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English [Auto] We've all heard it before. Never judge a book by its cover but the fact is we make judgments based on appearances all the time and not just with books. What your web site looks like is going to have a substantial impact on the results you see from your marketing efforts regardless of how good your content is. Now of course you've probably heard people say that content is king and that's 100 percent true but there's a caveat to that content may be king. But design is the castle design is what people notice before they even had a chance to read your content. And it sets the tone for the entire experience. Remember there are literally millions of different inputs competing for your audience's attention. So it's crucial that you nail that first impression and keep people engaged. Design is also a key factor when it comes to building trust. There's a study titled trust and mistrust of online health sites in which a group of participants was directed to search the web for health information that was relevant to them and then discuss their level of trust for each of the pages they found out of all the factors that led people to mistrust a Web site 94 percent were design related 94 percent. That means in almost every case people were turned off not by the content of the site itself but by the site's appearance. Here are some of the participants. First impressions of the Web sites they visited. I found the screen too busy. I couldn't quite latch on to anything straight away. It's so clinical so pasty lots of white lots of pale blue obviously trying to be gentle on the eye. The Banner's when they're trying to sell you something or click down here for your free whatever you just get turned off. One of them I didn't like the color of I couldn't wait to get out. It was an insipid green backdrop it just put me off reading it. There was nothing I liked about it at all. I didn't like the colors the text that lay. Again these are all criticisms of the design and user experience not the content itself. Only 6 percent of the comments about rejection or mistrust cited the actual content. So if you want people to trust your brand and your content it's clear that your web design needs to be on point. This is more important than any individual marketing campaign because your website is the end point for all of your external campaigns and promotions so it better be optimized in this section. We'll talk about some recommendations and general do's and don'ts of web design that you can implement to begin your content marketing strategy with a solid foundation.