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English [Auto] Hi my name is welcome to this series called disabling the world. We're going to teach you how to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. If you love Jesus Christ just like me I want to encourage you to go through the entire series because it will help you to be more like Christ and also demonstrate Christ's love to others around the world. In this first letter is a very important foundational lessons to try to go through this entire video to understand more about this topic on what is the Sipo shape a very important topic when it comes to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. The Greek word for disciple is actually my test. And it actually would fall in the Bible and actually means follow all pupil right in the Bible. But was amazing it's not maybe we will know is that the Bible actually uses the term disciple more than actually the word Christian itself. Let me show you. All right the word for disciple the first file. Two hundred and sixty one times in the Bible. But the Greek word for Christian readers cretinous is followed three times only in the Bible. So if something is mentioned more times in the Bible those who study the Bible would know means it is a significant importance when it comes to that word and the meaning and also everything else that comes of it. I won't go into details because every word of this Bible or Christian in different contexts has different meaning but it's a jury tell you that the disciples seems to be more important than the creation itself. And that tells us a lot about how important being a disciple is in the Bible. Right the interesting thing is Jesus never once said the words make Christians OK but unfortunately in today's contacts in this century writing how many passengers are so concerned about actually making Christians rather than disciples. Or you might not agree with me but let me explain what I mean. Right. So can we in this scripture from Matthew Chapter 28 verse 19. They say very clearly that our main role is to go therefore and make disciples of all nations but design them in the name of the Father and son in the Holy Spirit teaching them to also all that I call monu. And lo I am with you always even to the end of the age. Take note he did not say only the pastors do it. He did not say or need the church to eat. He is saying to every single disciple out there who follows Jesus Christ who claim to be a disciple or it is a common to every disciple that they must do these things. All right so it's not just the pastor themselves. All right. So what did you just say to others to follow him. Well the cost to be a sniper during the early years right. It was a very Redeker commitment right at that point that you need to leave things just to follow Jesus and you might be willing to follow every single of his commands and his teachings that we read in the Bible. That's right. Everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or farms for my name's sake will receive many times as much and will inherit eternal life. But many who are first will be last and the last will be first is from Matthew Chapter 9. Then verse 29 to 30. So this is the level of commitment that Jesus won from all of his disciples asking them to dedicate their full attention and commitment to what's his name say so that you will receive much much more as what is written just in front of you. Notice when Jesus actions to new of this when he tried to get all was. Do you ever notice when you read the Bible he never wants others to believe him. But why is it that in today's Christian churches he seems to be begging people all the time. All right to believe in Jesus Christ and He does not need to actually invite people to him. Instead people will come rushing to him to accept him and ask for his help and his advice in whatever situation that they are in. And you know that. And he preaches the kingdom of heaven mostly outdoors although there are some cases I mean there are cases also where he preached in buildings and something but most of the time his ministry was mainly outdoors in houses in places on the streets and all that. Did you notice that right. So we should actually be disciples of Christ no doubt. We all know that right. Imagine this. If I say that I am a disciple of Christ today. Are you telling people that if you are a Christian you tell people you are a disciple of Christ because I am baptized in church. So if people ask you are you a disciple or are you a Christian and then you say I am in church. How would they react. Right. Or maybe you say I'm a disciple of Christ because I attend church on Sunday. Are you really a disciple crisis because you go to church on Sunday. Or are you really a disciple just because you read your Bible daily. Are you really sure or maybe you're saying other guys because I have church on Sunday every week. Are you very sure you are a disciple. Every Sunday. I'm not saying that these are not good things. These are all good actions that all Christians and disciples of Christ should be doing. But does all these actions define a student of Jesus Christ. Or do you see Jesus doing all this action and going to church every Sunday on my behalf in church on Sunday. Or he doesn't. He just does all these lectures which are all good intentions. But he does more than that. And same for the disciples. They also do more than just for things to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. It's not just this fall things that these four things are good things. Right. The disciple is only actually used mostly right in the church only today unfortunately you do not normally hear people say hey I'm actually a disciple. People are going you are crazy. What do you mean you are a disciple of food. Right. In the other in the early days of church right when you say you are a disciple of Christ. Everyone know. That you are a follower of Christ. But day we loosely use the word Christians instead of saying we are a disciple of Christ. Right so the book Christ was actually used commonly used during Jesus time. The best way to describe disciple in simple meaning I would say is using the word