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English [Auto] To create an ad on Facebook the first thing you need to understand is the different objectives you can choose when you run the ads on Facebook. The good news is if you have followed through the previews strategies section of this course all of these won't surprise you at all. Again this is why you need to clearly define your marketing actives and strategy beforehand. You will see soon later this section once you decide to create an ad on Facebook. The first thing you're asked to choose is an objective Facebook has grouped all the possible advertising objectives into three simple buckets. We're in this consideration and conversion. Sounds familiar huh. Yes. So these are precisely the customer decision during these steps we have discussed in the previous section and based on your focus across each of these trade stages you can choose individual ad objectives that best serve your broader business goals. So for example if you are to increase awareness of your business. You can choose to boost your post promote your page or reach people near your business. Also if you want to influence more people to consider you you can choose to get installs of your app here or if you want to drive sales directly from your ads. You should choose among the conversion objectives such as increased conversions on your Web site to help your understanding. Let's again look at actual ad examples from some of the most widely used ad objectives two of the most commonly used objectives are maybe Web site conversions and click to Web sites. These ads are designed to help you drive specific actions like visits or purchases on your website. You can use and install ads to let more people actually install your app on their mobile as well. Not the call to action button here which will directly drive people to the app install page with a single click. Brand the and the sets can be good. If you want to use Facebook ads for more brand related objectives such as increasing awareness positive sentiment or consideration preference. And of course you can use different formats like this carousel if you want more engaging ads you can also provide an offer when offered cleanings ads. This is a great way to drive direct response from your audience that is at the later stage of their purchase decision. During the also you can promote free events using this event responses. If you have any upcoming event as you can tell the card here is specifically designed to highlight events and details like dates and RSVP now as you have seen in this lecture. Facebook does a really nice job of providing different types depending on your objectives. So make sure you choose the right objective for your business needs.