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Being a successful online entrepreneur offers some BIG benefits. What are some of the best perks of operating a profitable online business?

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Use Your Health & Fitness Expertise to Earn A Living Online

I turned my experience as a personal trainer into an online health business that allowed me to quit working at the gym!

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  • Identify a profitable health and fitness niche for an online business
  • Profile the perfect target consumer that will most-easily be converted into a paying customer
  • Create the 3 elements of an impactful online brand
  • Establish a Facebook group (NOT a fan page) that builds a strong community and generates new leads
  • Curate the perfect content to build authority and a loyal following
  • Use free online tools and tactics to gain a massive following
  • Develop digital products and services that are highly-desireable and meet the exact needs of the target consumer
  • Deliver one-time and recurring digital products and services using Facebook and Paypal
  • Close the sale: Convert followers into paid customers
English [Auto] Hey my name is Dave Smith and welcome to this course of a building an online health and fitness business. Let's start off by talking about why do we want to do that in the first place. And I'm going to reference my own personal story a fair bit here. Originally I was a personal trainer working one on one with clients and many of you know how that is as a personal trainer or other health professionals. And I saw that there was three big problems with this business model. Number one I quickly realized that my income was linear in order for me to earn more money. I had to work more hours and I didn't like that model. There had to be a way to create what's called exponential income. And that means that you can create a product or service once and sell it to many people. Therefore increasing your revenue streams or increasing your income without working more hours in an online business accomplishes accomplishes that. Number two I wanted to create a business where my work schedule or my hours weren't tied to my clients hours and again for those of you who are working with clients one on one you know that your clients want convenience. And for many people who work 9:00 to 5:00 that means they're looking for services before they go to work during their lunch hour or after their work hours. And that creates a very long day for us health professionals. Whereas when you move your business online then you can create a product or service delivered on line it's delivered to them whenever they want to use it and it doesn't mean that you need to be available while they're using that product or service. Number three I wanted a business that was geographically nonrestrictive and what I mean by that is when I was a personal trainer. One way that I thought I could get away from this linear source of income was by opening my own fitness studio and having other personal trainers work there. And it seems like a good idea at first. The more they work the more money I make without necessarily having to do more hours of work myself. The big problem with this is as many of you know if you own a physical space there's a ton of management that goes into it and it's very geographically restrictive. It's hard to take a day off. It's hard to travel. It's hard to go on an extended vacation. Your presence is required in that physical space. Contrast that with your online business and you can work in your living room you can work in an office you can work at a coffee shop you can work while you're on vacation. And it's something that I practice myself traveling abroad. All I needed is an Internet connection to maintain my relationship with my clients and continue to provide the service that they expect. So there's three great reasons why building your health and fitness related online business is an exceptional way to make money and afford you the type of lifestyle and flexibility that you're probably looking for. So I look forward to working with you throughout the rest of this course. Move on to the next lesson and I will see you there.