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English Hi everybody. Thanks for stopping by. ........ it doesn't matter if you have the DJI Phantom medic medic boat medic or medic Mini. Because the platform of DJI is always the same. If you are absolute a beginner of flying with drone you need to listen up. This video from start to the end. In the beginning you will be scared to press the start button of your drone. But no worries. That's super easy because the DJI app is always following your steps and helping you to always fly back to your home. So here we go. First thing for us. grab your drone We have a fully charged battery. And we are going to take our arms and flip them out and we are going take over plastic cover and also to claim that holds it on. Always make sure that your SD card is in because always I am flying in the sky anyway I would like to start recording the systems warning me that there is no aS card. So you need to fly back home because without card you can just exploring the world but without any footage. So just put it in. Yep our drone is running now. Take a look on our Controller. Also make sure it's fully charged. You just need to spread out little arms out and also take our antennas out. You can use your iPhone for live view but if you want have better enjoyment. You can also use your iPod or any kind of tablets but you it. I'm using my iPhone because it's much more easier and easier to just need to block your cable to the controller and another and your smartphone in both of these instances you just press twice your mother about them once quickly and then hold it a second time and then you see that device build up when you power on your roll you will see the props all kind of move just a little bit and also you will see the nimble move and just kind of finding its center so no worries it's normal. Your drawing is not psycho when the controller contains with drones you will see ATT the mode turns on and off after that is says it ready to go and you are able to fly but we need to have the DJI application which is called DJI go for it's the same ad it to be use for our DJI or small mobile. OK so now everything is on and we are connected in I go app and we see an image which is really important. We want to make sure that we see an image if not we are going to do our calibration which is great easy because you just need to follow the steps it should open it up automatically. But if not you need. You just need to click on ready to go in the left side and now it will open the screen again. So from here you can see the first option down. It actually has compass. And there you can see calibrate just click on it. Press OK then you just pick up your drone. Hold it about four feet away from you and spin around yourself. And now we can see that in the app it's changed to where to go. So then from there you can turn your drone vertically like this and again spin around spin around Sometimes it is not working. No worries. Just try to do it again and it works all right. Now you can see so many things and icons here but no worries. I am using my drone professional in a few years and I am using just 20 percent of this icons so I will show you this basic setting. I think that you will never need the rest. So first things first. What we need is video resolution over there in lower right. You will see a little sliders along the playback button all the way. But -- right I'm going to click on this two little sliders in icon and you will see our ISO and our shutter speed. If you are a beginner you can just click on ultimate and after that you are not able to move into a cellphone shutter because now you are in ultimate settings if you want bigger. Just click on it. But if you are not you can set it on your own. Always try to ISO one hundred or two three four hundred and the minimum shutter speed is 50 never go lower but you can go up. All right. I did like this. It's great. You can see it easy. But if you don't want to do this just click on the. Next thing we need to do is the right balance. You can set it day sunny incandescent neon or custom usually. I'm using sunny or outdoor. So the best way is to. Now the video sites always try to shoot for game 24 25 frames per second because I just like that look and it's forking it's the best style OK rock because then in Premier Pro you can make so beautiful. Great. But it's up to you if you don't want to go to great it just click on the moment. Let's get on the last step in the settings and you we have histogram overexposed video caption grid center points and so on and click on grid. It was this one then click on some typos with this one. And also here two really important thing which is formatting a card. I'm always trying to pick up the old videos photos that I made after the flight and also when I would like to go to the sky I just click on it for a month. I can't. All right. So everything is ready. So here we go. This guy if you wanted to takeoff you can use this button here. Take off but I don't use it. I am going to do my let's dumb down. All right and my right left and we need to do it together and then up left joystick which is to raise the drone up and dare we are we are hovering now. So. So it is that simple. And if you wanted to land. All we have to do. Just again put a joystick down and wait for it when it's landing sequence and hold it until it stops. All right. Now we are hovering. So if you would like go more to the sky. Just use the left stick and press it up the eye in the sky or you can down press the left stick. Let's take down no worries if you would like just enjoy do you need to worry about the controller and you don't need to press anything because it's towering and nothing can happened if you'd like to spin it around. Or if you would like to change your territory. Use the left stick and press it to the left or to the right. Easy. So this is the left side of a controller. Now we are on the right side. If you pressed the right stick up your drone is going forward. And if you press it down drone it's going angle and left to go to the left and right. You go to the right. It's very easy. And now if you feel that your drummer is too far, no way, it can always find you because here you have a button which is called Home button. If you press it, you can go on to drink and your drone is gonna be back in a minute. But we will stay in the air for a couple of minutes. If you would like to start recording at first you just need to click on the screen and it will automatically focus on the subject in the center or up or down whatever you want. Then you can click on the screen caught or you can click on the screen here in upper left on the controller. You can start recording and also you can stop recording here and on the right side we have button for taking pictures. So if you like this you just click on the button. And here you go and it's almost done. We have here do last but if you want to come are looking down you use this style this style of right here. The [\pitch down or up your camera so it can make nice views. If you are a beginner you just need to practice practice practice. But first just try to go only one way forward backward left right or up and down. If you're going to be good with that and you're going to feel comfortable you can start mixed ways and become better and better and better. So this is it. I hope that you love it because this episode a different style a few. And also of video. So practice guys and see you in another video.