Giving and Receiving Feedback In Team Working

Robin Hills
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Lecture description

This lesson looks at giving and receiving feedback within teams and how it is linked with emotional intelligence. 

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Developing Emotional Intelligence in Teams

Discover better team working through winning the hearts and minds and developing emotional intelligence in the workplace

02:31:37 of on-demand video • Updated March 2021

  • Identify how team working through emotional intelligence can lead to better outcomes
  • Explore how people can behave and react to change and the emotions experienced in change
  • Recognize why some conflict is to be expected and why it is a part of healthy relationships
  • Examine behavioral styles with a focus on your style and how to work with others with different styles
  • Ascertain how to work to build the hearts and minds of your team
  • Develop and build your emotional resilience, your social skills and your emotional intelligence
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