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Compositing using After Effects

This software application, you can even work on some non-linear editing in Video and Audio platforms.

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  • This course gives an in-depth knowledge of Compositing & Motion Graphics using Adobe After Effects CC.
English [Auto] After going to the roads could be tools or progress to refinance to a lender or possibly be concept. Now we'll be moving to another segment which will be compositing in our graphics. So the first part what will be moving to or what we'll be doing in compositing is that will be king. So as you can see or if you can see my area it is king. So before I move to his practical implementation or demonstration I would like you to know what is actually King or what does this dome King mean. So if you see this this is king and if you see here my slide here it says what is king or what does the donkey means. So King or chromatic compositing or Chroma King is a special effects or post-production technique for compositing or layering two images or reduce themes together based on color use chromatic and the technique has been used heavily in many fields to remove a background from the subject of a photo or video particularly the news casting motion picture and feature films or movies so we must have noticed many things while watching any news channel for example that is a news reader who is maybe forecasting the weather and along with his stick or along with some object he is showcasing that maybe on the northern areas the weather would be this in the southern areas of the Western media the eastern year this would. So this weather that the area which it is showing or the graphical representation of those images is totally fake. First of all it is basically a green screen. Many times you must have also seen the news you that you are like reading the news or there is a huge background behind them where there are the chewing the entire city or the some. It's taken there is a shorter a video from a very long shot but there are flyovers of long bridges. But in the real world that doesn't exist as that is all shot in a green screen video. It's a studio where there is a green screen which means a green color plot is there and then it is removed in that green color is removed in any post-production software or a compositing software. And then the background is being replaced. So this is the actual concept of King now moving on. It's a color range in the top layer is made transparent revealing another image behind the chrome looking technique is commonly used in video production and both production as I just said this technique is also referred to as clicking or color separation or will it. It is commonly used for weather forecast broadcast within a news presenter is usually seen standing in front of a large CGI map. Now CGI means computer generated imagery which means that particular content or that media is created in software. Basically a computer generated software during television newscasts though and actually it is a large blue or green screen or green background when using a blue screen. Different weather maps are added on the part of the image vertical is blue of the news presenter with blue glued his or her clothes will also be replaced with the background video. So now the challenge here is the news newsreader or the news presenter who's presenting the news has to wear clothes which are not in similar colour to blue or green because it might or it will remove the colour information of what he's wearing. As my background is similar maybe green or blue. So that's the reason the foreground and the background colour foreground means my character which is the newsreader. In this case and background is the green screen or the blue screen. So these two colours have has to be identical and they should not be the same. So that's the reason you will never see any kind of newsreader wearing blue or green screen or blue or green cloths on the news channel. So you can defer to any news channel for the hour and you can just start noticing these things as apart from practical implementation of practical knowledge. This is also very important. And a complementary system is used for green screen growth mugging is also used in the entertainment industry for special effects in movies. So there are many movies in Hollywood and there are several scenes where this special effects are created and you'll see a large scale of actors. Or you know the cast or the crew or the crowd. So those are totally fake. And it's actually a blue screen or a green screen. And then that is replaced by a background. Now I hope your concept of giving is clear now coming your way. The color green or blue. So when I'm telling green or blue or green skin or blue skin why are we using these colors now Crow making can be done with backgrounds of any color that are uniform and distinct but green and blue. Black grunts are the green and blue colors are commonly used because they're differ most distinctly in you from most human skin colors. No part of the subject being filmed or photographed many duplicate the color used in the background. I just told this about why these colors are important and they are used because these are not present in our human body. Suppose if I'm using black color it might get match with my hair color. Suppose if I'm using a chroma color it ordered the chroma background which is red in color. Then it might get similar to the lips of the character maybe male or female because lips are always red in color in the same way if I use orange for example as make roll my back. It might have high chances of getting this being similar or being identical with my skin color. So these both colors are not present in our human body. So that's the reason it's used. Now process of making the printable subject is framed or photographed against a background consisting of a single color or a relatively narrow range of colors usually blue or green because these colors are considered to be the furthest away from skin tone. The portions of the video which match the preselected color are deep deep placed by the alternate background video. This process is commonly known as King King gold or simply a key now. Dallas played what I have what I want to experience the last topic for my trauma is processing a green backdrop so green is currently used as backdrop which means that a background more than any other color because image sensors in digital video cameras are more sensitive to green which means that the cameras are the equipment from which you are acting as recording devices are capturing devices are more sensitive to green and the capture green quickly so it's very easy in our post-production software or for the camera to capture that green and to eliminate that it allocates more pixels to the green channel mimicking the human to increase intuitive to green light. Therefore the green camera channel contains the least noise and can produce the cleanest key mat on mask. Additionally less Braid is needed to illuminate green again because of the higher sensitivity to green and image sensors Bright Green has also become favorite since a blue background may match a subject's eye color or common items of clothing such as jeans. So that's the reason why massively Green is used no Blue is also sometimes used in my outdoor location where my I have set up a huge set and I'm doing some film shooting and that I can protested with a blue background because it might. It will have very less chances of getting mixed with the color of my tree leaves. So if I'm shooting outside or on my outside location you might get trees where their leaves green and color. So it has high possibility of getting it matched with the color of green. So that's why we use blue but in our indoor shoot Green is the maximum. Or you can say 99 percent of the studios use green light. Indoor shooting. I hope now I am clear on my kicking butt and the fundamentals of King.