Apprentice. All right. So when we say yes to Jesus we actually become Jesus apprentice or how is this so right you see just always taught by example or even read the Bible enough you would know. He always says something by showing his disciples and they learn not by reading not by memorizing and not by learning for many years but is by doing them all right. They learn by following what Jesus has done. All right. And I would say for example I want to be an I.T. expert. All right so I need to find a master who knows how to be the expert to learn from. So during my younger days I actually enjoyed this radio program called People my ear for communication and I actually wanted to be an I.T. engineer to be a web developer and he was a trio at the birthday party which is where I study from. So naturally everybody wants to upgrade their cells will naturally want to go for programs to learn new skills so they can do what they want to do. All right. So imagine my master's was basically all my lectures and I wanted to be a disciple of them. I wanted to learn how my lecturers were able to do programming are a lot how to ID programs. And of course the lectures are naturally asked you do read a lot of books and ask you to memorize their books. And of course we know we have to go through tests and exams. That is how we learn in our education program. Right. And that's where you go through when you go to any school which we all are very familiar with and on the to your in my program I was tasked to do a project in pilot training programs. So we had a final year project. So my master was my lecturer or at tasked me to develop a website program. Right. And I am very sure I can tell you I struggled like crazy to do it because I wasn't sure how to do it even though I had memorized and read all the text with all the programming code that I need to know for the past three years. But suddenly as you do something you've never done before will you be able to do it. Jeffrey No because it's your first time doing such a task. Write because I had zero experience in coding and I never practiced it and to when the start of this so-called website cause right was actually being given to me for me to learn I not only had to know the knowledge but also the practical side of it by fooling what my master knows my master knows how to develop websites. So if I follow how he course I should be able to know how to create a website as well. So by watching and doing what he does you or I will be able to learn better. Right. We always learn from modeling from what other people are doing. That's how we learn as human beings and we learn by looking we actually learn from doing the action or the task at hand. And that's how we learn. So a disciple in the Bible is the same as an apprentice. All right. The goal is to become more like our Master Jesus Christ. That is our ultimate goal that every believer of Christ would know. So we learn by copying his examples by actually doing them. We do not actually learn from just memorizing verses reading verses or praying. They are all very good things. But you will not be able to really really learn unless you actually do what you read in the Bible. So Christians often spend a lot of time sitting in the church which is also not a bad thing. Spend time reading and studying it which is also a good thing. All right. But how often do Christians practice what they actually learn in the church. There are many people in our church today who learn many good things about being good and living the life of Christ and all those that have people 10 years in the church never done a single thing. Predicating All right that they learn from the Bible other than just studying the Bible and memorizing verses. You see Apprentice's actually only learn by doing by stepping out with practical work out that the more you do the more you learn from your mistakes as well. And remember do you actually remember the first time you learn something new. Well for example let's say a new job. Remember when you went for a new job you totally are clueless of doing the job right because everything is new to you. But as time goes by half a year later you realize that all the things that you did not know how to 6 months ago were suddenly much more easier to do right now is because you practice them a lot of times is the same how you learn to drive the wheel and the drive by just reading the manuals memorizing the manuals and all that without driving and driving without actually practical work and driving the car. The more we practice in driving the car the more we learn how to drive the car you see outside. We can. We know that in order to learn something we have to have practical work. And the same for cooking as for people who love to. Definitely must know how to cook by learning and trying different recipes and trying different methods by practicing and producing. Do they know how to cook very well. Of course if you are new cooking you will struggle at first. Just like anything else you learn out there. Or maybe a simple example like when you learn how to cycle. I remember when I for the London cycle it took me a week to understand how the cycle I keep falling. But we didn't evolve right. You remember if you don't have cycle before the very first time you try you fall down so many times. But why do you bother to get up to try again and again. Do you actually have the psychologists by memorizing all the parts of a bicycle or. How are the parts actually worked well or where they come from. Right you don't actually learn how to cycle just by reading a book. Right. You have to actually use practical aspects actually learn how to cycle. And this applies to any new skill out there that we cannot simply learn and then we stop practicing them. See every new skill involved practices to learn and not just by memorizing or studying them but unfortunately our kitchen system thing think otherwise sometimes and it's quite sad. But generally we only learn new things every time when we put them into practice. Right. And in the real world we only know we learn actually from doing something and not for memorizing or trying to read the entire manual of anything out there that we want