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This lecture covers how to start and where you may want to begin doing research with a goal of defining a business niche to go after.  Herein I'll show you techniques, websites and tools you can use to begin narrowing your focus to find a profitable niche for business venture.

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Define, Develop and Roll Out Your Online Business Niche

Professional steps to take to identify and finalize a business niche and roll it out online

02:51:53 of on-demand video • Updated December 2017

  • Understand how to setup a business online
  • Learn how to find a business niche that they can pursue to earn an online income
  • Understand to a greater depth, a number of business ventures they could try and business models that they could pursue
English [Auto] Hello and welcome to this lecture which I title find out what is trending using the Google Trends service you are searching for a profitable business niche for your new venture. And you realize that your best opportunity for penetrating a market and generating good revenues is to zero in on a certain aspect of the market and target it so that you can ultimately be viewed as an expert within it. In this video electrum going to work to teach you about Google Trends which is a good method by which you can gain insights into what is currently trending in your areas of interest. The Google Trends application is a great starting point for business development. Once logged into the application you'll notice a screen that displays a number of stories trending now. You can just scroll down this list in the stories that interest you and sometimes you will find a story that can give you a business idea to pursue. This initial list covers all types of stories. You can however refine your search by selecting the dropdown list for all categories and also the dropdown list to select stories within a specific country. This is not a bad way to get your brain juices flowing at the beginning of a day over your first cup of coffee. Sometimes you can hit on some interesting business ideas or products to pursue if your desires to promote third party products as part of your business model. In my example for this lecture I start by narrowing my trending search to the topic area of science and technology news occurring in Canada. My first results screen shows six trending news items with the third one looking potentially interesting based on my personal interests and the topic area is Facebook Twitter and Instagram. Clicking on that item brings up a following screen that displays a number of articles and I notice that in the top right corner of the screen I can further refine my search. And so I do selecting Facebook as my topic of interest. The next screen brings up a number of Facebook related articles and I choose the second one down to view as it appears to have some business potential. An article appears that discusses how Facebook is bringing a new product to Canada called messenger light as it appears that the existing Facebook messenger program installed on probably millions of phones in Canada is carrying a heavy telco footprint meaning that people using that application are spending significant dollars on cellphone charges just to use the application on their phones. Well this is interesting to me. It looks like there is an opportunity here worth pursuing if I can pull some statistics together and place some ads and build a website presence for myself around building economical to operate smartphone applications. I could become an authority in this space and earn some revenues for myself starting with the new Facebook Messenger light application. This could be worth pursuing Well but wait a minute. Facebook Messenger Lite is bound to be a free application. How can I possibly use my newfound knowledge to make an income using a free application. Well don't just give up with the idea what you've uncovered can still help you. It has value in that it will help people save money and they will want this application. You can use that knowledge in advertising campaigns as a lead capture mechanism to bring people to your website because you will be offering them a free download link from your site with possibly a few extra bonuses that might interest people. So it will get you some traffic. And once you have them on your site if you build it correctly you can show them other related products if they would pay for. You can get their email addresses. Sign them up for newsletters and make connections with them that you otherwise would not have been able to make. You now have part of your online sales funnel conceptually built. This is a good start and it can start to help you solidify a business needs to pursue you. Now you just have to figure out what in the world of Facebook communications and or mobile device applications you can pursue that complement this free money saving download you haven't covered and find things that will actually make you an income. Google friends has just helped you to find a possible business niche. Now let's drill down further with some more research. You can go back into Google Trends to learn more and read more trending articles to uncover either other opportunities or items or information that can complement the Facebook Messenger light idea. Or you can start to look at other places online for more information. Our next stop in the business and each definition journey takes us to exploring Google Alerts. Learn about that in the next video lecture. That's all for this lecture. Bye for now.