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English [Auto] In this video we'll be talking about borders and outlines the border property. Surprise surprise lets you set the with the color and style of elements boards or in terms of style. There are many variations such a small daughter etc.. However in general we tend mostly to use salt the other types. I recommend you just look them up as necessary rather than memorize them. Another thing you can set is the color of the border. The color is like any other color you can represent it with words or hex code. In general we use hex codes as the most precise. Although I didn't use it here I used words here. And lastly we can set it with which is generally set in pixel and an outline is pretty similar. Just like a border you can set it's with style and color. The only difference is that the outline is outside of the border. For example outline may overlap other content. Also the outline is not part of the elements time and the elements total width and height are not effected by the width of the outline so here's how the code would look in the browser. The outline is on the outside screen. The border is on the inside of thread and the inside of the content itself inside the border is yellow. Anyways that finishes this video. Thanks for watching. If you have any questions please feel free to let me know and I'll see you next time.