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English In this section we are going to talk and elaborate on email marketing. First of all I want to introduce two main factors that you have to take into consideration whenever you create an e-mail campaign. A/B testing I have mentioned before that testing is key to any digital marketing campaign and this is still valid for emails. Some of the things that you can test include newsletters and even cold emails. You can basically test anything but it is very important that you adapt your A/B testing to your goals. Then you will have to focus on lead nurturing in this way you can provide useful content through your e-mails to your subscribers. Some of the ways in which you can do Lead Nurturing is by offering via emails webinars e-books Guides offers consultations free trials and case studies that they might find useful next. In today's era you have to adapt every material and content that you create to mobile phones. And this is why when it comes to creating an email layout you have to consider some aspects and I'm just going to go through some of the most important ones. First of all your call to action known CTA should be placed above the fold because it is much easier for subscribers to click on it. And this is also one of the reasons why on mobiles CTAs should be at least 24 by 44 pixels in size since mobile phones' screens are much smaller and you as a user of a mobile phone might find it harder to click on a button. Also you can think about the amount of line breaks you need. The more whitespace there is the easier it is for people to click on them and to read something and scan through your content. Also for mobile newsletters you require a font that is at least 14 pixels so that it is easy to look at and read. And also you could consider the fact that you should place your navigation in the footer just so a user would just skip your newsletter because there is too much navigation at the top. And finally one of the most important parts of newsletter creation is promotion. For any content, it is not only important to create your content but to actually be able to promote it. Some other ways in which you can promote the fact that you have a very educational newsletter. is through your website, another email or through a direct email, through social media, blog posts, events videos and even photos. Some of the best practices of email marketing include emailing regularly breaking down the content into different paragraphs just so it's easier to scan. Placing the most important ideas in your first part of the email's text so that users are able to grasp the main ideas from the very beginning and to know whether that entire email will be useful for them. You shouldn't use short links because there are just spammy and users might not have any trust in them. You can use both images and text for a more appealing layout. You should never use repetitive subject lines meaning that if you send regular emails with the same subject line users might find that either spammy or boring. However you can if you have for example a section if you post weekly podcasts. You can use part of the same subject line whenever you send an email including that podcast keep in mind that open rates are affected by subject. When you send the email so you have to consider the time and the day when it is best to send an email preview text What shows right below the subject and the number of e-mails sent. Some people don't trust companies that send too often or that send once every year. So you have to test and find when and how it is best to send your e-mails. Another tip that you may not know about is the fact that you should look at bounces. So when your content does not perform as well as you had expected it and you should take a look at whether those bounces come from the same source from the same form or from the same list or conversion type. And if they do have something in common it is a sign that you should change something in that part your email marketing technique, another thing that you should know is that you should never give up on content that did not engage just yet, try to make them re-engage and get them to finally get to open your e-mails again. It is very important to know that any person who has once subscribed did manifest some kind of interest for your company and you might find something that you can provide and useful for them. Also you should consider the fact that you can promote e-mails outside of their zone. So after you have sent an e-mail you can also take that layour and place it in an email directory in a blog post or in a video so that you showcase the content that you have to people who might have not subscribed yet. Some of the e-mail content ideas that I would recommend for you to place in your email marketing campaigns if you are lacking ideas include experimenting with form. You can send one email that's short, one that's like medium length or one that's long in content because it will allow your lost to choose the exact information that they need. Also my email is you can offer exclusive contests that you will not be able to find anywhere else other than the email list and this is also a perfect chance for you to promote your e-mail newsletters outside. For example you can go on social media and post about the fact that you have a contest in your newsletters and they might just subscribed to your newsletter. You can also use surveys and get valuable data from that or some other email content ideas when you just don't know what to send include a CEO welcome email pre-orders. So allowing subscribers to pre-order a product early access to a service installing the product so if they have subscribed and shown interest in a product they might have forgotten or didn't find the actual download button and you can guide them to where they can download it. The next step after starting to use this service, a log in if perhaps have they have signed up but haven't logged in yet benefit. upgrades, saying thanks - that's just a very simple way of getting in touch with your subsribers and thanking them for being a part of your community and even product updates. Also as I have mentioned you can send reengagement emails which include either celebrating birthdays offering discounts choosing your own newsletter. And by this I mean that you send an email by which