Unit 1 - Are you Japanese?

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  • Introduce themselves properly
  • Ask where somebody is from and how to answer
  • Ask someone's name without offending them
  • Appropriately reply to a compliment given by a Japanese person
  • Ask for directions and giving them
  • Orient themselves around Japanese numbers
  • Invite someone for food or drinks
  • Handle purchasing things in a Japanese store
  • Tell time in Japanese
  • Speak correctly without sounding like a foreigner
English [Auto] Welcome to you the number one Imagine you're sitting on a bus next to a Japanese woman. It's the perfect opportunity for you to practice your Japanese. You want to start a conversation with her. Here's how you can ask her. Excuse me. Are you Japanese. Send me us. I'm not Bella the hands in this. Let's break it down and start with excuse me. Repeat after the question. Try to match her pronunciation as best as you can. If you feel like you're not doing that great of a job don't worry you'll be progressively getting better as you go through the course. So the most important thing is to open your mouth make the sounds come out. OK so out loud. And I don't carry here on a bus or whatever. So what you'll turn a few heads just do it. So he must send me my set. So me Mathare. Now let's tackle the other part of the sentence. Are you Japanese. Let's start with you. Repeat after the question I got that. Now that I got that next bit is a particle Watt. It's a tricky particle. It's spelt as ha but it's read as what it translates into English as something like ask for. So Anapa LA translates as. As for you let's practice it. La la not LA. I'm not LA. I'm not. All right. Do you still remember how to say excuse me. Sumichrast Sumichrast let's continue. Here's how to say Japan will haunt me. Hall we haunt now you're probably confused. We did not have Japan in the sentence. You see Japanese in Japanese you can see Japanese as in Japanese and by adding the words per person right after this war for Japan. This works for every other country as well. So here's the word for Person D. Cregan. You cannot use this word by itself to say person. It only works in combination with another word such as name of a country the country is the same but the reading changes depending on how and where you use it. Now try yourself. How do you think you would say Japanese person will give you a few seconds to reply. If you need to pause the video right now and then we'll give you a proper reply. No harm in the whole zeem new homes in before we finish the sentence. Let's recap real quick. How would you say excuse me Simien Monserrate Simmie mouse down. How do you say. Asked for you not that lot. I'm not that I'm not. Now tell us again how do you say Japanese as in Japanese person. Hunt in new Hamdoon OK let's wrap up this whole sentence here's how to ask are you Japanese I'm not that many homes in this. I'm not that Nihon. Jane Besse KA I get a lot of homes in this. The final part this means is in CA makes it makes the whole sentence into question. So yes I guess you could say that Japanese has a war for or rather particle to a spoken question mark in Britain Japanese see with the use both question mark as well as the particle Let's practice it. That's that. That's ka that's got best got now. You ask the woman are you Japanese. And that was the horns in this. Let's bring in all together and ask excuse me are you Japanese Sumi Monkstown and that was English girl semimonthly. And that all new homes in this. She looks at you in surprise. Of course she did not expect you to speak Japanese but quickly snaps out of it and politely replies Hi. What I you about was in those high are the horns in this. Let's take a closer look at her reply. Hi. Ha. Eat high. That's how you say yes in Japanese. Let's keep going. What Bessie WA PA. She what Bessie means. Or me. Now if I not means you and I and that means as for you what do you thing what that means. It means as for me I also think you can guess the meaning of the last part. Not just from context. Obviously you already know the answer but you already know the words as well so give it a shot. The horns in this new hole in June that's the homes in this means I am Japanese although it is not explicitly stated in the sentence. Very often you can DRob wars for I and you in Japanese. But for now we need to practice these new words so we will be using them. Now tell us how do you say excuse me me Marcel me my sound and how would you ask whether somebody is Japanese. I'm not that a lot of homes in GA. I'm not la Nihon zoon beshe. I got a lot of homes in this. Got don't forget this question. So you need to add cost at the end. Now say yes that's the sure then easy one. Ha. Eat high. Do you still remember how to say. As for me what that's you. What Bessie what that's you. All right now say what the Japanese women said to you. Meaning yes I am japanese remember. It's a statement not a question. Hi what Peschiera new homes in this high let Bessie Nihon Das Hi. What Peschiera homes in this. Let's recap some of the vocab. How do you say Japanese person. In the homes in. How would you say excuse me. Sumi Monkstown Simmie Monserrate. And what about you. I'm not that I'm not that. How do you say I or me. Bessie. Let us see. OK. Now she wants to ask you Are you American. Here's the board for America. Made a I may be caught. Maybe now that you know that how would you how would you say American as an American person. I mean because I maybe June maybe June. OK so how would she ask you now. Are you American. I'm not a lot of credit cards in this I'm not a law maybe God's in guess and that Bella may be causing this. Got I hope you did not forget at the end. This is a question after all. And let's move on. Here's the awards for no. E at. Do you remember how to say I am Japanese. What Peschiera homes in this are new homes in this here's something new. Here's how to say I am not Japanese. What beshrew are you home. Jinja every month. Jati mass. So the mom said Daddy must Daddy must I know this can be a little bit hard to pronounce at first. So the final part one more try at the end. The MA share Daddy must repeat. I am not Japanese. Let us leave our homes in jaggy month. Peschiera horns homes daddy months. Now try saying I am not American but that's you. Maybe cause you anxiety you must let besi. I Lady Cousin daddy my friend. Now how could she ask you. Excuse me. Are you American. Sue me Mom said I'm not Gaulois maybe cousin just got to which you reply. No I am not American yet. Lepus you are my cousin daddy Marcello you are our Medical's daddy Marcel. But let's say let's say you are American. How would you reply then. Hate what you are already causing in this high. But that's you. I mean because in this aright this includes unit number one. Don't worry if you mess things up or not. Or if you're confused it's ok. If he answered most most of the stuff correctly you can move on to the next unit. Otherwise you might want to take a little time off you know. Go have a coffee take a walk. Relax your brain a bit and try again. You can try later today or tomorrow. It's fine. Just make sure that you do at least one unit a day. OK even if it's a unit you're already done that is fine but you need to do it every day. OK that's it from us for this one and I'll see you in the next lesson.