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English So Target Audience. The first step that you have to make before doing anything you have to know who is the people that are going to use our product. Right. We talked about in the previous lecture. So there are two important question here that you must have answer for them. Who exactly are your customers and what problem are you going to solve for them. Right. If you dont have any answer for these two questions here. Whatever you are going to do is going to waste. OK. You are not going to get your goals. This is important, so pay attention. The second question, how will your product or service will have some advantage over the other products that is out there in the market, OK? whatever you want to do in most cases there are hundreds of other companies or other people doing exactly the same thing. Creating the same product. So how you can different your product from your competitors and give more benefit to your customers. OK. So these are the two important questions which you must have answer for that. Right. So to make it easier for you I have created a template and an example for that. So you can come here, click on target audience template and the example. So here is the form. You can come here, first of all you cannot edit this form as you can see right now here what you have to do. I wrote it down at the top here. You have to come here. Click on file, click on make a copy, then you will create a copy just for yourself and then you can edit it. You can write whatever you want in it, you can add more questions, etc and make it bigger for you. So everything looks a bit more clear. So who is your customer ? There are some questions some common questions that I wrote for you here. Depending on the type of your business, depending on the type of your product, you may add more questions to it. Okay, this is on you, you have to think about it. So the first thing, the Age range, the Gender may be both gender are going to use your product. But one of them is going to use it more. Right. So focus on. For example, my product in my course here maybe people from age 16 till age 50 used this course Right, but not all of them is my target audience. In this age range there is a range that most of my students are from that part, Alright. So what we are going to do here? We are going to focus on those people that this course is built for exactly Alright. So the next thing is location. Maybe your business is local or you have a product that you only sell in an area or in the city or in a country specifically right. So this is about that. The niche of your target audience if they are married, if they have children, etc. You can go through the questions, right and after that, we have the second question which is about areas that your product is better than your competitors and under it, as you can see we have several questions for example, product or service description. What is it and what are the main advantages? What will you improve in your product comparing to your competitor? So here what you have to do? It is very important there are some small tips here that if you pay attention, it will grower business crazy, right. I do it all the time but I want to create a product before I do that or when I want to improve a product before I do that I will go out there and study all the other products from my competitors. Almost all of them whatever I can get my hands on. Alright. So I will study them. I will find their weaknesses and in my own product then I have the chance to improve them, right. So you can answer this question as to pricing advantage, delivery advantage and again depending on your the type of your product and the type of your business you can add more questions. Alright. So also you can click here to go to the example. Let's take a look at the example that they have here. For example, my product is this digital marketing course. So the Age range Target that is between 24 until 34 and also there are some other ways that can gather instead of thinking just yourself. I will show you in a second. The next one is male, the location is for example mostly, the United States and the United Kingdom. Niche is digital marketing. Married no, children no. What are they trying to do: create an online business, grow their audiences and start their own online sales. All right. So this is what my students or my target audience are struggling with and this is what I'm going to help them with. All right. So when you know this stuff as you go along in your business what you're doing everything gets a little bit simpler. Right. Specific problems that you can help them with. Now let's go deep in it. Where to start I can help them to understand where to start, how to create a successful Web site, how to do online marketing, how to convince people to become their customers and so on. Right. What are the places they spend time their time to find answers. OK, where My target audience will go to find the answer for their problem. Google Search, Udemy, YouTube, Facebook, Ouora, Instagram and so on. Right. So what. What is my job here. I have to go in each of these places and just stand there in the middle of the road and when they're just going. I will be there and I will grab their attention. For example, when I created my website, I would bring it in the search result. So when they search for... Let's say digital marketing course on that first page they may see me, right. They would click on my link, on the link of my website they will see my course and then they will jump into the course, they will buy it. They will become a customer, right. The same will go for the other part. So what you should do right now to sit down, think a little bit and try to come up with the right answers for your business. And also there are some other places that you can go for. For example, Let's say you already have an Instagram or Facebook for your business. Let's say you want to. I had a student, he contacted me, he was selling leather bags on Instagram, alright. So let's say... you have a business like this. You already created a page for that, right. He can simply go to your Instagram and if your Instagram page is a business page, instagram will give you some analytics, write about your page, write about what you are doing on Instagram. So when you come to these analytics I will show you in a second. So... Let's click on audience here. Just a second ... as you can see for example: this is the age range here and the second one, right and the most age range that I have here is from 18 to 34. Right. As you can see here it is clear I am not sure. Right. So what I can do I can come here and change this to 18. OK. Why it didn't change, right. 18 to 34 according to the analytics that I have on my Instagram. So there are a lot of places that you can gather these information. Let's say someone else is doing exactly what you want to do. Right. You can go to their business if it is local, if it is online, you can go to their business analyze what they are doing find their customers take a look at them or who they are. For example, in some places people write reviews, right from those reviews you can find them who these guys are where they live, how they like, what they like, what they don't like. Right. So this way you can gather more information about your customers. Next areas that your product is going to be better. So for me first of all what is my description of my product. Digital marketing course that covers most of online marketing topics with depth and details. Right. So this is a description of my product. What are the main advantages: valuable information that bring real results in the real work. Right. So not all of the courses out there can do this because some people learn these just in theory and I learnt it by experience so I know what you should do to get resolved. The next one over 36 hours of content, up to date information and fast support. This kind of stuff. What will you improve in your product comparing to competitors. So before I created each of the sections, for example, Instagram marketing, Facebook Marketing, SEO, Marketing strategies and WordPress website ... before I start recording, building each of these sections I went out there for each of these topics I bought, I don't know, something around 10 to 15 courses, I listened to all of them. I found their mistakes. I found some of them had some good advantages. I brought those good advantages into my product and use them right. So you can do the same to be able to answer this question sharing more strategy information that immediately change people's business. Right. High quality video and audio is one of the huge problems that my other competitors had which I tried to fix. More engaging delivery again I tried to fix this one. It made my work much much harder. But for example, as you will go along the course you will always see me in every single lecture. Right. That is how I'm trying to make the delivery more engaging, right and there are a lot of other strategies that later along the course you may learn them, right. Pricing advantage: cheaper for more valuable data, refundable. Delivery advantage: available anytime in any learning platforms. So right, this is an example of my target audience list so you can right now you can come to this page open this and don't forget create. Click on file, create a copy for yourself and just try to think about it to come up with the good answers for your list here and also try to use some other. For example, if you have an Instagram, if you have Facebook, if you have a website you can use google analytics and to analyze it and so on. Right. So that was all for this lecture on the next part. We are going to learn more about the second step which is market research. So if you're ready let's go for the next.