the orders of your house or office and your domain is extremely important because it's the starting point of your business. So I understand the importance of selecting the right domain for your projects. So the basics are around making your domain purchase included dignifying a profitable niche. That means understanding who your target market is. If you are into creating sewing kits for people in your target market it's going to be people interested in sewing kits. So you would want to buy a domain related to sewing kit for example if you are into teaching people how to be better golfers. You would want to buy a domain name related to golfing. If let's say you wanted to start a business you know in an e-commerce type store like Amazon or something that maybe sells pet related products you would have a domain name that's related to pets dogs cats something of that nature something that would relate to that market that may seem like common sense but I've seen people buy you know some really crazy domains when they first started out. I know a lot of people there just start now. Forget the importance of having an identifying you know profitable niche and then going after it with a good domain name. Then you also want to make sure that you identify the keywords associated to that profitable niche. Now in just a moment here I'm going to jump off the screen and go into the Google adverts keyword tool and show you how a cool little free tool can help you brainstorm some absolutely phenomenal domain name ideas. And you know just because this part is so important having the right keywords in your domain will actually help your Web site rank in the search engine. It's actually one of the most important factors. You know you've got title tags and made it tags you know title tags are super important though to getting ranking but having the key words in the domain as well is a very big part of ranking in the big search engines especially with Google. So I highly recommend that you try to come up with a good keyword rich domain name. Now if you can't write fast enough to get this domain just remember to search in Google ad words keyword tool external and you should get this free to add words keyword to external and coming to a decision on what your domain name will be and how that this domain will identify your niche. It's you know very very important. So just think your domain is extremely important put a little thought into it. You know don't don't waste tons of time but you know if it takes you a day to come up with the right domain or a few hours then great. You know because it is very important as you get more established like anything with Internet marketing or with an online business. It will become much simpler for you. Now choosing a domain registar where you purchased your domain is also important the domain registrar should be responsive to customer needs. This means they provide customer service in a timely accurate and friendly manner and I would really consider ones that offer 24/7 support. I personally you know most marketers use go daddy There is also name cheat. Those are two that come out of that and they have tremendous customer support because a lot of times the domain is really you know it's one of the most important assets for your online business. And so you want to have it in reliable hands in a domain registar is basically who you go to to register your domain name just like you go to the bank you know to do banking transactions you go to you know somebody else to do your you know hairstylist to do your hair. You can to a domain registrar to get your domain. That's what they specialize in and I recommend you go to them to get your domain going. Some domain registrars offer hosting but you'll find out as we go on with this training today. I recommend that you host your business elsewhere. You know it's not like going to kill you but basically it's one of those deals where you know you get burgers at Burger places you get fish. Fish place and eat steak at state places. It's the best way to put it. Some domain places offer hosting. It's nowhere near as feature rich as hosting you would get somewhere else much like some hosting companies. Could I register domains but it's just not quite as good as if you register elsewhere so you know so those are just some things to look at when choosing good domain registar when you're starting out or even if you've already have some domains purchased you know you might want to go back and you know on your future domains maybe look at a few other options like said purchase them from several places This allows you more control you know because if something happened with the domain registrar you know that everything's down you know so at least you have some control there and then you want to point your domain to another webhost and you'll be up and running in a very short time as I'm actually going to show you here live. And like I said Go Daddy or name. They're considered the best just because most people use them. Go Daddy actually does a lot of Super Bowl commercials. They really get themselves out there. They are extremely reliable. You know I know most online marketers tend to use Go Daddy. You know there's really a number of domain registrars you can go to Google and find them but just try to look for some that have you know a good track record have been online for about five to 10 years. They have 24/7 support and you'll be in good shape. So with that said I'm actually to jump off the slide here before I jump into web hosting and I'm actually going to go over step by step how to register a domain name so you know kind of explain the ins and outs of it. I think it will help you a lot if I can go off the screen here and actually show you you know a little bit of what to do with domain's OK. So I'm over here