Step #1: Power of First Impressions

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English [Auto] So let's start with the very first one. The power of first impressions. So first impressions I already talks about are so important but I want to drive an exercise home right now before we continue on your hand or on paper. I want you to think about what our three words to describe your digital first impression. So look at your Linked In profile if you pull up your Facebook profile you're linked in probably your dating profile your Instagram even your to your or any of your online dating apps if you have any tinder. You have it in head. So pull that app up pull that profile up and I want you to take a very quick hard look at it. What are the first three words that pop into your head. If you had to describe yourself as a human being or as a corporate brand what are the three words that would come up. We are pretty good at assessing our first impression and I think that's really important before we change your online assets to figure out where you are now. So want are right those three words down somewhere. We're going to compare them in a second. Research has shown from the behavior and Information Technology Institute that online you have 50 milliseconds 50 milliseconds. I mean that's we can't even comprehend how fast that is. In fact we've made a first impression before we even realize that we're making a first impression right. It's already done and gone. Why this is important is because people decide if they like you if they trust you and if they want to know you in their first split second those first three words that popped into your head that's what you want to control with someone else. I want to do a quick example here. So pull up this Web site. What are the first three words that pop into your head. When I look at this website you can put them in the chat if you want put them in the forums the first three words what is this web first impression. So we actually did this and we found that these are the most common words that people think of when they see this. Are you ready. See if they match yours. Cool. Happy fast. I think good at this tire company would love that. Those are their three words cool happy and fast. And these are the most common ones I wonder if any of them were the same for you. Why. Why is it that this Web site this little snapshot of this Web site brought up those three words for the majority of people those with the most common adjectives that people came up with and we're going to talk about why later and I'm going to give you a couple of hints. First color. Notice the use of black yellow and white yellow is a very happy color. One of the reasons why we use yellow is signs. People we like to keep that kind of happy fresh look fast. Obviously we're seeing tons of tires. And if you'll notice the lines on this page are slanted as if the whole page is leaning forward. Right. That gives you the impression there is forward movement cool. This is they're lucky they got cool. Right like that's a really hard one to nail. I think it has something to do with the fact these pictures show little brief snippets of cool scenes and cool scenarios one looks like kind of like an urban building one looks like you're on a desert kind of a rocky road on the side of a mountain top. And then one looks like they're out on the on a lake or on or on a river. So you get these really these three interesting words how this one blush bridal lounge three words really quickly what are the first three words that pop in your head. Don't even overthink them. You want to see the ones that were most commonly see if they match yours. Elegant sweet vintage so totally different kind of has happened when we just saw. And I think that blush right allows you to also be quite pleased with these three words because obviously there are bridal gowns they sell bridal gowns and accessories. So elegant. I think that elegant also comes a little bit because we see the the the pink perhaps also because it's such a graphic image sweet. We see those little birds and also hearts typically bring that sweetness and vintage something about this brings breeds that that feeling of vintage It could be the kind of font that they're using. Jeremy also just submitted a question on our discussion forums. Thank you Jeremy. He said What is the best background for each common situation like Facebook your resume Web site bio. Is it trees is a monument. Is it a solid color or is it a wall. Great question. So let's look at these three examples of how they use backgrounds I think backgrounds are incredibly important because they literally set the stage. So I'm actually going to going to wait to specifically address that question. When you get to the section that we talk about colors and we talk about movement So specifically I want to wait and see that while we're doing these you can see how they've used background to try to influence their first impression. One more. What's the first three words you think of when you look at this Web site freelance portfolio emotions by Mike. What do you think comes up right here the most common ones that came up for this fresh Corky. Right. Did you get any. Did you guys match. So I think the reason why these came up green is the background so Jeremy notice how freelance emotions by Mike use green as the background that is a very fresh color which we're going to learn. You also see these kind of interesting position of legs and it's not a sexy picture right there pictures of legs but it's not a sexy picture of like it's a funky funky quirky picture of legs. Lots of different colors and a kind of interesting foot position right. Peter pointed inwards which is a very quirky way to stand. So I've met while people think of quirky when I look at this page and also right and has to do with the lighting and the white of the font and the clean ness of the font. So now that we've done those three examples I want you to think about the next question and this is the second column in your chart what is your ideal digital first impression. So there should be a difference here a little bit in what is your current first impression and what is the ideal first impression. I want you to think of three words to define what you wish people would think of when they first come on your page. What words do you hope will pop into their head. Is it charismatic warm funny quirky clever witty fresh. It's really important to look at both of those columns and see where you are now and where you want to go because today is going to be all about aligning those two making sure that your current first impression and your ideal first impression is one in the same and how to do that purposefully.