Installing Xcode on macOS

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Lecture description

In this lecture you will install Xcode, which installs the latest iOS SDK needed to develop Xamarin apps that target the iOS platform.

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English [Auto] In the previous lecture we talked about what you need to start building something applications. And we mentioned that you need a man to build IRA's applications all do. We did mention a couple of things you can do in case you didn't own one. But either way you have to make sure that you have a map ready whether it's your friends Mac or this school's Mac or a Mac that you rent from and cloud. And the first thing that you need to do to get your Mac ready to start developing iOS applications with some rain is to install X code and then you install X is very easy on any map. You will actually find the app store and it is exactly the one you want to open and what you are going to be able to search for gold. Well you have to do is go to the search box and write X code. The one that you want to use is probably the first resort which is labeled on owner developer tools and that is created by Apple itself. So you have to select it and all you have to do is select get and click and install application for this. You do need an app Y.D. which is necessary for you to in into the app store and you will need about five gigabytes of available storage on your Mac computer. But aside from that you don't need anything else. This is actually a free application that you can't install right away. So the reason that you need this tool is because through ex-coach is how you install the latest iOS as the k. In fact if you go here and check out the description of the tool you will see that it installs the SDK for the latest version of iOS available which is going to be needed by submarine to actually be able to create marine Iris applications and all of this is our entire ID. We would actually be using it to code all we need is the tools that are installed with it. Once it is installed you are actually good to go. I do suggest that you open the application at least once because certain times it needs to install a couple of updates just like this message that has just popped up when I opened XTO that it says that he has to install additional required components. Well you have to do is click on install right. The password for your computer and you installed the missing components was the components are installed. X code is actually going to be opened and you'll know that you're good to go. Now in the next lecture we're going to go ahead and take the next step and install visuals to your format which will also allow us to install all of the submarine tools that we will need to build the summary in Classic applications for Android and iOS as well as souring forms applications.