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English [Auto] I look Lukash up grades. I just want to give you a quick look or a that we do yesterday Friday. All the company remind MEDIA Mark Whitaker that we've been following for quite some time we spotted these initially may give you a quick look initially after the break out a few weeks ago November the 13th was making a base and then it broke up and these they sent out an alert around. When I saw the formation and the beginning information that these can go in them. The price that came from for my single letter all the way up to almost 10 nine seventy nine and then it pulled back. So I've been watching these for the past several weeks and yesterday we sent out an alert during the formation of the scandal found the base right that these I sent in trend line which was the original channel and I became support so overall support for these kids already are in support for this camera here and I single-A 8 7 7 9 one priced out of the 7 97 resistant stadium. So let's look inside. They each are sort of one meter chalk and this is when I saw all these Baalim coming in from 11 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. These were an indication that something was shifting. We went from these 2000 lads 100 shares twangs shares it under shares to these big numbers 10000 10000 20000 36000. So this was multiple of them coming in from institution this is the bottom we see from institutions and then this level price for them that they painted a little triangular symmetrical triangle because that is Easters and these were the support you can draw the lines right here. It's the so these is where we enter at 790 7 90 so every pull back and the shop positions on price. So let's see this is we can drop a supporting line. Now that we see that there is a patter so you can stay in this pattern and pin prices slightly good. So let's extend for the next several hours as you see Bryce for several consolidation. This was the first one. Was it not a 1:03 with corrective and then picked up again and in a consolidation here in our consolidation year. And the fifth the simple moving average the blue line. These also had support all along. So these range from where machine dealer at 793 787 all the way up to nine and then pull back and yet the moving average hand. So this was a good indication that things were working again you can extend these support line as far as the day goes as far as the opinions. So if you were retraining the company you could have exit here. When you saw a price making a ngalo of a send over 60 degrees. So this is consideration with volume coming in and bottom I mean this tells us that there is exuberant bine and then we see these red kindo offset with the upper shop. So these would be the place to exit. You know I'm from 790 to 1890. So that's one point roughly on a thousand shares. That's a thousand dollars in an hour and a half pullback. Right so that's the problem with an average and then the second when all the way up to nine this time may the high end right and then pull back. So in this phase the pullback broke the support. So here these could have been a place where exit I would ever we stayed in the trade in price actually reach 9:30. That's when we exit our trade. So this could have been a place to exit I say in the trade because I had the feeling that this was going to go higher simply because I really liked this company and the product they offer. So I decided to stay in. And then 9:13 price made 937 9:34 that was the height of that belief. See mid-teen must be the next one. Yeah medico's. So this was the next level of support back to their He was holding he was holding speed up a little more with vallium exponential increase in volume. And then you get these big giant red candle on the bottom side one of our sixty two thousand shares. There was one big glop what price which 9:14 and then pull back in since then and for the rest of the day. Price from sort of sideways and. And then started trading below that moving ever. So this was clearly the indication that that was the last rush for the day. And then we were getting towards the end of the Friday session. So the selling was but to come back to this particular trade. You could have in there multiple times when you see these massive volume increase at the beginning and you see Price skyrocketing mean this is almost vertical ascend and then a consolidation look for a pullback something around the previous support. You've got to go back to the daily chart and see if you see previous support from that or resistance that is broken and then price comes back and finds. Now this report we found that when we look at the daily chart there was one right here 74 77. And look exactly this one this bar right here. It's a seven ninety five. So there was the support that you had enough energy to push for the next one. Pull back push for the next one so you stay until the support is valid. So this would be the place to exit. You want to exit on in celebration when you see volume coming in and the angle of us saying it gets more spring like here. This was a great place. Yeah wasn't out of place and definitely isn't the high of the day. Or we can also look at the moving average price that means above the moving average of 50 or 30 for this case the fix the say in the trade when it crosses below Exit 3. If you cross about it by bank or up the position especially if you believe in the company. Yes. Okay. So that's what we traded mark in this was a fantastic train that went from 790 all the way up to nine thirty four in a matter of two hours. All right folks thanks for watching. Good reading.