Why should anyone learn Java?

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Java is arguably ruling the IT development industry for last many years owing to it's robustness and rich features, It is definitely indispensable for the development professionals who want to make a career in Advanved Java (J2EE), Android or Hadoop etc. 

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Learn complete Java - Core Java & JSP & Servlets

Pave your way to becoming a consummate Java programmer. Learn Java coding in a very easy step by step manner.

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  • Write Core java code confidently. You can develop desktop applications.
  • Will be able to start learning Advanced Java , Android , Hadoop etc. conveniently.
English [Auto] Hi Friends this is on unmodern I will be your instructor for Diskos programming in Java. The complete course Charman is owned by Oracle Corp. Java is one of the most popular programming languages. This is very robust programming language that means its programs do not crash easily. I will tell you why should you learn code Java. There are many reasons but I will be telling about only some of the reasons which are very important. The first reason is it's a step towards learning web development otherwise is undoubtedly the best language for developing a robust Web sites. A Java application is developed using Java sublets jobless or web pages which are also called GSB and various frameworks associated with it like Hibernate starts spraying MVC etc.. Core Java has to be learnt first in order to master. It was Java. The second reason is it's a step towards loading Android development in the global smartphone market. Nobody can ignore the significance of Android operating system. The Android as DK has decay means standard development at the end Android as Degger runs on Java. The predictions it for learning and dry days again or Java. The third reason for learning Java could be that it is platform independent. Java is a platform independent language. It has the feature off right once run any wheel that means a program written by a Java developer using any operating system or architecture can be done on any other architecture. Java source programs are converted into byte courts. Java uses JVM which is Java. What your machine does is a trademark of Oracle to make programs platform independent.