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English Hey welcome to this section. This section is so important so powerful, as you know everything in search. Google search social media search is changing. But what's the more important is to understand the process of Google rank brain optimization. It's so important for you it can boost your ratings so much but people they get often confused they ask about the Meta the keywords or about different stages in your SEO. But one of the key golden sources to reach great results is understanding will go rank great how you can cover your positions how you can get much better empowerment directly from Google and this is the understanding of who rank brain understanding. These dwell time click through rate meta description. Putting it together understanding the power of correct content and this can help you so great. So please do not underestimate the the section because just understanding the Google rank brain can change everything in your life and in your SEO. So please be sure to dive into it and apply these strategies because this is defined when you can go from the second page to the first page. This is your following when you can get from a position into the first position to get all the majority of traffic. So be sure to understand this because this can help you greatly.