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If you're thinking about selling your courses on Udemy, you should follow these best practices to get the maximum result.

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Build a Six-Figure Online Business Selling Online Courses

Course creation: Learn exactly how to build a six-figure online business by creating and selling online courses.

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  • Identify the sweet spot where your passion and talents meet the most urgent needs of your market.
  • Evaluate demand, before putting time & effort into creating your course.
  • Execute a simple, foolproof method for identifying a profitable course idea that sells.
  • Find and set the right price point for your course.
  • Use guidelines and templates to create unique, irresistible offers that stand out from all of your competitors.
  • Use my simple, step-by-step process to create and package your content in a way that speaks to your audience’s pain points and goals.
  • Build a targeted list of the right people to market to, even if you’re starting from zero!
  • Develop a powerful marketing and sales funnel and create compelling lead magnets to market and sell your course.
  • Create successful Facebook advertising campaigns that specifically target people who want what you’re selling!
  • Utilize efficient growth-hacking strategies to increase your conversion rate and get more relevant leads.
  • Execute on a complete plan for developing a marketing journey for prospective customers that turns browsers to lifelong customers.
  • Build a persuasive Sales Landing page to effectively convince your prospects to buy.
  • Position yourself to stand out in your industry as a true expert whose courses deliver real, actionable value.
English [Auto] Now, that, of course, is recorded and you're ready to sell it. Let's talk about your publishing options in general. You have three different options. You can sell it on third party marketplaces. You can sell it on third party platforms and you can sell Faucette. Why don't we talk about each of these specifically advantages and disadvantages of each of them? First, why don't we go over third party marketplaces? These are places that have their own stood as examples of that are Udemy Skillshare, Linda Sjaak skills, to name a few. Now, there's so many of them out there, but these are the top four. And I recommend that if you choose to use a third party platform, definitely go after you. To me, it's one of the big ones out there. You're going to have access to more students and you have the opportunity to make more money through you to me than other platforms simply because of the way their revenue share works with their teachers. So let's go through the disadvantages first of using a third party marketplace like you. To me, the big one is your courses are going to be deeply discounted. So it doesn't matter how much your course is or how much you think it's worth, it's going to get discounted at times to forty nine to nine or 12, nine and nine or even sometimes as low as ninety nine. Now you definitely have the choice not to include your course in those promotions, but then your, let's say ninety nine dollars course is going to compete with other courses that are, let's say as low as nine ninety nine. You might as well just shoot yourself in the foot because I'm telling you it's going to be a lot less painful. Now another disadvantage, which is actually also a big one, is that if you're trying to build your business around your online courses, you won't have access to your students. So the students who sign up and enroll into your uni courses, they're not yours. They're Udemy students. And although Udemy gives you the capability to communicate with your students who enroll in your courses, you're not allowed to use those promotional or educational emails to directly promote your other products or services or courses that are not glutamic courses. And if you do an UDEMY finds out, then there's a chance that they might ban you or they might discontinue your course. All right. So those were the two big disadvantages. Now let's talk about the advantages of using a third party platform like you to meet a big one is that you have access to 40 million students. Currently, Udemy has over 40 million students on their platform. And if they think that your course is valuable to their students, they're going to promote your course to them. They're going to include your course inside their marketing campaigns and ask campaigns, which is a huge plus. Another advantage is that there's no cost to you to host your course. The platform is already set up. All you have to do is upload your course and you're ready to go. Also, they have a very responsive technical support. So if you run into any issues, whether it's platform or student related, they will jump on it and help you out. So those were the big advantages of using Udemy. I want to go back and talk about another main benefit, also to host of courses on Udemy, and that is if you do it right, aside from the fact that it's going to be an amazing passive income stream for you, it's also a great lead generation tool. I want to explain to you what that means. If you do it right, you'll get visibility and exposure to students that you probably would have not been able to access otherwise. A good portion of my clients who sign up to work with the Inside My Quest Creation Academy and other mentorship programs, I want to say probably 70 percent of them come from Udemy and at least 60 percent of them are not from us, which is where I live, either from different parts of the world. So a huge benefit for me is that I've had that visibility and exposure