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English [Auto] Okay now let's go ahead and start working on our Facebook inspirational quote post. And as you can see here we're actually in our sort of library area and here are all the things we're creating. They're sort of just populating this area so you can access them at any point and export them. Let's go ahead and create a post. Now if we look up here we do not see a Facebook post. So let's actually go ahead and create one again you can create over here or hit here more I'm going to click on that more. And that brings us down through here. Now you can see here there's a couple different graphics that we can use for this. There's this sort of a longer one. You know it's it's a little bit. It's 940 by 788 so it's not a square. And then there's you know an Instagram post which would also work on Facebook. It's a little it's a it's square. And then you can use it for both. But again I'd like to go with the ones that are the standard settings so that they really fit into the whole Facebook timeline and form the way the way they're supposed to. So maybe go ahead and click on Facebook post and that's going to bring us to our work area. And here's our work area here. And again you can go ahead and just find something over here and use it. I'm going to just go ahead and skip doing that because I want you guys to start using this to create your own personalized graphics. Yes you could go in here and look and find something. But I think we did that and these other two videos and you got the hang of how to just use one of these and change it around. You can do whatever you need to. We will go back and do another one of those later but for this one we're just going to go ahead and start off and create it right on our own. So let's go ahead and upload an image. Actually you know what. Before we do that let's get a quote. We want to use. So here's a site I just googled you know top or best inspirational quotes. And it took me here to Forbes oddly enough and there's a whole bunch of quotes here. Now I was looking through them and I thought yes you know a lot of the ones we looked at were fairly simple and you know there wasn't a whole lot of text but then I saw this and I really liked it. Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do by the ones you did do. So throw off the battle lines sail away from Safe Harbor catch the trade winds in your sails explore dream discover I mean that is perfect for our channel right. That's perfect for our brand. That's what we want them to do we want them to go out there and do things and that's what we are all about. So it's a little long. So it's going to be a bit of a challenge. But let's see if we can do it let's see how we can make this work. So I'm going to copy that text you know control C command see however you do it whatever type of computer you're on. Now we're going to go back to Canada OK. So here we are in Canada and I mean I've got my blank canvas here. I'm going to go to text and I'm not going to start with the headline. That's pretty big I'm going to start with a subhead and we'll see how it goes. I click in here so it's highlighted I paste so you can either right click and paste or you could have you know done command so you can envy they can see this is pretty long. But remember let's extend it by clicking on our little dots and moving them. You can see now it doesn't take up all that much space but it's still very tight. So let's go ahead and select that copy and let's work with the spacing. So I just come up here I click spacing and I can fool with my letter spacing OK. So it's given me more room between the letters of course that makes it very hard to read. And also you know it's sort of an OR we can go in and now it's definitely hard to beat. So let's bring it back to zero. I might actually bring it out about 20 percent just to give it a little bit more space in the letters then I'm really going to fool around with our line height and that's given us more space. You're really letting is what it is. It's giving us more space. So it's a little bit more open a little bit more free. So we're gonna go ahead and do that. No let's go ahead and look for a font that we want to use and I saw these and a lot of one lot of the ones we did sort of like this newspaper typing thing and I kind of like that especially is what it's called and it has a typewriter you feel and you know something you know more and you know natural I don't really care for things like this because I think they're a little hard to read as full text maybe as a highlight. We'll do that later. Or ones like this. Well you know that's not too bad either. But I know it's a little too generic for me. I think I'm going to look a little bit more just for fun here a little too generic for this type of thing we wanted to. Really we're trying to get an emotion across so we want to find that has a little bit of character to it. Not one like this. That's a little too crazy not for this quote at least but something that has a little bit of character to it. So you know what I think I am going to stick with what I found right when we got here and now we just have to remember what it is. OK. There is special elite. So let's go. Actually what does this you know that's not too bad either I think I want to go with that one. See happy accidents. And what is that. That is Sunday so I'm going to go with Sunday and we can fool with our alignment for right now. I think I'm going to leave a centered is usually pretty popular and I'm going to click here and hit return and drop Mark Twain down to the bottom. I want it to be separate All right. Now we have that and I'm just going to sort of leave it there for now. And let's take a look at a photo we could use. So when we go over to upload upload and go to our resource area so I'm going to click upload and go to our resources area OK. Here we are with our resources. Now you may remember a quote It's like lift your sails explore get out there and we also want to try to make sure that the image isn't you know maybe way too busy. I kind of dig this one or actually right off the bat it's it's fairly generic but it's interesting the guys traveling we've