to learn from and to actually on and see that do not know this Easter churches. I know you might be thinking that's not true. Let me prove it to you right. This is what we all are doing in our churches all right let's say for example Christians do not know how to pray. Healing for others. What do pastors and churches do when they want their members to know how to pray for healing. What do we do. We ask them to have a small conference and see one more guy do it for us and pray that we know how to do it right. We actually go to conferences to watch how people do it. But do you see people doing it in countries. No that's not prayer for people to practice it. Right. Or maybe they will have more Bible courses by having more knowledge on what healing is all about. You see that happen in a church. Yes. It happens in my church as well. And it's not prayer for for anyone to really practice on healing because simply put they just don't want to or anything that the more knowledge you have missed you will definitely know how to do helium by just memorizing the word and not doing it. But you have just learned it all to learn anything. We have to actually practice it in order to learn. Right. Do not. I am actually not against these things conferences and by because those are very good thing. Eva Kerry doing that. I highly recommend you get knowledgeable knowledge to be educated so that when you practice them you will be much easier and you understand what you are doing. So go for conference and Bible class is a very good thing because a book Foundations in every Christian that wants to honor God more. But is that how we actually learn to be like Jesus. I can tell you I been learning in her bible school for almost six years part time and I get tons and tons and tons of knowledge every time when I go for Bible lessons. But the thing is that whatever learning Bible school will never be the same as actually doing it real in person real life on the streets or when you are preaching or you'll never learn things that you learn while you apply them in the real world. When I was preaching I actually so many new things to eat who did not top me. Why is that so. Because you can only learn when you actually practice them. But it is sad. All right but we have come to accept that it's OK not to be disciples. We can go church for years and years and years to fill our selves with knowledge from Bible classes attending Sunday every Sunday to get more and more knowledge on Bible verses and understanding by all of us which is all very good. But we'll never know how to pray for Hillary. You never know how to do the words. You never know how the few others with the Holy Spirit and you will never know how to learn how to share. Jesus practically unless you actually take the time and effort to actually practice them. All right. So unfortunately not more. Not many churches in fact have platforms or opportunities for you to learn all these things that I just mentioned to you. All right and as a segue if you are possibly going to is I encourage you please stop having just Bible classes have opportunities for people to learn how to pray. Hugely practical examples and events for others because that is how members can learn. In order for them to make disciples. You see most Christians today always think it is actually not their job to actually do healing or Holy Spirit but it's the pastor's job. And I know pastors who have been huffing at me now because we see them all the time when we see you as somebody who poses or someone. Really is part of the pack. I will call my pastor. They can do it because they got no confidence that they can do it. That's because no one actually trains them or get the opportunities to learn how to do it and that's very true. I remember in my church for almost eight or nine years I didn't really have any opportunity to pray but a serious prayer for someone who is sick. Other than the miracle moments we have every Wednesday our very shot opportunities and I get openings to how to preach and I know that you are free to preach unless you actually bother go on mission trips. And I had to learn how to preach pray everything because I go for a million trees where we get more arbitrates to exercise and practice what I learn right from the Bible. And the sad part is she passes actually. They do not even expect them to do it to. So that is what the issues are puzzles. They do not really expect members to pray Huli do the baptism or water or maybe delivers all right all those things because they feel they are not qualified to do so. But the thing is that how can someone be qualified if they have no opportunity to even practice them it at the first place. Right. So you really block them out. How is it possible that Christians can actually practice healing and pray and do the transfer orders. If there's no opportunity to even practice that at the first place. All right so we will learn something new. All right just by reading books or memorizing them. All right that's what we are all been doing most of the time. We only love doing them regularly from actually mistakes that we do through practical steps or things that we do that we learn from the Bible. And it's actually OK to make any sense because no one can see something you were filling a few time for us. This is I told you earlier when you want to learn how to cycle to learn how the cycle just by memorizing a book on what is a bicycle and what a pass on a bicycle you do not love the cycle just by reading a book right you actually love the cycle because from your practical practice and filling in for it many times on a bicycle then you will learn how to cycle. Right and it's OK to actually makes me miss it because no one can learn something new. We start feeling a few times for us the things that passed us you are listening to this video. Please give opportunities for members to make mistakes. Create platforms Apogees for them to make it so that they can learn from their mistakes so that they will not repeat their mistakes and just how the members can learn how to be more and more like Jesus is the same when it comes to the life of discipleship in Jesus Christ. We need to do more and more of