to people who are outside of us. One amazing thing that came out of it is that I wrote and published my book back in twenty eighteen and in my book made it to Amazon best sellers list in four different countries UK, Australia, Canada and of course, the US. I don't think I could have been able to accomplish that had it not been for Udemy, had it not been for the visibility and exposure that I got through the students who had taken my courses. And right after I published one of my courses, I was also invited to speak internationally. Again, that's all because of Udemy, because one of the decision makers found me through to me, took my course and asked me to present and speak in their conference, which opened up doors to other speaking engagements for me. So if you do it right, you're going to get visibility and exposure to students that you probably would have not had access to. But then again, you've got to have that 80-20 rule that you pretty much have with everything in life, majority of people who publish their courses on. Newton, we don't see any results whatsoever. Their courses just sit there, right? They don't get their course to a place where it gets included in utilities, marketing, promotions. So as a result, not only they don't really make any money, they don't gain that visibility or exposure that they were hoping for either. The thing is, you need to have a right strategy to win on your enemy if your plan is to just create your course and uploaded to you, to me, and you think that says I build it and they'll come, you're not going to succeed me. Issues that most people choose, platforms like you to me, because these platforms have their own studies and they do their own marketing, that they think, you know what, I don't have to worry about marketing and selling my courses that you really will take care of. As for me, but it doesn't work like that at all. This type of thinking will get you into trouble. In general, there are few key ingredients to succeed on your enemy. First of all, you need to have a visible presence outside of your enemy. You need to have a way to showcase who you are, what you do, and how you can help people like them. Second, you need to have a roadmap to build an audience who knows and trusts you outside of you. To me, that's key. Also, alas, you need to have a marketing plan in place so you can tap into that audience and convince them to buy you Udemy courses. You have to do all of this at the beginning and once you start driving traffic to uni courses, start selling it and get reviews, then it's at that point that you really will start promoting and marketing your course. It's at that point that you Otomi will start including your course in their marketing promotions. So again, you need to take those three steps first before you tomie rewards you with driving traffic to your course. Let me show you what I mean by that. If you look at the October revenue and if you look at this pop up on the bottle once it a alas, your promotion, it was only one hundred ninety three dollars. So out of the 9000 that came to us that month, only 193 of that was from our own audience, a traffic that we drove to you to meet. Same deal with November only. Seventy four dollars out of almost thirteen thousand was our own audience as traffic. Same deal with December only seventy two dollars. Same thing in January, only sixty dollars. Now pay attention to February. Twenty five hundred dollars of the traffic was our audience's traffic. When we go to Mars, two thousand almost of the revenue was for our own audience, our own traffic safety in April. Sixteen hundred, our own traffic. But then take a look at May. Now we're back to only driving thirteen dollars of the almost 13000 revenue that came in from our own audience. Same thing in June zero. No traffic was driven to you, to me. So the point is you have to do that right throughout the year with pick like two or three months where we are driving our own traffic. We're sending our own audio. Sudani And what happens is Uttam is actually rewarding us the rest of the year by including us in their marketing campaign, in their ad campaigns, and sending their own students to enroll in the courses. So at the end of the day, it's all about building your audience. Audience building should be your top priority. You need to have a system to attract, engage, nurture that audience and then sell them your course. And that's exactly why when I created this training, I wanted to make sure that aside from teaching you everything you need to know, it's a creative. You also know how to build your audience, how to promote your course to them and how to sell to them, because the creation part is only half the story. Many people think that creating the course is the hard part. Don't get me wrong, it's definitely a lot of hard work. But the truth is marketing, promoting and selling your course is actually the hardest part. You definitely need to understand and nail that part. Otherwise your course is going to just sit there and all the hard work that you've put into it will be wasted. And as I mentioned before, part of the approach I've taken with this course is how to build your ideas and how to promote and market what you've created in a way that resonates with your ideal buyers. I also like to encourage you to check out my other uni course list building that Elenore totally come. I've taken a deeper dive with audience building with this course, so I definitely like to encourage you to check it out. If you're really serious about building an audience and selling your course to them, you need a system to attract, engage and nurture that audience and finally convert them into buyers. And that's exactly what I cover in that course.