Line, Arc and Spiral

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After this lecture You will know how to create nice looking lines, arcs and spirals.

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English [Auto] In this quick video we'll talk about the line all arc and spiral tool and we will do it briefly cause we got the Pathfinder all waiting for us but that doesn't mean that it won't be enjoyable. First the line segmental to initialize this. We can either click this group of tools right here and choose the line segment tool or simply hit the backslash key on our keyboard. This tool is pretty straightforward. If I click and drag or simply draw a line and if I shift click and drag I'll create a line at the zero degree angle 45 degree angle or 90 degree angle and so on. Of course if I want to have more control over the line segment all I can click anywhere on the board to get some more options live the angle or the length of the line. Well that's pretty straightforward right. So let's move on to the arc tool which at least in my opinion is way more exciting. Arkell's sits under the line segment too and it doesn't have a default shortcut. Now the way it works is if I click and drag. Well I'll create an arc and I can create all sorts of smaller bigger any Arka you want. But what's really cool about this style is that while holding the mouse button I'll hit the key on the keyboard but I'll flip the arc like so. Pretty cool huh. Of course I can simply click on the onboard to get more advanced features of the work. But you're not going to dive into them right now. I'll leave it for you to explore. I'll clean up my art board now because I want to move on to the spiral too. I'll select everything by hitting the combination of control and simply hitting the backspace key. The spiral tool that sits right here under the arc tool can be approached pretty much like the star tool. What I mean is that when I click and drag I'll get a spiral. But if I press up or down arrow or add or subtract segments like so I can also hold down the control key and move my mouse around to change the diameter of the spiral and its overall appearance. And surely enough if I click anywhere on the. I've got access to more options I can choose from such as the radius and the DKs segments and style down here. So the most important to remember about the spiral tool is that by pressing up or down arrow we can add or subtract segments and by holding down the control key we can change the spirals diameter. OK so these are all the primary creation tools that are most likely to use when designing a logo or anything else. Basically in the next video we'll take a closer look at the Pathfinder tool that we already mentioned when recreating the slits logo. See you in the next video then.