Initial Filter Context & Filter Propagation

Gilly Dow
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Lecture description

We saw some "strange" behaviour with No of Customers measures displaying in the pivot table - now it's time to talk about Initial Filter Context  & Filter Propagation

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DAX Power Pivot - 10 Easy Steps for Beginners

Learn how to build DAX functions in PowerPivot with Excel 2016. Reinforce and embed with practice exercises/solutions

06:22:47 of on-demand video • Updated March 2019

  • Import data into the Power Pivot Data Model using Excel 2016
  • Import and edit data from Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel
  • Build Relationships between Data Tables
  • Create Hierarchies for end-user filtering convenience
  • Shape the Data Model with Calculated Columns & Measures
  • Create DAX Expressions including: SUM(), RELATED(), RELATEDTABLE(), COUNT(), DISTINCTCOUNT(), MONTH(), DATE(), CALCULATE(), ALL()
  • Build custom DAX Expressions to drop into any pivot
  • Create Dashboard worthy reports with Slicers and Presentation tips
  • Download the step-by-step user guide with practice exercises and solutions
  • Import existing Excel data and Link Excel data into the Data Model
  • Create Calculated Columns and Measures in the Data Model
  • Create Measures in Excel
  • Create Calculated Columns with RELATED() & RELATEDTABLE() DAX Functions
  • Create Measures using the COUNT() & DISTINCTCOUNT DAX Functions
  • Create Measures using the CALCULATE() DAX Function to modify the Filter Context of Pivot Tables
  • Create static values for Ratio creation with CALCULATE() & ALL() DAX Functions
  • Create a Date Table (Calendar) in Excel and Relate to the Data Model for Time Intelligence functionality
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