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English [Auto] Developing your genius network is one of the most important things you can do and it's one thing that geniuses creative geniuses especially have a really hard time doing because often they feel different from everybody else and so they feel like well I'd be better off just doing things alone. But a lot of the most creative people in some of the biggest creative innovations when we're people were working together. So Thomas Edison one of his biggest innovations was he stopped trying to invent things on his own and he started hiring other people to come work in his lab and invent things with him. And that was the first person to actually do that. He was the first creative genius to really do that. And that amazed me when I first read it because I thought that can't be true. It's how could so many centuries have gone by and nobody realized that. But that's it. That was the first with our Energy Laboratory the R&D department. And he really started it out of this. He had these quotas he set for himself. So he was a miner and every 10 days and a major invention every six months. So he was all about well how do I increase my quota and I increase my quota am I going to get other people to help me. So that's really important I wouldn't be talking more about that stuff later. Of course Joe polish is the best networked guy in the Internet business world. So if your boss is in the business world you probably know about this guy from marketing. Otherwise you may not. He is also involved in a lot of the future technologies. Got a lot of great friends connected with almost everybody. He's just got a crazy network. And it's because he sees how important all this stuff is and a lot of people don't see it as that. And for a lot of people that are attracted to the Internet interactive technology track today computers are people that aren't as successful in the outside world. So they go to that inside world in order to gain significant sort of level of skill or a level of capability that they can't get in the real world today. They can't get with other skills so they don't have the physical skills. Somebody is going to go to the other set of skills so he's got that great ability to connect with people. He's got that ready and only then that work. And that's something where I like to look at how most people use Facebook. They're not using Facebook to create new friends. They're great they're using Facebook to kind of keep a collection of old friends or acquaintances like their baseball cards. And so that's one of the biggest problems. People use these social networks the way they should. And that's that's what separates me from a lot of people that use Facebook use Twitter or use e-mail as they're never reaching out to new people. And I'm always reaching out to new people and that's something that Joe polish does really well. He's reaching out to people but he's also connecting with people through his existing network and the bigger your network is the more you don't have to send out a cold call and call email. But you can connect through an introduction. So he's actually got something called the genius network. He puts on every year and he gets all these great people to come and speak to each other network and connect with each other. So what do you sell to the top of that and putting that group together. Now he's building has never been greater and now he's putting all these people in connection. They say well how do we meet. We met through Joe Polish So that's going to set him up to get connected with even more people grow his network even greater. So one of the best things you can do is to organize a group organize it an annual or monthly event and bring people together and bring them together so they can provide lots of value to each other and make new connections. Nikola Tesla was in a lot of ways the opposite so he didn't spend time around it. Almost any but he fell in love with the weight issue. In the second half of his life and not a ton is known about their relationship he remembers when he was close to dying he saw his white light come out of her eye. He kept falling in love and all those emotional feelings were wrapped up in this bird. And so the way he developed his relationships is yeah this is totally it almost alternate reality going on in his head. He could take the machine build it he could build a complex machine like that. Imagine if you've ever seen some of the sewing machines these automated weaving machines that make that are just going at a blistering pace. He could build something like that in his brain and his imagination let it run for a month. It is imagination and then come back and say OK or see where here you can see where this part in this side of this component and stuff like that. And then you go to the machine and they come out like that. So he spent so much time that imagination that visual in that world. He actually started forming relationships so he talked to people. And this is something you can do. I haven't heard of anybody else or anybody else that's been able to build complex machines and be able to do that the way Nikola Tesla was I certainly can't do it. But in terms of having conversations if you ever had a conversation with somebody in your dreams then you know it's possible. And sometimes those dreams are very revealing sometimes those conversations are very revealing. And what did those dreams represent. So that's something that rovers are interested in those conversations. What is that person in your dream represent not some abstract idea that part of yourself that's trying to speak to you in a certain way and this is something that in Greek Roman times they were they put a lot of meaning into this stuff in leaders of countries would make decisions based on what the prophets said or what they what they heard in their own dreams. And getting those dream lots or things like that so developing an internal world lucid dreaming lucid dreaming is very interesting it's something some athletes use temptresses talked about how he developed lucid dreaming. Basically you have this virtual reality where you kind of realize you're dreaming and then you take control of the dream. And there's certain things you do like ways to know whether you're dreaming or not because it literally will feel like real life. So there's certain things like if you look in a book it's going to be hard to read or you will read it in a mirror you won't see yourself stuff like that so there are certain tests you can do. And there's other things you can do to keep yourself from waking up or to wake up. And so as you get more and more control you can start to do stuff. I'm still a very early stage of that I have had my I've I've had a lucid dream before and it's pretty interesting as well. It's scary scary to think about it because like well I don't know my brain could do that but I can. So it's something that it's kind of hard to control. I had no real control over the first time I had my experience. But if you read about it you learn about it there's courses out there for it and if it's important to you then it's something that you can learn. Now how do you make genius brain. This is one of the hardest things to do because it's like how do you find these people. That's one of the biggest challenges see is finding talent for their team. One of the biggest jobs of any winners finding talent find people I can help you solve that problem. And a lot of times people focus on well I can't find anybody because I'm the best at what I do or I'm really good at what I do and the other people are my competitors. And the mistake there is you're looking at people who are geniuses in the exact same field you are and why. Times people that are geniuses here where you are really developed in one area you're probably pretty weak in a lot of other areas of my intelligence. We talk about really the different areas of academia the different areas of your life in different domains of your life whether it's your body whether it's your career or your business whether it's your relationships whether it's understanding yourself having some sort of spiritual understanding or religion or connection with God or whatever it is for you. Each of those areas of your life where you a genius and where are you really struggling. Pretty weak because that hasn't been something you've been rewarded for from other people or reward yourself. So also we were once unsuccessful geniuses having role models that are really ingenious in one area but really struggle another war and make sure that you're getting a balance of people around you. So maybe it's not a good idea to have a lot of friends who have the same sort of excellence that you do in one area because that's going to reinforce the weaknesses in those other areas and it's going to make you feel like it's OK to have those weaknesses. And it's really not so using the Internet is one of the greatest ways Quora. When I first discovered Chora it's a great way to find smart people. Another great way is online forums so if you're not spending time there if you're not spending time on Quora and then taking it to the next level of actually connecting with these people so sending them a private message sending an email getting on the phone with most people ninety nine point nine percent of people are not connecting with people that being you know Internet through Quora or a few online forums or anything else where you when they go to an event that's supposed to bring people together by having the speaker. They just go and listen and speak and they don't talk to anybody or they will talk to somebody and they talk to them first. So doing stuff like that's really important to be calling and emailing every author anything that you like any book that you read any article that you read any magazine article you should be tweeting and e-mailing them connecting with them on Facebook connecting with them on LinkedIn whatever it is. Get in touch with these people because you're missing out. And most people don't do that and you'd be surprised how many people you can get on the phone and they won't give you an hour of their time completely for free because you're having interesting conversation you're asking interesting questions and you really want to learn. So most people don't do that. That's a huge mistake.