now on Daddy dot com. Go Daddy com is one of the most popular domain registrars out there. So there a place you can go to register your domain. There's also go daddy and the name cheap was the other one just so you can see what it looks like their look and feel may change. But this is what they look like at the moment. Very very basic concept. So what you do here you can start your domain search there. So let's say you're one day enter. Let's just say like the dog training market let's just say dog training and you know let's just say dog training dog training site. Let's just say See if that's available. I doubt that one is available but let's say you know you're trying to go after the phrase dog training so it looks like that domain's taken. Now I did mention it's very wise to use the key word tool so that's actually what I'm going to do here is I'm going to go out and we're going to use the add words keyword tool to external add words keyword tool external So that's you want to type in your it should be the first result you get in Google. Somebody come here. Click on that and it's going to load up here and it will give me a security check. So you just put this in. And again this is a free tool that I'm using It's a free tool supplied by Google. So if for example we're going after. Let's just say you know the dog training market. Very popular market or the dog breed market I know that one's also very big so let's say we're going to go after the dog breed market for this example. So let's just type in dog breed and it's going to actually bring back a variety of Web sites or excuse me a variety of key word phrases related to dog breeds and dog breed information. So if we're wanting to start an informational website where maybe we have ad sense and affiliate links and things like that on it. A good starting point would be the outward keyword tool because you want to establish a nice keyword rich domain name. So that's what I'm doing here so I'm typing in dog breed to get this search started and it's coming in here and showing me quite a few different results. Now if I wanted to sort those by most popular searches all I had to do is just click at the top here where I searched. Now as you scroll down here you'll notice on the left hand side of the average keyword tool it will ask you to narrow down keyword phrases so what I'm going to do is uncheck those and I want to bring it down to where only brings up keywords related to the key word that I wanted which is dog breed. I don't want to learn about dogs I don't to read about different breeds separately. I don't want dogs with the nest in miscellaneous terms don't really care about those. I mainly am caring about dog the dog breed. Keywords. So there's 171 of those. Based on what this shows me. And you can see here that one and a half million searches per month on a global basis meaning all over the all over the world. That's a very big niche market. So we've established a good profitable niche. And you know I think we need to come up with a good good solid domain name. We can work from. So there's a few ideas here. We've got all dog breeds you've got dog breeds list all dog breeds that's kind of an interesting phrase that people are looking for and that might possibly be a good domain name. So I'm going to type this in here all dog breeds. There's probably a good chance this is already taken. But really this is the you know how you can register good domain names who come in here all dog breeds site all dog breeds online. That's not a bad domain but there is actually another strategy that you could do that you could just try as well. You can come on here and you know if you find one that looks good to you then you could just grab it. Otherwise come on in here and pull down this list of domains download all 57 put them into a text file or a C S V file that's fine. And download that it will take just a moment. And you can choose what to open it with. So we'll just open it with Excel for right now. And this is just opening a listing of these key word phrases and I'm just going to grab all these keywords here that I got copy that and we're going to go right on over here to go daddy's Web site over here and that's just the domains. And then you want to come down here to where it says bulk domain registration so domains and bulk domain registration. So to go back to what I just did I cop got one over here to where I pulled up my keywords. I downloaded my keywords put them into an Excel spreadsheet or anything else that you have that could be an open office spreadsheet which is also free simply right click on the keyword phrases and copy them in I'm going to jump back over here to where it says under domains it's going to say bulk domain registration. OK so now I'm going to do here is just grab this and paste in all these keyword phrases and we want to just do a search for dot com and dot net domains what it's going to do is actually combine all of these and do a massive search for us to see which one you can enter up to 500 domains. And it's kind of tell us which one of these keywords phrases that we found in this market might be available to purchase. And there's probably a good chance that none of them are available and it looks like every one of those is unavailable. So that kind of tells you something that you know you might want to come up with some different modifiers as well. Here's a few that look like they are available. The dog breed list dot net. That's not a bad name. Choose dog breed dot com Tuz dog breed dot net. Actually these are not that at all. Terrier dog breeds smartest dog breed popular dog breed. These are actually pretty good you know domain name. So I'm actually going to go over here and grab dog breed list dot net. That's going to be the domain I'm going to go with. So I get to come over