what he tells us in the Bible by practicing what we read in the Bible. It is OK that I do not look exactly like Jesus Christ now. But the more I practice you will slowly be more and more like him. You see the first time I heard you pray for someone for healing. I was actually very very afraid. In fact I was so afraid that I am not sure that what I was praying was correct and I was taught to pray very very long prayer. OK and it's very sad. I remember the first I prayed that someone for healing I was praying so I just prayed a very very long prayer and they say amen but annoyingly nothing happened or because I wasn't taught correctly how to pray and what to expect and you pray for someone in healing right and no one actually showed me how to do it. That's why I couldn't I wasn't able to do it but there was one time I went to a meetings I read a lot. How do hearing that was actually opery for us to pray for others on healing. And the apostle taught me that in order to hear my prayers and do simple prayers and always check the person and know whether there is healing in them. And he started to have to story and slowly as I practice more and more to other people. But it's not OK if you do not look more like Jesus now than you were last year. Right. And it's not OK to be a disciple for many years. But still you do not know how to baptize others in water. Holy Spirit. Q The sea cast out demons and create the Ciba. It is not OK if you do not know how to do all these things. That means you asked you not a disciple of Jesus yet because a disciple is supposed to know how to do all these things. As he mentions in the Bible. All right and that's one story in the Bible you can read. One time Jesus actually are the disciples I brought a boy to Jesus who had a demon which you can read in Mark chapter 9 verse 14 to 29. Those who are familiar with the story all right would know that the disciples actually brought the boy who was demon possessed and they could actually cause of the demon. So those of us cannot kill a demon. But what did Jesus do. All right. Did Jesus look at the boy and asked you know what's wrong with the boy right. No we don't do that. We don't do that in a church. I mean we do that in the church. We always say that person is the one that has the problem. Or maybe the sin is this lie that is the problem. Right. You see that been done in church many times. And how in the course or any day we say oh there's some PALAVI disperse or maybe this person has committed a sin. But do we actually see Jesus doing that. No we don't see Jesus doing that. All right. The at the disciples and say the reason you cannot rebuke this demon is because the demon is very strong right. Do you hear that. You know in churches I know I heard it from my pastors before. Oh people very strong you know we have to pray longer pray we had to fast and pray in a way to do more more things you know because he was so strong and that's why they believe our cause. So if you believe it so is so you believe what it will be. All right. Even though he said it's wrong he is wrong. But if you believe he is weak he is weak and he is weak because the Bible says so. And we know the truth. But yet we still say he's wrong. It's kind of strange right. We know that Satan is weak but Jesus is very strong. I want a victory by Yet we still get to say that so much power and credit. That's kind of ironic right. OK. But what did Jesus say. He first all right here he comes out the man with authority and power. He commanded the spirit to go out in the name of his authority. And he just went out and he did not rebuke the boy. He did not rebuke the man rebuked the disciples and the men actually with the unbelief and faith. It was always about the unbelief. And fortunately a lot of us do not have faith in Jesus and we have a lot and I believe that's why we come out so much as Skewes says blame me on the person who is demon possessed. But that's not true. All right. You see Jesus blaming the person who is posed as. No we do not read in the scripture. Why are we doing that right. We need to claim authority we should not blame on things that people have you know and asked him to review or so that things are right. That's the authority in Jesus name and it will be done. Why as what we have read in the Bible. All right. And you can see that the disciples back then it's the same like us. All right. They also make mistakes right before when Jesus was alive and they saw Jesus too. So many miracles found there showing them how to do it. But yet the saddest you have the lack of faith a lot of our faith and I believe there is kind of interesting because this is if they saw Jesus do it and they still cannot do it as they are Hamas more about us. Right. And I believe is because they have lack of practice and lack of faith they are still too many months later. You've written the book. We see that as well. All right. Every one of them were able to rebuke and do exactly what Jesus was doing. They had a lot a lot of confidence. All right as I say we asked Dave how they learn from their mistakes we also learn from ours too. I'm very sure. If you are to go down to someone who is sick today and you pray for them for healing you be very very nervous the first time. I'm very sure because it's your first time and you're not sure what you do in. OK. So that's if you practice more you get easier or easier along the way. You say Avery things. Our biggest challenge we have is a lot of fear. All right we fear that we are not powerful enough. We don't know the scripture enough or maybe we are not qualified enough to do all of the things that I just like say oh I want to be responsible about it. Oh you're not qualified to do that because you have not been ordained or you are trained or you're not qualified to do this and that and that's a lot of fear right from both sides. In fact pastors and hideous and everyone else all there's a lot of fear. All right Bob how is actually not bonus of fear. All right. You see in fact you have more boners than me do believe me. Let me prove it to you. OK. They say maybe it's not praying for say or cause like casting out demons. Let's say we say cooking food. I'm sure those