What is "Good" Customer Service?

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Customer Service: Soft Skills Fundamentals

How to keep your head when everyone else is losing theirs

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  • How to take care of yourself while taking care of others
  • How to really listen to customers, not just hear their problems
  • How to be personable even when you're not there in person
English [Auto] Welcome back. So when I put this question to my friends and family about what is good customer service what is bad customer service. When people were talking about good customer service the same words just kept coming up over and over again knowledgeable satisfied happy polite helpful friendly and most importantly heard people really want to feel heard and they're looking for good customer service. What does this mean for you as a customer service provider. Well you should feel these things too. You should feel like you are knowledgeable about the product or the support that you're given. You should feel satisfied at the end of your interaction with the client. You should feel happy. I mean this is your job and you going to do it for eight hours a day so you should be you know at least minimally happy about it. Polite. Of course you need to be polite but you should also have an expectation that the people you work with and that you speak to are going to be polite to helpful. They know how great it feels when you hold the door somebody and they say thank you. Or when you help somebody pick up their groceries. It feels good right. Feels really good to be helpful. You should feel that way in customer service all the time. Friendly not just coming from you. Course you knew to be friendly but coming from them and you know you get what you get. So hopefully you're getting friendly back. And finally you heard of course your customers want to feel heard. They want to know that their issues are being listened to but you should feel heard as well. You should feel like they are hearing the solutions that you are offering them. This course is going to touch on how you can tap tap into your own personal experience and try to make all of this work so that you're delivering the best customer service possible and your clients are as happy as they can be.