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Learn how to register as a free Apple Developer so you can get access to beta builds and more

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English Hey What's up everybody. Mark Frizer at devs loves dot com. And today in this exciting video we are going to register as an apple developer. So pull in a browser and go to developer dot apple dot com. Now you're probably wondering do I need to pay money to be an apple developer. The. They answer that question is No. It's absolutely free. However if you want to distribute apps to the app store you must pay the developer fee which is currently ninety nine dollars per year. But right now we're just going to create a free account. So what we're going to do is develop. Yeah you like all these cool pretty videos and all this good stuff. You should be familiar with this web page. OK. You're going to come here often. Got a bunch of cool different things from guides to view the API reference to view sample code. OK. You can go into all kinds of good stuff here. All right. But in order to download files and stuff if we go back over here to like so says Bayda X code 8. All right. We could download. It's going to ask us to sign in. We can't download it unless we are registered as an apple developer because as an apple developer you have to sign agreements you know agree not to break their policies and things like that. So let's go ahead and create a new account create an Apple ID first you can use your regular Apple I.D. to create a developer account. And so I'm going to go ahead and create a new Apple I.D. . So what you're going to do if you don't have an Apple I.D. created already is you're going to go through you're going to answer the security questions and you're going to create an Apple ID. This is not the developer account. This is the Apple I.D. guy is to create an Apple ID if you've never done that before. If you already have an Apple I.D. that you make purchases with on iPhone or iPad you don't need to do that. You could just use your your sign in here to become an apple developer. OK. And so you can sign in. And once you become an apple developer OK once you've registered as an apple developer for free you will now have access to the developer portal. As you can see here and this is where you can download beta versions of X code as you can see Ada X code 8 beta 2 Mac OS ten point twelve. Beta 2. You can get a hold of a beta. You can also do different things and get access to different documentation. I encourage you once you sign up as a registered Apple developer to go around the web site and look at the tutorials look at the sample code. Look at the videos. There are so many things that you can learn here and you need to be teaching yourself how to code and you can be watching these videos. So first things first register as an apple developer if you're going to submit an app to the App Store . You might as well just go ahead and get paid developer account which you can get through your or your portal here as well. You can get believe it's your membership right here. Yeah. So you can basically register right here for the paid account and then you could submit apps to the App Store. There's two types of paid accounts. One is an individual account. It's tied to your social security number. At least in the United States or your whatever you are identified by in other countries and you hold all the liability as an individual and you can release it under your name or under your or under whatever name you want. However it's still tied to you as an individual and then you can also create a business account a company account and that requires that you go and obtain a Dunns and Bradstreet number to verify that you are a legitimate business. This can take up to 10 days and then another few days for Apple to approve it. So plan on having a 15 to 20 day approval process if you register as a company but then you can register your LLC or corporation or whatever entity type that you are which is the company that can then assume the liability. And anyway a couple of different things you can do there and that's $99 a year and that's how you sign up. And that's a little bit of information about the free accounts and the paid accounts. So go ahead and sign up right now is the free account you can get access to all the goodies and that's it. Mark Price def slopes com. Moving on and for