Nuns Install Software, Too

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English [Auto] So before you even get started we have to realize that in customer service you're going to have good days and you're going to have bad days. One of my best days was when I was working for a software company helping teachers and administrators around the country install and use education technology software. One day one of our teachers who happened to be a nun called and was having a really hard time updating her software she knew nothing about computers. We worked together for over an hour and in the end it worked. She updated the software. She was amazed. Everyone was happy and she blessed me. It was fantastic. I got blessed by a nun best customer service day ever. Sometimes however at the same job I had some bad experiences. One in particular I had a client who refused the call me with the same problem. And no matter what I did for her she was never happy. It took me a while but then I realized she was never going to listen to me because frankly she was never to listen to any woman about technology. My company however needed me to deliver the best customer service possible. So in that case I trained one of our male developers to answer her questions. He spoke to her with me in the background coaching him and she got her problem solved. Everyone was happy. One of the quotes I got from my friends when I asked them about good customer service was the following. The thing you must understand as a customer service representative is that your company's well-being depends on your excellent customer service. You're the best marketing may have. You are the reason why a customer keeps coming back. Let's remember that as we look into the actual nuts and bolts of how to do this the right way.