got a compass in there that definitely won't work. We're going to use that one later but I always get a kick out of that one. So it's sort of just scroll through some of these just to get a feel of something. I do like that I'm going to probably go back to that one but let's see a little too generic. We want to create emotion right. We want to inspire and I think that that this is very beautiful and it has a lot of just open space that could really work. You don't think I was going to go ahead and use this one because I like all this open space it isn't going to get too cluttered and maybe we'll try another one but I think I think this is the way to go so I'm going to stay open and it's going to be importing it over there and once it's in we just go ahead and click on it. And it drops it in here. Now here we go. It drops it over the tax so remember if you click on it and you come over here OK. So remember it drops it on top of what we already had there. So if we click on this and we go to a range and we put it back it drops it backwards and then we can go ahead and size it yeah. This is gonna work real really well. I love how there's this little footprint but a forest here this curvature. Now we've got our text again we really can't see it all that well I'm going to move it up here and I'm going to select it all. So do a command a or control a I go to my color and I'm going to go white and I like that. I think that looks really neat. I like the quote I want to check out the alignment. You know I like that more. It works with the square ness of the post and you see what I'm doing here is since it isn't centered we're talking we're doing a balance here the balance of the text and this piece of the graphic here I'm making sure there's enough space there's the same amount of space that's here to here to give it that look like you know it isn't sort of this way that looks strange why would I put it there same thing if I move it. Sometimes these are a little hard to move if I didn't like this why is it so close up there so I want to make that nice and is even as I can. So it does get a little bit of heart a little bit hard to read in here. So if this wasn't doing it enough if you needed to put more separation what you could do is you could turn around and add a tint back here like we did earlier. So we come over to our elements go to shapes going to choose this square and bring it over. Actually this has got more a rounded act which probably could work well. Now it's over our image remember. So we go to arrange back and of course the type is white so we can't see it. But what I'm going to do is I'm going to click on this rectangle again and I'm going to change its transparency you know actually I don't want a white triangle. I want a I don't want it filled in triangle. I want something like that. No I don't like that either. Sometimes design is all about just sort of tweaking things around. I am going to go back to that but this time I'm going to click on it and when to change its color to black I'm going to send it backwards. Now I think that's too harsh. We lose all that beautiful picture back there. So I'm going to select that again that shape I'm going to affect its transparency and I'm going to knock it down just so it's a little bit darker and I want to put the image in there more so it's got the same amount of space here as here and that I don't know if I think I think that works. I think that's maybe that's drag this down so it takes up. Well that's kind of neat actually like the there we go. And that be a quote right there. We move this down a little bit more. I like that you can even if you wanted to just move this thing all the way over so you get rid of that line that works even more. There you go. And this is what it is. Sometimes it's given the take. You still want to use the things that we've been talking about creating space proximity things like that. But at the same time you want to be open to be able to move things around and you know have fun with them. So that was really easy. We found a really interesting image it wasn't too busy in the background. A great quote and we went ahead and put this together. Now yes this is very clear and very sort of basic. Let's go ahead and do we were talking about earlier. Let's get rid of that and I mean I just click on it again. I'm going to get that photo. The text is still there right. But it's it's black. And let's put something in there that was a little bit. Let's use this one. It's totally different. It's a purse. It's like a map and I'm going to scale this. Now here's something I can't get at these right. I got to scroll up and down. If you look over here you can minimize this to get at more of your screen. And we can just bring it right back up. Plus plus. OK. Now the text obviously doesn't work that way. So I select all of it and I'm going to turn it black again. Now we're losing things here. So let's go ahead and this is a really great way to create depth and create space. Let's choose a square. Drop it right there change its color to black. We're going to send it back. Remember and now we're going to change its transparency something like that and we're going to select all this copy and I think we're going to go white with it now. This one doesn't have quite as much impact because the you know the background does get a little busy but we can always click on the little square we made and bump the transparency up a little bit actually that works out a lot better and I think I'm also going to bring this over all the way. And there we go. So you don't have to use an image it has like this stark background you can choose one that has a busier background as long as you use some of these shading techniques to give you that depth and to give you that separation. And then of course all we have to do when we're done is hit download and it will go ahead and download this image to your computer where you can go ahead and posted on Facebook. So there we go we've created our first Facebook post and this was an inspirational quote post in the next few videos we'll work out some different kinds of posts. So we're having a Facebook inspirational quote that really matches and fits with our brand.