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English [Auto] In this video I'll be talking about CSSA syntax before we begin. Know that this section is essential that you fully understand. So please listen carefully. Also take extra note of the section about IDS and classes. Hundred percent understanding of that part is also essential. And I find the best way to understanding these concepts is to play around with code yourself. Write your own code and see what it does or why it does why it doesn't do this. Don't just read a book or listen to someone talk. Anyway let's begin with basics yes syntax and CSSA. Each thing I declare is called a rules that consists of a selector and a declaration block and declarations inside the declaration block. A CSA selector. Which what it does is it selects which elements you want to stop the declaration block. Contains all of your declarations each declaration is separated by semi-colons and declarations state what CSSA property you want to set and to what value. And lastly remember to surround your declaration blocks with curly brackets. So in our example the selector is divider and the declarations are the font color should equal to blue and the text lines should be right. Anyways that about finishes this video. Thanks for watching. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me and I'll see you next time.