Opening Dynamo from Revit

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BIM Dynamo Geometry Modeling 2018

Learn how to use Dynamo for Geometry Modeling with the 2018 tools, to expand the posibilities of Modeling in Revit

02:57:12 of on-demand video • Updated September 2017

  • Whats Dynamo and how does it really fit on the BIM protocol
  • How Revit works, and how can we leverage its capacities
  • How to create any kind of solid, curve and lines on a practical way for construction and architecture
  • How to select revit elements, modify and transform them back to Revit
English OK so let's go into Dynamo we have here the general interface for every 2018 and I'm going to open a new project just with construction templates so we can open up more and start looking at what's about. So Dynamo is part of now 2018 when you go into manage you will find Dynamo and Dynamo player. So we just opened Dynamo first thing you know this is it will ask us for Google Analytics Well if you want to participate you need to consider that it will slow your performance. So sometimes it's better just to try using it all. If you're researching. I recommend you to select this boxes because if you find any bugs or any problems when you're trying to get your functions running you can get support only by that. It's going to OK. And then we have here our tutorial. We're working with version 1.3.0 and it is getting started with Dynamo. You have the help menu Then you have how do you build blocks we will see about that and how it's an anatomy of input output and previews. Finding and placing notes. Writing notes on how to move on the background. We will check but how does that work. Then you have the packages that tips and tricks and if you add more help there's a lot of elements in Dynamo working together. So I'm going to close this window and we have here the general interface I have here some notifications agree. It's going to accept all the notifications So then we have this general interface we have for new files that will be the D Y N then files to custom notes and to open a file that we have here tutorials for Dynamo. Primer getting started on this course it's focus. Now how do you get proficient on dynamo working and using it on a daily basis. So we get up into new and first we will find all those. So we get into the new file and then we have these general families So I just get into the new file with the packages that were needing So far we have just these general sets and we need to start with the information we're working with we have this space that are from libraries and functions. We have it's on the upper part the new file open save that we have here the view for importing libraries workspace. We have the added for changing nodes the packages for changing we will seek them packages number format and that precision some help in samples. Then we have here the general overview we have two sets that are the graph view and the Enable background navigation. So if we click on diagram of ignition we the left click of the mouse we can turn the orbit we consume zoom out with the scroll We changed to the graph it will move because we're moving the elements in a graph. Well we have done it. We can save it and that's how we open Dynamo on Revit.