you will allow your users to choose what they want to receive. For example if you sell clothes you can send an email from where they can choose whether they want you receive newsletters regarding men's clothing or women's clothing. Also you can send re-engagement emails to offer help with further steps in installing software for example you can suggest some ideas on how to use your product. You can let them know about a new inventory. Offer advice. Let them reorder what they have already ordered. For example they might have bought some biscuits from you and this is just a very simple example. But if they have once brought something that is perishable you can help them buy that again. And also you can send educational content or testimonials to make them believe in your brand again. Also what you must remember is that emails are not just promotional. Whenever you write an email campaign you should sound personal and avoid as much as you can sales related language. Some of the ideas that you can include in your content via emails include showing your top content for example your most popular blog post including contests, forms downloads and with downloads It is a bit trickier because you cannot include the exact link to a download. You have to first send them to a landing page just so you do not get considered to be spam. Then you can also include deals, conference invitations event registration and all of these can be exclusive and exclusive content is what today's audience is looking for. Then you can also include blog post tips tutorials industry news events facts reviews offers photos contests, resources company updates, awards volunteer projects infographics recipes testimonials webinars or videos. For the reputation of your brand in order to make sure that your email campaigns will still be successful in the future. You have to take into consideration the fact that you should avoid at all costs being considered spam and being reported. It is very easy for users to report you as spam so you should just make sure that you do nothing that will determine them to do this. In general unless you are testing the size of your content you should keep it short even if your content's form is long the ideas should be short brief and clear then you can optimize photos to decrease the size of the email, use spam scoring tools handle complaints seriously don't send emails too often. Get the correct data about users in the sense that it'll be a bit shady if you send women's clothing related newsletters to men. Also you should never urge users to buy what they have already bought. You can only recommend that they do this but never force them in any way. Then you can improve the design of your layout so that your templates are much more user-friendly and attractive. You should never scare people with too much personalization If you show them that you know too much about them. They might just unsubscribe or report you for having too much data about them. Then always check your spam complaint rate. And I believe that many email marketers do not do this although it is very important. And then use videos image carefully accordingly and with proper attribution. Another part of email marketing that is not often talked about are internal newsletters. Basically, internal newsletters are what you as a marketer or as a person in charge of internal objects on communication can send to everyone in the company. So internal newsletters almost never go public and they can include anything from service and product updates employee benefits, competitor updates, trainings. Industry news job vacancies. Leadership changes. Messages from the CEO. Content created by employees celebrations employees spotlight and survey results. You should note that all of these can be tested by A/B testing just like any other newsletter. But today maybe some companies instead of internal newsletters prefer to use just communication tools and that is where most updates are presented. Some tips regarding email marketing include focusing on timing and scannability. So when it is best to send an email and how you should structure it so that it is easy to you. And again, in this case, you can employ the use of white space avoiding big chunks text in emails and the subject line should tease the most important part of the body of the newsletter. So the subject line should be in accordance with what you have written just so the user is not fooled into believing that the email is about something else. This can result in you getting a report as being spam. And then you will have to use mobile-friendly templates. And again as I have mentioned CTAs above the fold navigation in footer line breaks. And as I said long links so that the user knows on what he is clicking. Then you can adapt the sender address to the purpose of the email. For example you can send customer support emails from an email address that includes that specific word of support in all emails. It is important to link to reputable sites and not to anything that is shady and can damage your brand's identity. Also you can add email subscription links to a brochure and everywhere where you think somebody will see it and they might just be interested in subscribing to your newsletter. Also even though we're talking about email you can add alternative tags to images and even captions. Just because some email clients did not show any images and especially background images. So this is a quick solution to show what an image is about. Even if you do not really see it. And also you can use email to send reminders 30 days before an event the day before an event and thank yous after So whenever you have an event you can employ the use of email to let users and your future audience know about the event and make sure that they do not forget about it. In my opinion the most important part of marketing is segmentation because this allows you to send the right content to the right people and you can create a separate list for customers and leads according to their interests. And then use custom subject lines for each segment. Some suggestion of segmentation include everyone who has been reading your blog in the last 90 days who has opened an email from you who has visited your pricing page. Contacts who have bounced or who have not opened an email in the last month and so on. You can create a segment based on your goals