What Is Communication?

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In this lesson we explore the depths of communication and look at exactly what communication is!

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Difficult Conversations: Master Difficult Conversations

Difficult Conversations: Master Difficult Conversations, Communication Styles, Power Of Silence, How To be Persuasive

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  • Have the courage, the tools and insight to have difficult conversations
English [Auto] Difficult conversations start with communication. We need to understand what is communication communication according to Aristotle consists of three parts ethos pathos and logos. Ethos is why should I listen to you. It really has to do with you as an individual and your credibility. Pathos Why should I care what you say. It's the emotional connection in that piece of communication that you're looking for. Logo's logo's is about your sense of reason. The logic in what you're trying to communicate the logic in the message that you're given. So it's about your credibility. Why should I listen to you. Your emotional connection. Why should I care. And your sense of reason the logic that you're going to bring to the discussion when you're about to have a difficult conversation or any conversation at all. You want to think about those three elements to get you started.