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In this lesson, we'll look at what the course project is.

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Adobe After Effects: Flat Animation Buildup

Jump right into animating motion graphics in Adobe After Effects with this quick-start guide to creating 2D animations.

43:22 of on-demand video • Updated January 2018

  • design an object in Adobe Illustrator
  • prepare designs in Adobe Illustrator for animating in After Effects
  • animate with the flat buildup style
  • export from After Effects
English [Auto] Hey everyone welcome back to the dive into after effects flash animation build up course in this course. The project will be to choose an object one of your favorites it could be any type of object a tech gadget a toy a tool it could be from your kitchen your bedroom your bathroom from outside. Just pick an object and it will be animating it in with this cool technique that I'm showing you here that I use to anime in the Polaroid camera. Now what will you need to know to do this type of animation. It's actually not too much. We're going to be doing some basic scale animations a little bit of rotation but that's about it. And if you've taken the previous two dive into after effects courses the one on the basics of after effects and then the next one about keyframes you will know how to do these animations in this course. I'm just putting it all together to create a real world application. And if you get even further into after effects and you start creating motion graphics This is a cool technique to use when introducing lots of different elements on your screen. You could probably imagine if this Polaroid camera buildup was just a little part of this video if this was just one little object in a video with 10 20 hundreds of other objects that's when you get a very intricate animation and you really will learn the building blocks. In this lesson and in this course just as a reminder I want you to post the project to the Course page so that I can see it and the rest of the students can see it. So once you have designed the object within Adobe Illustrator or after effects however you want to design it. Post a picture of it to the Course page and then once you've animated it export a video or a gif and post it to the project assignment as well so that we can all see your wonderful objects being introduced to the world. So thank you so much for watching this video. And now let's dive straight into after effects and get started with this cool animation.