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In this lecture you will prepare your computer for developing django applications!

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  • Learn Fundamental Concepts of Django
  • Work with Model, View & Template Layers
  • Customize Django Admin Site
  • Setup Development Environment for Django
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  • Basic Python Programming
  • Be able to create any web application you want
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  • Implement Frontend CRUD
  • Work with Django Messages
  • Use external Django packages
  • Add authentication to your site
English [Auto] All right. Welcome back. And in this lecture we are going to set up a development environment in know a local computer to work with Daniel. So I want you to go to a default web browser and go to this link. That is Python dot args last download. And I'll also be putting this link in a description and from this face. Download the latest version of Python using this button and you can also download the python file with the operating system from this page. So go ahead and download the python file the operating system in the next update. I want you to download it. The visual is to do good so good to go that visual is to do dot com and from this page download the record executive files for this quote data so that visually should record and just to write our programs. And it is free to download and it is also open sourced by Microsoft team any Johnson Library operating system. So go ahead and download this on a computer. And the next software I want you to download is the best. So go to this. And when to put all the links in the course source sources too and download the record as a goodwill file for our billing system. And what this was actually led us to do is that it allows us to run Linux comments on your computer made with Windows or Mac OS and it does what it does to work with. Get hub that is the Web based button controlling system for your records. So we are going to use it while working with our project. So go ahead and download it for your operating system and you can see our dollar at all these files idea. So let us install the python fast so click on it. And on this setup tab I want you to take on this Ed Python three point seven two part and what you do is that we can do on Python interpreter on any directory we are so take on it. Indeed there is still no word on and it will install a python on the system and you can see our set up that successful. Now close the set up. So when all it does is start the visual is the code so click on it. And on this it appears the next button and like I said that good mean in. The next next. Also the next next. And it install button. Now I already have this installed on my systems so I'm going to skip it. But I encourage you to go ahead and install it on the system. Now let us install the gate best so open it in here next. Next any idea to use visuals to record inside us is a default Ed note. Next next next next and also it next. Now I already had this installed on my system too so I'm going to cancel it. But I encourage you to install them on the system. Now when we have all this it off to install go to a next step and you can see a reason it took what I can it was only so open it and you can see something like this. So this is our visual is to do good and we are going to install some extensions to work with Django and python. So go to this section here and search for python and install this extension by clicking on install here and the next extension I want you to install is Django extension. So software Django and install this first extension here. Now when you are done installing close this tab and I want you to take some hardcore days to work with the results the code. So the first thing I want you to say is that you can tackle this explorer Ed by placing controls be. So if you need contactless v you delight in if I proceed again. It does so. So that's how you can toggle this extra tab and you can open terminal directly from visually through the code so to do that this control plus back deck in the back deck usually light of that tab key on your keyboard. So this will open the terminal you know at least to the court. Now remember we have installed the gate best and by default it is using the power sale on windows and visually the code. So I want to change it done the best so to do that is control plus if plus B and you'll get the comment valid or results to the code and such for sale and click on select default sale. Now just get back from the. Press contactless back tick again and you do lock on the basil instead of policies. And if it did not work on a system I encourage you to close it and open the results record again and remember while installing Python we have taken it to plot. So what it actually does is that we're going to invite an interpreter in our cell at any directory. So in a time you know I want you to type python and feed into it you can get the python seal that give the so that's it for this lecture. And we have set up our deployment environment to work with Daniel in this lecture.