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English [Auto] Know that we know the importance of one day and do all digital marketing campaign we need to clear up on time and the dome's of things first but not beyond the content. Second format them the content. And of course the content of the content some of the most used banalities in digital campaigns are humorous emotional and fun. And the format that we need to choose are getting from our articles and blogs images and videos. I'm just finalizing our content strategy. We need to look at the audience. I would say its final. Our marketing time is to finalize the content tonality and format to go through the same examples here again. Business One is life insurance. This is a serious burden on the potential buyer is looking to safeguard his or her family's interest in case of any unforeseen event. So look on bank Doorn needs to be very very emotional and. We need to create content that is formal and creates a strong ethical image of our brand in consumers. Since the biggest risk in this product for the customer is nonpayment in case of a mis happening. We need to make a strong connection with the audience so that they invest in another relationship with us within their families future lies in our hands after they are gone. It is generally easier to create an emotional story line to really work on day. So that would be me. Google on for my care. In addition a number of articles can be written to provide information to the potential buyers so that they know what brand you can also focus on the customer testimonials especially coming in from the families. Many have bailed out as business book of the fashion designer. This is a product that is marked spontaneously in a completely unplanned manner depend on the vendor the products the consumer normally the potential buyers will not want to be bored. A lot of time and content here should ignore the content to be flashy which is the use of a bench in CDs of images in a picture. The article and the references to fashion in places like movie actors or well-known fashion designers would improve the chances of going to go ahead. Now I think the exercise in next section for planning the garden format and tonalities for your business before jumping in the next lecture. Thank you.