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Compositing using After Effects

This software application, you can even work on some non-linear editing in Video and Audio platforms.

04:31:57 of on-demand video • Updated January 2019

  • This course gives an in-depth knowledge of Compositing & Motion Graphics using Adobe After Effects CC.
English [Auto] We'll be moving to the practical implementation of King as we are already aware of what is king. So we'll have a single image here which is this. So if you can't see it on green screen which means my green background the symbol for de jure and that is a green floral floral tool which is colored with my green cloth. And they are these props or you into the camera stand other tripods and there is some character just sitting here. So what we're doing is we will be giving it a very professional or a studio kind of setup as you can do it's just a wall. So I'll be replacing the first I'll be giving this out and then I will be replacing it with my background. So just as it's a single frame you can just drag and drop in after effects and it's in 969. So just drag and drop areas that are new new comp is opened or Europe. So if you see the composition settings the short credits control key so if you see the world we be 969 with frame that has 29 by 9 7. So this is fine. And there you can see it's an image here. So you can just replace it with any background rather than doing raw scope or putting this out to my pen tool and then extracting all these elements as this is in green. It gives us the possibility to extract the screen or to eliminate this clean out green color out and then you can insert any of your background according to a choice for that what you do is you have to insert an effect here. So first select this. And if you can see this is my effects and presets panel here where I get all my effects and different kind of presets which are already here. So Ted may have bits and pieces we have to select this option which is known as skin so dragging down this aura that expand this and after this there will be some very many effects which have opened. So the first effect what we will be seeing is the color key which is the very basic effect inside after effects. And you can see it's rather an introductory effect to the concept of chroma the vacancy this color key has been inserted here. You have to just drag and drop this. I love this process once again select this layer expand your king and then select Galaxy and select your left mouse button and drag and drop this right here. There is another alternative way I look on project and do so once select this. You can just drag and drop this even here and take your effect controls. So this affects control is a panel basically which gives you the flexibility to insert many effects here and it shows the effects which are inserted on that particular layer. Suppose if I create a solid your And if if I select this this green box this I'll make it union. This as my background and this is my color here which I have taken. So as you can see there are no effects so that's why it's not showing any kind of effect here. If I take a color key this color key has been inserted on my solid also. So this is basically the effect controls that it displays all the effects which have been added to that particular layer be deleting this. And this is my background layer which has this effect color key which I have just Dragonball this how to implement this on your footage. So if you can see there is an eyedropper tool here and this color is the key color which means which color you want to eliminate. So I would like to eliminate the green color from here. So what are we doing is I would be selecting this Eyedropper tool. So if you can see my cursor has now changed. And if you follow my cursor it is now actually ready to pick the color which I want to eliminate from may seem so I will click tomorrow. Your and I am sure you're able to see these pixels over your pixels which are somewhat mean and black. So what you do is you have to increase the color tolerance in order to remove these color values right now in zero. So just increase this. So the moment I increase this you'll be able to see that this area is becoming black which means it is not giving or producing any color but that particular area is being transparent. So for that we are we can do it you can take a solid shortcut for that is control right which I just did and I will be taking I suppose being kind of color and I will be placing this behind so that you are able to view this on your back and on this is just for your viewing purpose. I've already selected my color which is this. And now you're able to see pink because I have entered this pink on my background. Now what I have been doing is I will be increasing the color tolerance the color value so that it eliminates the green from my scene so if you see a maximum of the Green is now being removed and now the problem more than facing it is it is also removing some areas of my trousers or the jeans so you have to work on this very carefully and just turn this off. Now if you increase my age then it is creating an oral stroke kind of effect or it does adding my pain on my layer on my edges here or it is expanding my edges rather. Now what you can do is you can in this case you can just duplicate this and you can just months out this idea but rather than masking or moving onto masking what you can do is you can add one more color cue or your and then you can select this on the tightrope or two and then you can increase the tolerance your because you do not want any part of my jeans here to get removed because that's the part of my subject. So make sure you are not removing or these areas are not getting removed. So that's very important. So right now if you see just by applying to color easier I am able to remove my background which was green. Now also I would like to add some further maybe four pixels or maybe by two will. Now if you see the Alfa here too this is the alpha channel which convinced transfer into you and this is what we are having this laptop then this camera can type out audio and therefore decrease the further you're from 2 you will be seeing very jagged edges if you see this. This is what we are having these images of rejects so will make this two maybe one and even this one. So we are getting a nice feather kind of effect so these edges are now being blended.