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English [Auto] Your thyroid regulates an enormous amount of processes in your body. If your thyroid is dysfunctional you can fall into depression. It's also associated with a whole range of other mental problems. And thyroid hormone serotonin and mood of synergy and significance in the brain. They say that Disorders of the thyroid gland are frequently associated with severe mental disturbances. It is well established that thyroid hormones are essential for both the development and maturation of the human brain affecting such diverse events as neuronal processing and integration. Glial cell proliferation Miley nation and the synthesis of QI and science required for neurotransmitter synthesis some other symptoms of a dysfunctional thyroid include metabolic syndrome and cold intolerance weight gain. And this study they say that small differences in thyroid function are associated with up to five kilograms difference in body weight the amount of energy we use for resting is high in hyperthyroidism and low in hypo thyroid Asom inflammatory bowel disease. Note that for some of these symptoms it's difficult to know which is cause and which is effect. It could also be that both are effects of a deeper problem. Carotid arterial plucking and strokes hair loss dry skin infertility and reproductive dysfunction and weakened immune system the thyroid also affects our production of serotonin plasma serotonin levels have been shown to correlate positively with T-3 thyroid hormone concentration. Also the synthesis of serotonin tends to be high in cases of hyperthyroidism and low in cases of hypothyroidism. And this study they state that the influence of the thyroid system on neurotransmitters particularly serotonin and norepinephrine which putatively play a major role in the regulation of mood and behavior may contribute to the mechanisms of mood modulation and in this study they say that thyroid hormone at location of euthyroid proteins increased cortical or wholegrain serotonin 5 HTP and 5 8 IJA concentrations in 10 studies begin by healing your gut when you have a leaky gut. Large proteins into your bloodstream some of these proteins like glidin which is a component of gluten or very similar to the tissue in your thyroid when your immune system attacks these invading proteins. It also attacks your thyroid irritable bowel syndrome tends to be associated with leads you get to heal you get is important to stay away from foods you are allergic or sensitive to in this study they say that there is a recognized association between the symptoms of IBS food hypersensitivity and in some cases true food allergy when intestinal permeability was measured pre and post provocation with suspect foods. It was demonstrated that these patients developed abnormal permeability try to avoid pro-inflammatory foods as much as you possibly can. These include modern foods like refined flours sugar and high fructose corn syrup and industrial oils high in omega 6. You might notice what all these foods have in common. They have all been invented recently. Our bodies haven't adapted yet. There also seems to be a link between insulin resistance and diabetes and thyroid dysfunction. In this study they say that the frequency of thyroid dysfunction diabetic patients is higher than that of the general population and up to a third of patients with type 1 diabetes ultimately develop thyroid dysfunction insulin resistance and most cases of diabetes are caused by excessive amounts of refined flours sugar and high fructose corn syrup. My best tips for increasing your thyroid function neurotransmitter levels and overall health is limit sugar and other refined carbohydrates. The absolute minimum state to delicious whole foods. The next step is to get adequate amounts of important vitamins and minerals. Start by optimizing your IRA levels together with selenium iodine and selenium works together in the thyroid in this study dietary iodine and selenium interact to affect thyroid hormone metabolism of rats. They say that high iodine intake when selenium is deficient may permit thyroid tissue damage. And in this study they say that adequate selenium nutrition supports efficient thyroid hormone synthesis and metabolism and protects the thyroid gland from damage by excessive iodide exposure. In regents of combined severe iodine and selenium deficiency normalization of iodine supply is mandatory for initiation of selenium supplementation in order to prevent hypothyroidism selenium supplementation has also been shown to help in our immune thyroid diseases like Hashimoto's disease Graves disease vitamin D is another important vitamin which we have discussed several times in this course. There is a significantly higher prevalence of vitamin D deficiency in people with autoimmune thyroid disease. This study they say that low levels of vitamin D have also been associated with thyroid disease such as Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. Similarly patients with new onset Graves disease were found to have decreased 25 hydroxy Vitamin D concentrations another vitamin which might be important is vitamin B-12. The next step is reduce the stress in your life. Stress is associated with autoimmune viral diseases practice stress management and relaxation techniques. If you haven't tried meditation I recommend that we have multiple signs that techniques for regaining your inner peace in our corps mastery in a piece a quick fix for stress levels that will work wonders for 90 percent of the population is the batch email and cell phone use. Close your email. Put away your phone. Most of the day only check them once or three times a day. If you want some stress management until form the amino acid tyrosine might be what you're looking for. These researchers funded stressed out mice had significantly decreased levels of thyroid hormones tyrosine supplementation significantly increased levels of thyroid hormones. They say that after four weeks of chronic stress dopamine and nor epinephrine levels and the pallium hippocampus and hypothalamus were significantly decreased levels of dopamine in the pallium and hippocampus as well as levels of norepinephrine and the pallium and the thalamus restored by L. tyrosine supplementation lastly we have alcohol in this study impact of alcohol use on thyroid function. They say that alcohol has been reported to cause direct suppression of thyroid function by cellular toxicity and indirect suppression by blunting firetrap in releasing hormone response. It causes a decrease of peripheral thyroid hormones during chronic use and in withdrawal. And that's the effect of alcohol on the hypothermic pituitary thyroid axis is significant. And alcohol consumption affects almost all aspects of the functioning of the thyroid gland. Given the co-morbidity of mood disorders in alcoholism and the relation of mood disorders with hypothyroidism these findings open up interesting theoretical possibilities to explain the increased occurrence of mood disorders and alcoholism to conclude stay away from foods you are allergic or sensitive to limit modern foods to the absolute minimum. This is everything that includes refined flour sugar and high fructose corn syrup and industrial oils sign Omega says basically the middle aisles in supermarkets and grocery stores. A lot of these food items can sit on the shelf for months or years without rotting set in another way. Stick to the delicious whole foods. Some of you will also benefit from ditching all kinds of corn products like bread and cereal. Get adequate levels of both iodine and selenium. Some sources of iodine are iodine rich salt and seafood in general but especially kelp Brazil nuts are packed with selenium and 4:58 nuts are more than enough per day. You can also get your item and selenium from supplements get enough vitamin D from sun exposure and supplementation. Most people need supplementation in winter some needed even in summer. The same goes with vitamin B-12. A lot of people are deficient and supplements are teeth Wiig and especially need to supplement with B-12 become master of your own stress levels. Tyrosine supplements might help ease some of the way. And lastly limit your alcohol consumption if you want to learn more about the thyroid. I recommend reading Chris aggressor's blog posts on thyroid dysfunction. But do a fact check before you do anything drastic. You should do the same for this course. Thank you for watching.