other food are very bold. All right. And I'm sure some of you I spent in cooking. You can cook without looking or thinking. All right. Yes. All right very cool. All right. And I'm sure you know how. You know you. You know why you're able to cook so well. I can give you the answer. The answer is yes but that's because you have special unweighting right in cooking. That's why you can cook so well. Or maybe you are gifted. That's why you can call. You notice we use the same lingo in our church right there. Oh this guy can only heal because he's a doctor. Oh because he is gifted. Right. The reality is actually boldness and freedom comes from experience and practice not for one thing and not from being gifted. Everyone can do what the Bible says because simply they practice and practice and practice until they know how to do it correctly as what you says in the Bible or at confidence comes from experience which comes from doing it many times learning from mistakes I did not learn how to pray for healing for others and to practice many many times. I can tell you that sometimes I pray nothing happens but I can tell you as I practice more and more more and more healings start to take place and it increases my faith and I ask now to teach others just like you how to actually heal others by showing the examples and teaching them how to do it with short prayers. So you see that they on to say this is that everyone can heal. Everyone can baptize a disciple as long as they practice and they practice and learn from their mistakes. And I hope that they will get the opportunities and platforms to do all these things that I mentioned. You see everyone who loves Jesus loves to be used by God. I remember when I first went to Bible school the first year the only thing I was thinking of and I know that I need to do is to preach right. And unfortunately my church has no other way for me to preach. There's no way that a new person will be allowed to preach because the people the pulpit has a very high response rate to a big drop you. So if I feel it will make the Church look bad. Which I can totally understand. Right so I was expecting myself to be able to preach in the church with many members because if I made a mistake it will affect very badly on the church and the sinner. So it's actually a big race when he let you preach because he knows you make mistakes and need to cover all your mistakes. So but how often do actually people have opportunity to preach. You know everyone desires always to preach the word preach the word in all in the thinking that the more I preach the more people will believe in Jesus Christ which is a very very good thing. But not everyone has such profound appreciation. I didn't have any proof on the priest. So what do I do. I actually look for a platform to preach. OK not everyone actually has a free press form called the streets. Yes right so far as good you go no place to preach you can't preach anywhere. Actually you can't preach on the streets you can't preach in a shopping mall. You can pitch in your friend's house or you can preach anywhere. All right there's no excuse not no avail. And this I start that I preach actually on the streets as you preach in my school and my functions are voluntary in all the chapels to preach shame because I don't know how to preach and preach. I have to preach and practice say that I know how to master my skill in preaching. All right. And everyone here today have faith. All right you can use Facebook to preach. That's what I'm doing right now practicing preaching to Facebook. All right. And everyone has Facebook. But why aren't you using Facebook to preach. Are you shy that you are a Christian. I hope not. OK. You have a living room right. You have. You can invite friends to share gospel. That's no excuse. Right you don't need a platform to preach. I saw this two person listening you can preach right you don't need to have a big audience to start with. And it's not even a ideal situation to start in a big audience especially if you are a shy person. All right. I used to be a very shy person and I can tell you imagine if you are a shy person suddenly speak to 50 to 100 people with no experience of how to preach what you feel. Yes of course you will fail miserably because you have no experience whatsoever on how to preach how to do it effectively. Right. But Beth is a preacher. The streets are Facebook living room cell groups is the best place to preach. All right. People with small small places maybe one or two anywhere is the best place to practice preaching right. All the practice and in that we learn from the Bible in small places. Right so with all those flying excuse us for platform to preach there are platforms everywhere available. You just need to find them and be willing to take the risk to learn and practice what you want to learn. All right so I encourage you. All right Google the streets and share the gospel Gunja evangelistic groups go and join cell groups or Enge volunteer to teach in their right use whatever platform that you already have that you have access with. I will recommend you start with Facebook. And I know there are other Facebook breeching. I had questions coming all over the place and I didn't know how to answer at first. And I realized oh wow this is very good practice because now I know what people want to know about the Gospel. So when they answer questions it helps me to gain experience to know what people want to know about the world. And a common question is that they want to know and they actually passed me and how to handle the hot and different difficult questions. Right. That's something you only learn only if you practice it correct. So I hope you enjoy this blessing on this first lesson in the next lesson and try to look ten. All right. I will show you exactly how you can apply this truth that you just learn all right and applying all to become a better disciple. Right. In Jesus Christ I hope to see you in this video very soon. And thank you so much for watching this video so far. May God bless you and we'll show you more in the next hour. About 10. My name is Alvin. Thanks for watching and I'll see you again very soon. In the next video.