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English Sales Skills & ClickFunnels Training: Now I'm going to show you how to register for click funnels. This is the exact same software that I use myself to build every single one of my own sales funnels. This is where I used to build all my value ladders for all my self my clients everybody I know friends and family I am highly in agree with Cliff funnels. And the reason that I really suggest using it and getting it is because well I use it and I get it and I love it and it makes me money. So I want you to be able to copy my success and you can actually literally copy my success. I'll be showing you how to copy my templates my photos with just one click and then bam it's all done. You just got to any enter in your information. So simple as that. So what you're going to do is you're going to go to w w w dot Zach dash Miller dot com forward slash click funnels and when you go through that you IRL you have to go through that you are old guys you're going to be able to get access to multiple templates that I am offering. They're going through that your l. I'm going to give you a bunch of templates over a dozen templates on top of that but if you go through that you are all going to get direct access to my front end one for one copy which I've done. There's been over and I'll talk about that over a million dollars in testing in that one sales funnel so obviously it's going to put you off on a very good foot. And again you're going to get that when you go through that yourself. So once you do you're going to end up right at this page. There's probably going to be a video and you're just going to go right down and say start 40 day free trial and it's going to go redirect to a subdomain for click funnels. And what you want to do is go ahead and click the deal for either 97 to 97. I personally suggest the 297. If you do not have an auto responder yet it actually helps segment your list. Create hyper buyers up sell your products better. There's like so many other things including which I talk about. Remember you want to get affiliates and you want to pay people 50 percent. It actually has an affiliate backend inside and it's really easy to track those sales and create affiliates like that. There's just so much inside like I think that I would overexplain the video of this registration. But I think it's safe to say if you don't have an AR responder and you want to do affiliates you want affiliates to sell your product you should get the full click funnels. So sweet. That's exactly what I have. I suggest as well. Very good. If you just want finals then go ahead and click the 97. But for me 297. So you're going to go ahead and are in your full name. You're going to enter in your web site and then your passwords. Then you go ahead and say create my click phone's account to enter in your phone number. And then enter in all of your information here. Just go ahead and fill that out. Then you're going to fill in your credit card information. Now when it comes to adding the nine Secret funnels training that's actually what we're going to be going over a little bit of. I like to obviously use some of the information that Russell Brunson has taught on but I'd like to obviously mix in the decade plus as you can see my books and my information of my knowledge. Neurolinguistic programming sales training marketing be to be development inside of my sales funnels so you can go ahead and skip that if you so choose to. That's quite all right. It's always a great thing to get more information and more learning. But for this it's not necessary. What I believe is actually necessary is getting the full action attic suite so you can get backpack you know offer affiliates. So the ability to sign up and pay them out. So you're just going to click on this and start my 14 day free trial. Once you've completed entering your credit card details into that page gloves click onto the next page your registration will take you right here. Sales Skills & ClickFunnels Training: And this is your dashboard.