Using Crystals in Your Everyday Life

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There are numerous ways to use crystals in your life, from simply having them in your space to placing them in your water, creating intentional grids, or in meditation. We each can find our own ways to use crystals in our every day lives.

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English In this lecture let's talk about actually how to use crystals in your everyday life. So there are unlimited ways to use them. I've actually heard of some pretty wacky ways to use them including putting crystals on the engine of your car to help it run better and it actually does work. So what are some ways that you can use them in your life. Meditation is typically the most thought of way to use them and it is highly recommended. When we sit in meditation we can quiet our mind quiet ourselves quiet our body so that we can start to feel that energy of the crystals and stones and how they're going to work with us. They can lead us to amazing great places start to allow some time in your life just even if it's five minutes a day right away in the morning when you wake up grab a crystal sit with it and just see what happens. Notice your body how it feels. Notice your emotions. Notice your mind and what's happening it'll be different for everyone. And I really encourage you to write it down as well and notice over time what changes and what happens with that same crystal that you might be meditating with. Meditation can also be out in nature. Grab a crystal and go walk out in nature either in your pocket or wearing it as jewelry with the intention of building a relationship with that Crystal and it giving you messages giving you insight. It's not a magic pill but it will help guide you and help lead you where you need to go in your life. Another great way to bring them into your life is in your space. Part of why I'm standing here is to show you. I have crystals in my space. I have them all over my house. This is a Selenite lamp. This is a storage bin of crystals which is in another lecture. I have them in my window. I have them In other areas in my home as decor they're holding an intention for myself and my family. We're in those spaces in our bedroom. I have selenite all over and I have rose quartz I have grids of stones in each corner of our bedroom with selenite and Shungite and Rose Quartz a little bit as protection out in our living room. I have a quartz cluster to work with our family dynamic and making it feel more peaceful place items where you need that energy if you need clearing in your living room because you have people visiting or family visiting that dump everything and leave their emotions or they get dramatic and you don't want that play some Selenite in that room. If you're looking to attract in a new relationship put a Shiva lingam upright in your bedroom or Rose Quartz and set the intention with it that you are building a relationship with that Crystal specifically to attract a relationship to you. There are so many ways we can use them in our decor and we'll probably have more about that in a future course another way to use them is in energy healing and reiki or healing touch or many other methods. Placing them on our body or on other peoples for their highest good to clear your chakras to bring energy to that energy center or whatever we might need. You don't necessarily have to be trained in energy healing to place the crystals on your body or to meditate with them or just lay with them on your body do a chakra layout place one crystal for each chakra on your bed or on the floor. Small little tumbled pieces or flat carved pieces and lay on top of it and do a chakra meditation. You could even find an audio meditation or a YouTube meditation or our chakra meditation in this course and walk yourselves through a chakra meditation with the crystals obviously you can carry crystals with you in your pockets and your purses. I always have shungite with me in my purse so that when I am out shopping I don't get overwhelmed and ungrounded especially when I am in large crowds like the Mall of America which I live near or other large concerts I might go to. I'm empathic so I might take on other people's energy and I get overwhelmed by the other people around me. Having some guidance celebrate with me or wearing it as jewelry helps build the shield around me of being able to not take on that energy. You can also use them in your daily life through things like drinking crystal water. There are precautions about this which I would encourage you to research about not all crystals like to be in water and not all crystals that like to be in water can be drunk because they could be toxic but you can safely place crystals around a glass or around a water bottle and it will infuse that energy and then you can drink that energy. You can also place that water. Same water in your plants in your garden. You can also place crystals out in your garden. I happen to have lots of crystals out in my garden and in my former home I had planted them in the four corners of our yard as protection and people could feel that when they came to my property that they would go oh it just feels so much calmer here than the rest of the neighborhood. That's because I planted crystals there. You can take a bath with crystals. For now I would say use something that's a quartz based Crystal because it is safe to put those in a tub with you. But that energy can help you relax. Rose Quartz baths are amazing. They help bring about love energy into your body and to yourself. You can use them in rituals and grids any sort of ritual a baptism even use them in your prayers. Use them in a new moon ritual or a full moon ritual sit with them in prayer when you do your daily prayers. I've actually taught a class multiple classes actually at a Lutheran church to a group of lovely women that have wanted to use crystals in their everyday life and I we talked about how to use them with prayer and in meditation find your own ways to use them in your everyday life because there really are unlimited ways and I encourage you to let me know what those ways are because I would love to hear and love to connect with you about how you're using them in your life.