How to Ask Great Questions

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Here's how to ask great questions. Well worded and descriptive questions tend to get answered faster. This is helpful for future questions you'll have in advanced subjects like server-side programming. 

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English [Auto] How to ask questions. OK so this is actually super important. And so we're going to go over it right now. And that's how to ask questions not just how to ask questions but how to ask good questions. OK so the first thing you need to do in order to ask a good question is to know what the problem is if you can't phrase what the problem is if you don't know how to describe what the problem is to somebody else. You're not going to be able to get an answer so you need to be clear on the problem so be clear on the problem. And so that's you know step number one is you have to be able to ask what the question actually is you need to be able to communicate with with other people what the problem is. Step number two is if you have details add them so add at as many details as possible. Just make sure they're relevant Don't Ask Don't Tell us the entire project don't give us all the used code don't give us code that is you know has nothing to do with your H.M.S. SS or jobs or whatever you're working on. Just give us the relevant code and so Step number three would be to spell details right. Step number three is spelling. So you have to make sure that you are spelling things properly because if you're not spelling your sentences properly if not spelling your questions properly using poor grammar guess what people are not going to spend a lot of time to answer those the most answered questions on Stack Overflow the most question the most answered questions really anywhere including Facebook including our Facebook group. And guess what. They're all the ones that actually have a well-worded grammatically correct question. So you know spelling is really important. Very very important. Now the fourth and probably the most important part of asking a good question the most important one is as I really mean this in the nicest way is to go and google the question Google your problem first. Chances are somebody has already had a very similar problem or the exact same problem happened. And the answer might be on Stack Overflow dot com The answer might be in some other developer forum the answer might already be in our FaceBook group. All you have to do is search for it. So spend five minutes and search for your problem if you cannot absolutely find any help whatsoever within I would say 15 minutes max then ask your question but chances are if you have a question at this stage in your development career it's already been asked. It's probably been asked you know a hundred thousand times already so you don't need to ask again because someone else probably already has a great answer for you. So again I mean I mean this in the nicest way but make sure you Google your problem first. That also help you specify what your problem actually is it will help you with wording it will help you with grammar and spelling and all that stuff because you'll see other people's work as well. So in order to ask great questions. Be clear on your problem at as many details as you possibly can. Relevant details that is. Make sure your spelling is accurate you're using proper grammar and most importantly make sure you Google the problem first.