Creating a New Document in Adobe Illustrator

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Create Icons in Adobe Illustrator for Beginners

Are you a beginner to Adobe Illustrator? In this intro to Illustrator, you'll learn the basic AI tools and palettes.

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English When you first open Illustrator it'll look something like this. You'll have the ability to create a new document right here, open something that you've already created and then you have some options for creating a new file right here. So if your end goal is to print this out you'll want a print document. That would be like an A4 or postcard. If you want it to end up on the web or if you're going to share it on social media you could go with web page, iPhone, HDTV and then custom...and even if you create any of these you can change them to the other type at any time. So I'm going to go ahead and Create New and I get even more options here. I can go up here to the most recent documents that I've opened in the past saved ones. These are ones that I've downloaded from Adobe Stock in the past. So you probably won't have anything in this section. If I'm designing for mobile, I have some options here. Web will give you different sizes of web pages and as you can see with the web stuff the color mode is RGB and the PPI is 72 because that is what is standard for web. But if we come over here to print the PPI has changed to 300 and now it's a CMYK document and this is just a difference in color and how many pixels per inch (PPI) you need for the different document types. So if you're printing something you always need 300 PPI at least. With newsprint you can get away with a lower amount, but with web all you need is 72. If you use 72 with a print document it will look a little blurry. I'm sure you've increased the size of your photos and you can see how they blur. That's because the PPI is less than 300. We also have film and video some options there. And then art and illustration. And as you can see over here these are 72 PPI, so they're assuming you want to show them on the web. So let's come back over here to the web. Like I said you can change this at anytime within your document. So don't worry about it too much. Let's make a new document. Six hundred by six hundred. When I upload images to the stock photo and stock vector sites I always use a 600 x 600 size because that one is accepted by all of them. So now we have our document and it's a perfect square as you can see 600 x 600. In the next lesson, I'll show you how to customize your workspace.