and any data that you want to get. Also you can create different segments for each stage of the buyer's journey that we have previously talked about. Then you can create personal conversations by using that person's name interests location behavior content. You may want to target just your members of the list that are located in a certain location and this is the perfect thing to do and you can create multiple e-mail and list categories. It doesn't have to be just one or two you can create as many as you want and it is recommended that you create email lists with one single goal and that you aim to get customers input. Through this segmentation method because in this way you will be able to further improve your email marketing in the future. A rather controversial part of marketing is even today automation and automation is present even in emails. What this refers to is that you can create yourself a workflow and an email service provider will send the specific e-mails that you create in a set order after a user has completed an action and some of the trigger events that lead to an automated e-mail can include cart abandonment. upcoming product asking for feedback training events or post signup birthday celebration suggestions ends of trials being inactive items added to wishlist viewed collections challenges comments videos watched or people followed and the way in which trigger event works is that is if, for example, your trial has ended. You will receive an email that will prompt you to further buy that product and use it for a specific sum of money. When it comes to automation and in general you can allow users to choose the content that they want to receive. So you can let them choose short, maybe just simple links mid-content maybe more than just the link and you can add some other type of media or long content and email that could include the full article or so on. Then we can also talk about behavioral email and this is similar to automated emails. Let's say that a user's subscription expires you can send them an email asking them to renew their subscription and so other types of emails like this that you can send include to offer a beginner's discount to welcome them offer free offers new content tailored to the recipients, location related content a weekly financial summary a daily summary , today's top mentions, educational content congratulate them for achieving something using your product to offer rewards coupons and recommendations like for any part of marketing and it is important to analyze the data that you have obtained by sending your emails and some of the things that you can measure via emails Include click-through rate, clicks, forwards and the reason why forwards are important to measure is because If user A sends an email to user B, user B might also go through some of the steps that you require of your email. He might click on a link subscribe to your newsletter. Follow you on social media and so on. Then you can also track comments, views, likes tweets share, sales and unsubscribe. And if you take a look at all the these you'll see that each has its own importance in the development of your strategy. For example if a user shares your content, the person who sees that share on social media might again subscribe to your newsletter. Use your product and so on when you can find through all of these Some of the sources of your leads. Some of the reasons why they like your content why the bounce and so on. Finally one last thing that is important whenever you do email marketing you have to take into consideration the fact that you can practice E-mail influencer outreach. This is basically direct emailing and the fact that you can get directly in content with an influencer or with someone who can promote your business. Some of the best practices when you do this include adding the recipient's name to the body of the email creating personal pitches, validating yourself by referring to posts where you have found out that person to names to explain how you found that post Maybe through a conference, contacts, online communities blogs and so on. Then you have to offer a clear description of what you can offer to them and if they have a problem you can offer solutions. Then you should always follow up even if they do not answer to your email. However it is important that if they refuse to answer your email twice you do not follow up after because that is just intrusive and spammy. Then you can use email influencer outreach to request to guest posts and remember to keep these pitches short. Maybe less than 200 words but you can test this. Then you have to reference your buyer, your influencer, the person who is opposite to you twice as much as yourself. Make the pitch not about yourself but about what you can offer and how you can help the other person and it is important that you mention Name, asking a question including an easy call to action focusing on goals and getting inquiries Because it is very important to offer via these pitches Something that will trigger the attention and the curiosity of the other person. Also you should never mention things that are seen as personal suggest setting up a meeting. Then you have to write in lower case and this is just common for any kind of marketing activity that you have. Uppercase is seen as aggressive. Some of the ideas for a subject line that will attract the influencer's attention include writing something like Thanks for mentioning or Thank you for sharing our content. Because in this way the influencer can see how you got to them and that they have interacted in some way with you before and it is very important that you add the link to that interaction just because they might have forgotten about it. Or maybe you are reaching out to a member of a company but he's not directly responsible for writing that content that you have seen online. And he may not know what you're talking about. And also a way you can catch those influencers is by mentioning them in your own posts whether it is a blog post or just a social media post and you can also ask for shares and posts back to those articles. And now I just want to remind you that you should take a look at all of the external resources that I give you and I hope that you can successfully complete the assignments that I provide for you. So good luck with that and see you in the next section.