Why invest in Youtube for direct response campaigns

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Digital Marketing on YouTube—Complete Advertising Strategy

How to run profitable ppc advertising on YouTube with Google Ads (AdWords) — drive more sales & traffic with video ads!

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  • How to target your ideal customers on YouTube and the NUMBER ONE targeting strategy to get started with (it’s also the easiest and usually produces the best ROI)
  • How to structure high converting video ads that keep people watching and make them TAKE ACTION (Hint: there are 4 components that you MUST get right if you want to have any chance of success)
  • Understand proper campaign strategy and setup in Google Ads (AdWords) so you can have complete control over all aspects of your ads (targeting, budget, bid, etc)
  • How to optimize your campaigns like the pros so you can maximize your results, get more efficient with your budget and SCALE YOUR ADS to as many potential customers as you can handle
  • Discover a little known method for creating LASER FOCUSED LISTS OF VIDEOS that your ideal customers are currently watching so you can run your ads directly to them — it doesn’t get more targeted than this!
  • Learn what video metrics you should be monitoring so you can efficiently move budget to your most effective campaigns and DRIVE BETTER PERFORMANCE
  • Save time and money by avoiding common pitfalls — we’ve made all the mistakes so you don’t have to
  • How to leverage retargeting so you can continually engage your audiences and move them down the path to conversion
  • And much more!
English [Auto] Now let's go into why you should invest your marketing dollars and advertise and advertise on YouTube straightforward. YouTube is booming. It's blowing up the overall scale. YouTube is absolutely massive. There are one point nine billion active monthly users from around the world that use YouTube. There are five billion different videos and people consume about 40 minutes a day on the channel. The other main thing is that the metrics are easily tracked and they're well established because YouTube is owned by Google. It plays really well at the AdWords metrics and that or why. The other main reasons why you shouldn't invest in YouTube is its ability to drive brand awareness while still being direct response orientated. You want to be top of mind with your customers when they're actively searching for your products or your competitors products. So you can show your dad on videos when people are looking for reviews comparisons competitors DIY How do guides etc. for both your business industry etc.. That is the perfect place where you can show why they should turn to your company for x y z product or service. The other main thing is that studies have shown that people limit the ads that they saw on YouTube influenced their buying decision. There are many ways that are not easily measurable that we know that YouTube and video provide a lot of these people says that view through conversions which to some people are for and against. But we know that there is value there that may not be as clearly seen as some of the DRM metrics that we're going to cover but know that there are some of these unmeasurable takeaways that you can then tell your boss Facebook is the other main video platform that we advertise on on you to me. I must share a few quick stats on comparing YouTube's performance and common cost metrics to Facebook styling and cosmetics. Obviously these numbers are you Timmy's and your numbers may not be exactly right the same but hopefully they're mostly in line so you to me we have seen 76 percent lower cost per views than Facebook. So that means that we're getting cheaper prices to get people to view the same amount of our video on these different platforms. Also we've seen 70 percent 3 percent lower CPC is on YouTube compared to Facebook. So not only is it cheaper to get people to view our ad but it's also cheaper to get people to click through the ad to come to the website and see more about the product or service that we have they're offering was he will do click through we see a 50 percent higher conversion rate. Yes that's right 50 percent because people are so qualified on YouTube by the videos that they're watching and how targeted you can be. We see you will convert at a 50 percent higher rate which is an amazing thing. It's almost on par with search. So now to go until a little bit more detail about how this course is organized. Well we just wanted the introduction. The next thing that we're going to cover is what makes a great YouTube video after that we're going to talk into some of the basic differences and understand how YouTube and arteries Mingo and some of the metrics that you can see from search versus video and what crosses and what does not in the middle of the course. We'll talk more about the targeting strategy and the campaign set of strategy. After that we'll talk about monitoring and optimizing your campaign so you can continue to scale over time and finally will conclude with common pitfalls. Frequently asked questions as well as a conclusion. On top of that we do have one bonus section which we'll cover later. It's about remarketing but it's going to be a great thing to learn for our future courses that we will cover. We'll go into more detail about how to use retargeting less.