here too where it says domain's now and I'm now going to register my domain. Ok so I use these different methods that I showed you but it all started with these ad words keyword tool. You don't have to go through all the process I just went through. If you have a domain on top of your head and you think it's available grab it if it's you know if it's there. Otherwise use this tool to come up with some great keyword ideas just like what I did and this is a technique a lot of not a lot of people teach or know how to do so. You know this brilliant method to come up with some great domains. OK so what you need to do now is create an account at Go Daddy or you need to just log in to your existing accounts. I'm going to go ahead and if I was brand new this is where I'd put in my information with them. They're very secure Web site. They do have 24/7 support. So for some reason you get stuck. They could even assist you in getting your domain name set up. So I'm just going to log in here this will take just a moment. OK. So it looks like we are logged in here. The next thing that I'm going to do right here the right hand corner it'll say start domain search. Or you come up here to where it says products and there will be like a dropdown menu and you can just come up here and you know go through the process of registering your domain name. So that's just log in here the Greeks list dot net and hit go and we'll see if that's still available dog breed less dot net is available just eight ninety nine a year so we're just going to go ahead and add the domain. So we've narrowed down to a very key word rich domain name here with this process. So it is available. Let's just continue with the registration. Now I will warn you they have a lot of cells a lot of downed cells and all sorts of things like that. Really what you need is you only need a domain I typically register most marketers one year to two years max. So you do not you do not need to register them for a very long length of time one to two years will be just fine for you. OK. We're just going to register this one for one year and come on down here and click NEXT. So your privacy for those starting out in most cases standard will be just fine. Some people feel the need to protect their who is information when you're running an online business though. Most web sites already have phone numbers e-mails things like that on them. So there's really nothing you're protecting that's just an opinion a lot. You know that I have when I first started out when most people start out they think that they need to protect it all and so then they end up spending way more than they need to every year in their domain so that when you leave up to you you really don't need it standard will be just fine. And it's the lowest cost method OK so activate your domain they're going to try to get you more upset. And most domain registrars. They have all these up cells. And like I said before you don't need hosting from them. You should only come out in your shopping cart with you know something around 9 to 11 or 12 dollars you shouldn't come out spend. Having spent two three four hundred dollars although that can happen with these domain registrar. So it's important that you're careful which is one reason and one to step you through the process. They are very reliable though once you get your domain registered some is going to continue to check out. And we're just going to use Pay-Pal here. OK says take just a moment. This is where you can check your information and then scroll on down here and you read and agree to the terms. I've registered a lot of domains so we'll just place your order now. And if you decide to pay with credit card obviously you didn't put your credit card there or if you decided Do you know if you're brand new and use your pay pal then that's what you would do. So it's not going to tell me. Thank you for your order. So the order is now complete. So that is step by step how you register your domain name. So we've now registered our domain summit to jump back into the training here and we're going to go over web hosting now. So we're going to jump back into the training here and discuss web hosting. OK so step two is now web hosting there. So there's only so many choices to choose from when it comes to web hosting. There is there's a lot of money out there but there's only a few that are really good much like Domain Registry registrar companies for for any kind of web hosting. I definitely recommend you try to go with a bigger name for web hosting just because it's more reliable. I know some businesses into you know they go in with a local provider they end up paying five to 10 times more and what they should be and then they come to find out if they have a problem. They're only available to help from 9:00 to 5:00. They have holidays off and things like that. Not that those people don't deserve that. But bigger companies they have staff around the clock there to help you 24/7. So before making his decision there's some you know options that you need to understand. So some common types of hosting that you're going to see available. I mean it kind of explain what those are. You've got shared web hosting That's the most common that you see reseller web hosting hosting and some of these you really don't need to know what all of these are. It's just important to understand you know just for your own good. Which one you know might fit you best. In most cases I'll tell you 90 percent of the cases starting out this is what you're going to want to go with. There's dedicated servers. And the reason I want to show this to you is because when you go out to get hosting you're going to be wondering which ones do I need to do. Which options are best for me. So basically shared web hosting and something commonly offered on the Internet.